Replacement battery from Eurocarparts doesn't fit

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Had to get a replacement Battery in a hurry today for my 2003 IS 300 Sportcross, so went on-line.

Eurocarparts website was easy to use and had a tasty discount offer. They had a choice of 2 so I selected the more expensive one with 70Ah, CCA 540A, rating and ordered it 'click and collect'. £67.40 inc vat and 3 year g'tee which I didn't think was bad.

Now I've got it home I can see it doesn't fit the Battery tray properly. The base area is too big to fit deep in the tray so it sits quite high. Also, the new Battery is 10mm taller than my knackered Battery. As a result, the standard Battery clamp won't fit (the rods aren't long enough) and the terminals are worryingly close to the closed bonnet.

Is this a common issue?

Is there a work around or will I have to return it to eurocarparts?

Is there a generally recommended/ easily available Battery that fits?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Return the Battery to Eurocarparts as it clearly is not the correct fitment. Not only does it pose a fire risk from shorting out on the bonnet, but is also an MOT failure being not fastened down.

I must admit many Battery suppliers list the wrong batteries for various cars. I had the same problem when looking for a Battery for my Prius. Halfords tried to fit a Battery with not only the wrong type of posts, but also orientated so that the positive terminal could easily short circuit to the car body "the Battery being in the boot".


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Thanks John. I hadn't even considered the MOT failure aspect. I'll take it back tomorrow.

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I had a 'wrongun' from ECP for an MX5 a few years ago. To their credit ECP changed it without question. Only bind was having to go back to store to get it swapped.

I find you do have to double check approved fitments from just about anywhere as some details that are accessed in good faith by these companies are sometimes proved to be wrong. I generally go armed with what I know to be the correct detail now. Last weekend Halfords tried to sell me any old coolant, despite asking for 'FL22' type for wifeys newer MX5. Their booklet said they were right ...they weren't. 

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@normski2Wise words - thanks.

I was disappointed that the Lexus owners manual doesn't give maximum Battery dimensions nor recommended Battery capacity/ performance. I felt I didn't have much choice but to accept the ECP recommendation.


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