Central Locking & Interior Dome Light Issues

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Hi I wonder if anyone can help?

I bought a Y Reg IS200 in June last year, 1 previous owner with 71k miles on the clock and serviced every year by Lexus. It has served me very well and I am very happy with it, however a few months ago the interior dome light stopped working all of a sudden. Then last week, I tried to lock the car using my key remote and nothing happened. I tried the 2 spare key/fobs to lock and unlock the car but to no avail. I replaced the Battery in the main fob and am still having no luck. 2 days ago I bought a replacement interior dome bulb from official Lexus parts, but after fitting it it is still not working.

I'm hoping it's a simple issue such as a fuse, and not something more serious! Any thoughts/experience/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks


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Just a thought,try cleaning the contacts on the door interior light switches.

Be careful not to lose the wire as there isn't much spare (tie a piece of string just behind the spade connector).

Hope this helps. 

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After countless hours scouring the internet and this forum (including 2 trips to Lexus who wanted to charge me £196 to investigate), I finally fixed the problem... The 7.5 amp dome fuse in the passenger foot well had blown, and after replacing it the interior lights and central locking has started working normally again! 

Hope this helps anyone who may come across something similar in future.


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After a £200 quote from Lexus I'll bet you were chuffed when you found that. Well done. I wonder if the dealer would have charged you that...?

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I was very happy! Very surprised though that 2 different technicians (?) from a Lexus dealership AND someone from their parts/servicing department dismissed or didn't entertain the idea of it being a blown fuse :whistling: 

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Glad you found the issue, this is a common problem, and had I seen this post I would have pointed you in that direction first.

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