New to owning a Lexus

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As the title suggests I'm new to owning a Lexus and almost by default. I've owned SUV's before (Honda) and intended reverting to younger days and a convertible, but once I tested a few, realised that comfort and a loftier driving position were for me! 

I came across a 2005 RX300 ES L, with 48k on the clock and serviced annually. Although the previous owner (2nd from new) had used this as a young children carrier, I saw past the sticky upholstery and badly stained carpets. (It didn't smell too good either) Anyway a smooth test drive and now it's mine for a very reasonable price.

I'm amazed by smoothness and the kit on these, actually more that my previous car, which was a 2013. It'll take some retraining and I suspect some daft questions to you all, before I get to grips with it all.

Just a couple for now. It only came with one key, (their little boy buried one on the beach!) and although working the casing is held together with tape. The dealer wants £150 for a new key and coding it. Any advice? And SatNat - it'll need updating. Anything I should about those on eBay? 

Thanks Murray 

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Hello Murray, a big welcome to the club/forum.  Hope you enjoy your new car, I'm sure that you will.

When I change my car I too will be looking for something with a loftier driving position, also easier getting in and out, but that's an age thing for me.

Happy motoring.


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With ref to the second key situation see here ( not good news) 

so if you have been quoted £150 from a dealer, as I suspect yours should be dealer only, then 'bargain' ???

when I was shopping for my IS250 I was aware of this key pricing problem so with that in mind 'With 2 Keys' was on the 'List of requirements'.

paul m.

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Noted! To be fair the price took into account the price of new keys. 


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Time to bite the bullet and buy a new key and get it coded then perhaps :wink3:

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3 hours ago, paulrnx said:

Time to bite the bullet and buy a new key and get it coded then perhaps :wink3:

Thank Paul, being new to a Lexus, thought I'd check the helpful advise & options of those in the know. Guess I will bite the bullet.

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      I have an orange indicator light constantly on. It is the auto levelling warning light. I guess it tells me that there is something wrong with the autolevelling. My car has recently passed an MOT and I know that the lights are set on the correct level. 
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      So now i am looking for radiator replacement. The mechanic quoted £180 inc VAT for the radiator unit and maybe another 100 to put it in. sounds reasonable? Lexus would be 600+ i think.
      but i can see Rx300 radiator for £123.15 on adrad website. advanced radiators. Just wanted to check if they are proper dealers and that i could get it from them maybe? and will it properly fit as it says on the website.