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Can this repaired or does it need a replacement

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I had just purchased a Ct200H from Nottingham and noticed while driving that the windscreen is slightly chipped as per the photos can this be repaired or does it need a replacement.

My dad is worried about getting it replaced as it will damage the car and the trims. Please advise, we had had opted for the replacement and the glass will be a branded Lexus glass but my father is worried as it will damage the car.

I appreciate your guidance.



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For such a light damage  a replacement is a waste of money.

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Looks tiny - anything under the size of a 2p piece is repairable

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but if its less than 10cm apart then it has to be replaced? am I correct or incorrect? because I would want it repaired but the call handler said it need to be replaced.

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just take it to a professional replacement company and ask maybe ?

Then deal with the insurers 


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    • By holiday
      I wanted to inform you that we are getting our windscreen replaced via Auto Windshields who are replacing our CT200 windshield as it was chipped when we received it and Inchcape are refunding us with the excess and has been approved by Lexus insurance.
      I wanted to ask as Auto Windshield are replacing it with the original glass is there anything which I should be aware of and also as all the glasswork has VIN etching can the auto windscreens etch the numbers or does it not matter.
      Also I hope that they refit the DAB aerial and auto windscreen properly.
      Please do let me know.
    • By PamG
      Only had my CT200 a few months, hardly done any miles and love it. However, one day I got in the car & noticed a crack has appeared from top middle of the windscreen down a little,  then hooks across to the left around the position of the rear view mirror. I thought it was a trickle of rainwater at first. It's smooth & no obvious chip so I took it to the dealer to look at. IThey've had it over bank holiday to assess & have concluded now there is a tiny chip, although not visible I would say to the naked eye..I suggested it could be a fault or 'stress' crack I've read about but they're insistent it's a tiny tiny chip, although its smooth to touch.  The crack does now seeem to have moved slightly further during the time they've had it and I pointed out that the crack seems to have expanded in length but they conclude that's a chip & to be done by my insurance. I wonder if anyone else had an issue with this?
    • By Obertelli
      My name is Rob, and on Monday I went all the way from London to Belfast to buy a Lexus CT200H SE-L Premier, and then drove it 492 miles home.
      Until last Saturday my daily drive was a 2002 Porsche Boxster 2.7 Tiptronic, and before that I had a 1987 Citroen 2cv6, so I had over ten years of open roof motoring. It's therefore no surprise that I really wanted an SE-L Premier with a sunroof but they're almost as rare as fresh dodo doodoos.
      The car is great although I'm now finding that the front screen demister doesn't appear to work, and I made the mistake of thinking that because the radio on this and the one I tried out last week at Car Giant in London had a button marked "AM/DAB" that they all had DAB radio. So that's something I'll do without as I've been told it's not possible to retrofit it without costing £thousands.
      Other than that, I'm very impressed by the car. I read professional reviews which initially put me off but then read reviews by owners who overwhelmingly were very positive. 
      On my drive back home from Belfast I got about 45mpg which I was happy with considering that I just wanted to get home as fast as reasonably possible without regard to economy, and yesterday I achieved 55mpg on a trip to Brighton and back where I didn't push as hard but still stayed at the legal limits and very occasionally a bit above when I wanted to get past a few other pods of traffic.
      The only thing I don't like so far is the low bottoms to the front doors: the kerbs in my road aren't especially high, but they plus the road camber ensured that I scraped the bottom corners of both front doors on my first day back home. Fortunately Lexus Belfast supplied me with a custom mixed pot of touch-up paint.
      I particularly like the little surprises the car has which I didn't know about. Such as the lights beneath the wing mirrors which illuminate as I approach the car in the dark, and also the setting I discovered on the memory seat yesterday which resets the seat to my position as soon as I grab the door handle to open the car. 
      I'd just like to add that I can't praise Lexus Belfast highly enough. Not only did they sell me the car for a lot less than any mainland Lexus dealer could offer, but I got it a bit less than the book price from even a non-franchised dealer. Without asking they also added a full tank of petrol, and on top of that they collected me from the airport and also shuttled me to and from one of the best places in Belfast to sample the famous Belfast Fry. The car I bought had been sourced from the mainland so also had a DVLA age-related plate instead of an NI DVA registration. The last owner only lived fifty miles from me so it's back almost where it started.
      In case anyone's wondering why I changed from a Boxster it's partially because it was about to start costing me a lot of money and also because after ten years of having cars I really wanted my wife and I agreed that as her car is also due for a change soon (a 2002 Honda Jazz) it's my turn to have the practical car whilst she has the fun one. I considered diesel cars but was very conscious of the fact that I think that in London at least diesel car owners will soon start being penalised. I'm also aware that although they can be as clean as advertised with regard to emissions, approximately 80% of models fall badly short of the claimed figures according to an article published last year. I'm no tree-hugger but can see that if I can achieve diesel-like economy on a cleaner emissions petrol engine then it's a win for everyone. And the only reasons for not buying a Prius/Auris were that I really wanted the dual-zone climate control and also didn't want to look as if I was driving a minicab...
    • By Obertelli
      I've just bought a 2011 CT which has the Mark Levinson sound system fitted, but only after buying it realised they don't all have DAB fitted as standard.
      I now have the chance to buy a salvaged DAB module from another 2011 car and so am asking how difficult are they to install? I'd also need to add a DAB antenna to the package. 
      My local Lexus dealer told me it costs "thousands" to fit "because the entire dashboard has to come out". But here and on other forums I'm seeing stories that the total cost of the job, including the module, is around £550-£600.
      If it helps I am a very competent DIY car mechanic and have fitted quite a few alarms and stereos to cars in the past but nothing as complex as a CT.
    • By paulyuk6
      Hi folks, this is my first post here as I have only owned my CT200H Advance for 3 days!
      I'm running a 2014 model and notice that when I drive it on motorways, a lot of noise and rumble is being picked up from the road surface. When it drives over a bridge or recently repaired area, the sound changes or fades but never goes away. It is loud enough that I have to boost the radio volume to get a reasonable listening level. The noise starts to become noticeable at speeds over about 50mph and is pretty annoying. It certainly not the smooth elegant silence I would have expected from a luxury brand such as Lexus!
      I checked with my supplier (the excellent Lexus Cambridge) who advised me that the low profile tyres may pick up more noise than standard tyres.
      So I wondering, if I were to replace the tyres with standard profile ones, would this reduce the road noise? and can I safely do this without causing any other problems?
      Also, does anyone offer soundproofing kits that would help reduce noise pickup from the road?
      Another thing - has anyone else noticed - that the faster you drive, the less 'stereo' seems to come out of the radio/CD player. When its parked you can clearly hear sounds out of the left and right speakers. But when it is driving along, the sound appears to mainly come from the centre speaker and any left/right stereo signal seems to disappear. Most annoying, and again not what I would expect from a luxury vehicle (it is the standard system, not the enhanced Premier system).
      All the best from Cambridge, UK