Bosch FR78X super plugs

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Got a stonking deal on some spark plugs, Bosch FR78X Super plugs, knowing my GS is likely due a change soon, so took a punt. 

Got quoted over £80 from the garage just to change the plugs last year, and seeing it shouldn't be  a terribly difficult job, decided this might be the cost effective route.


Anyone had any experience of these plugs in a Mk2 GS300?


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    • By Tinonline
      A few months ago at 75k odd miles I replaced my spark plugs from my mk4.
      I couldn't see any evidence of past replacement and was puzzled by very worn plugs bearing the NGK brand in pale blue. They looked old. I did a write up; that's in the how to section.
      What I put in were Denso plugs and that's what I'd expected to remove. All the mileage checked out.
      However, having a trawl through the handbook I spy that original fitment listed as Denso SK20R11...and NGK IFR6A11.
      That solves the riddle: I removed the original NGKs.
    • By The Family Frost
      Hi all,
      I'm looking at an IS250 for my Wife, to replace her Mercedes A170 petrol. she drives from Reigate to Maidstone 4 days per week, and I'm really not a fan of her driving what is not much more than a shoebox with all the articulated lorries going to and from Dover on M25/M26/M20.
      I had have 7 IS200s over time, as my brother was a regional marketing director for Lexus. Always been a fan of them.
      Test driven an IS220d and couldn't believe how dreadful the manual gearbox was (sorry to anyone reading this who has one, maybe I just drove a bad one, but owners reviews seem to say the same) The IS200s I had, had a fantastic 6 speed manual box, with short sharp gear changes, the 220d was like stiring porridge, and the gear stick was so loose/wobbly, so that was quickly out of the equation.
      Now tried two IS250s and both have been great. Found one with around 65k on clock, but I'm a little worried. I've heard they have spark plug issues, or need changing at this mileage with service.
      Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone continued to use the car without changing? I'm assuming the only thing one would notice would be it running lumpy? I've seen prices quoted around £500- £600 for replacement. Is this correct ?
      Thanks in advance for any help/tips/advice
    • By benlamb
      Hi all
      got an 05 GS300 (MK3) 124,000. plugs and coils were changed at 118,000, at the time one coil failed and was replaced by lexus (before i owned it).
      Intended to go to the shop today, got to the junction at the end of the road went to pull out and began to misfire, engine was warm. no warning lights came on.
      Pulled over as soon as i could, turned off and back on hoping to clear it, still there. turned round to head home, still no warning lights.
      Got about a mile towards home and then the VSC and engine management light came on, but only between 1500-2500RPM.
      Managed to coax it home, checked the basics (oil water petrol), got the engine cover off to check all the connections to the coils and plugs. Also checked all the fuses to the EFI, ING and INJ points. all seem fine.
      Having looked through the forums can only find VSC light issues but with no mention of misfires, anybody have any idea what could cause any of this? half expecting failed coil pack or injector.
      On another point in the top fuse box by the Battery i noticed that all the ABS fuses were not were they should be, looks like they have never been there, any clues?
    • By Ian007
      Hi guys
      My 2009 GS450H is due a 60,000 miles major service. I think it needs brake pads or discs replacing as well because it makes a noise when im reversing or braking. It needs a MOT as well.
      The 60K service is quite expensive at the dealership, approximately £600 + all the extras.
      My question is whether it would be possible to do this service at an independent specialist and if so where is the best Lexus indy in the west midlands (Birmingham/Coventry area). What kind of savings can i make.
    • By sw710
      HI all - new to the forum so apologies if this is already on here ! I am looking for a service schedule for my 2009 RX450h - just at 60,000 miles so want to check what should be done ie the full list of works.
      Cheers all.