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The sound system is great, but so far have not ventured into looking into modernising the formats it can play.  I wanted some input from others' experience... 

Can the DVD system play a data DVD that has been written full of songs? Does it play iTunes AAC files? Is it possible to write a DVD as an MP3 DVD? 

Are others using the DVD function as an alternative to installing a GROM type device?  Can anyone show how the GROM displays content / artists / albums on the Mark L. headunit? 

Not sure if I should hunt out my old external USB CD tray so I can write a DVD or CD, or if I should just bite the bullet and go for a GROM or similar. 

I'm with this system - photo attached 




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Where is a sat nav ?? I didn't know there were version without one.

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My former GS had same ML  audio, ad yes, you can record a dvd with mp3 files. Never tried with aac or flac, while dvd read also video dvd and  (if I remember well) mp4 videos, but only with car not moving.

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When you say you didn’t know there was a version without satnav... do you mean a version of the GS450h or a version with the ML without the satnav?  

In the New Zealand Market we at times get the cars sooner but for the first year or two they might have different packaging or be missing a feature.  

Since making this post I saw all the great things that the car can do with this...

I’d love to get that installed - but my car doesn’t have Navi. Would some features still work, or would it not function at all? 


Thanks for comments re files.  I will make some effort on the DVD front.... :S  for now at least... 

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Oh and I was hoping for DVD double layer 8.5GB discs - but this page leads me to believe that won’t be possible - is that right? 


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