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Hi all

My 05 GS300 will be needing a service soon, and the main stealers prices are ludicrous. I cant find a specialist Lexus indie in the Manchester area, so thought Id ask the group. Does anyone know of a garage in the South Manchester / Warrington areas who they'd recommend for servicing Lexuses (Lexi?) at reasonable prices?

Cheers in advance


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    • By Ngn16
      Hi there, liking for recommendations for a service garage or mechanic in the Hackney area. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. The car was serviced by previous owner at Lexus garage but it's too expensive to continue! Thx. N. 
    • By 999101999
      I have just collected my IS200D F Sport from the LEXUS dealer post warranty issues yesterday.
      There were several issues I had raised and I did have to have a meeting with the center principal and the service manager to get a satisfactory result regarding the issues I had raised after owning the vehicle for 7 days!
      Initially I wrote to Lexus and they refused to assist re the alloy wheel corrosion emanating from the wheel centers.  After some debate Lexus & the dealer decided to replace the rims with refurbished "Pristine" branded rims.
      There were some paint issues on the bonnet, lacquer lifting.  Repainted now and very well done/matched and at least some of the minor gravel rash has also now gone .
      Windscreen had been replaced sometime in the cars past and had been fitted out of square in the frame, it was not tinted nor acoustic, Replaced now with correct screen. Also the two screen pillar trims have been replaced as the clips were broken!
      Car had been dealer serviced/MOT'd just prior to my collection, Missed the air cleaner and cabin air filter as they were in a shocking state  !  I replaced them but dealer contributed.
      This may seem pedantic,but, I thought it would be nice if the tyre valve caps were all the same, car arrived with two metal chrome, one plastic and one black metal. Replaced, by me!
      The dealer loaned us a CT200 Sport for a week and has honoured the agreement and met expectations right down to a full valet.
      In essence Lexus and the dealer have redeemed themselves ,even if I did have to drive 200 miles in three round trips to get it all sorted.
      Attention to detail on used vehicle preparation was the key factor here.
      Interested to hear how other members may have experienced similar issues and how their dealers/Lexus responded.
    • By Gliderpilot
      Anyone had dealings with Lexus Bolton service department, my 400h is coming up for its 100k+ service, I've heard of people ending up with huge bills because the car is not as it was off the assembly line. Also are Toyota up to the task of this type of service, I have a dealership just around the corner.
    • By PCM
      Can anyone guide me please?
      My beloved RX300 is coming up for its next full service and MOT.
      I know the engine oil will be changed and I had the transmission fluid changed this year.
      But, can anyone advise about the gearbox/diff oil, front/rear?
      I'm not even sure if they exist, so an insight from someone here would be much appreciated!
    • By LS
      Not sure if this is under correct category but im new here.
      Basically i used to average around 17 mpg in the city, which was slow start/stop driving. I would get 40 miles out of £10 petrol.
      I then got timing belt/fan belt kit replaced, new water pump, idlers etc and a full service. I now get 40 miles out of £15 and have done around 70/80 miles since having the work done.
      I've read a lot of conflicting information, some people saying garage may have knocked a few sensors etc out of alignment or spark plugs may be loose. However also heard that apparently as Battery would have been disconnected this resets the ECU and the car will have poor mpg until it re-learns my driving habits etc. 
      One thing i noticed soon as i picked the car up was when i started it there was a split second clunk noise which sounded like it came from under drivers side at front of car. However only happens occasionally and as usual didn't happen when i told the mechanic. Not sure if related in any way.
      I doubt it is the o2 sensors etc as some people have said on other forums because it was immediately after i picked the car up.
      Also i always fuel up as soon as the petrol light comes on however when i picked the car up and put petrol in it barely budget above the limit when the light comes on. Therefore im guessing the garage must have really drained the fuel tank so i dont know if this maybe affects the ecu in any way because i know that is bad for the fuel pump. Dont know why they would have done that as i left plenty of fuel in the car for them.
      Any advice is appreciated because i dont really know what to do