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Hi and thanks for reading my post.

My engine management light on my 2001 IS200 came on recently, so I asked my friend who is a mechanic to have a look at it. After plugging in a Snap On diagnostics computer, he told me it appears it is the catalytic converter and the fuel is too lean/rich... Has anyone experienced this? If so, how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance,


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I will ask my friend to check again with his diagnostics tool and let you know. Thanks

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On 1/5/2018 at 7:27 AM, Mighty_Mouse said:

I will ask my friend to check again with his diagnostics tool and let you know. Thanks

If it's a p0420 give me a shout

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    • By carnut1980
      Hi all, my gs450h has a blowing centre section exhaust, i assume its the original. The car has done 327k miles, yes you read that right. Occasionally the EML comes on, with error code p0420, 
      Search Results
      P0420 LEXUS Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1
      I can clear it, but it does come back after a few days, the problem is no doubt related to the blowing. Can these be got as used parts? Im struggling to find one. Do these have just the one CAT, or two?
      cheers all!
    • By T33
      Hi ladies and gents,
      I'm new to the forum here and bought a IS220D a few months ago. I must firstly thank everyone and website admin for the tons of information its been extremely helpful! However there is one thing (or two) that I've tried searching and haven't been able to locate a solution. 
      Firstly theres a small wire with what looks like just a rubber gromit or something on the end, hanging loose next to my Battery. I've included a couple of pics of it. Its the one just the one hanging between the Battery and egr valve pipe. Any idea where that goes and more importantly if that could be a sensor triggering my second issue?


      Secondly and more confusing is the check VSC and engine management light which comes on. Now I'm sure its to do with the DPF being clogged up as i've read on here but the car loses no power and doesnt go into limp mode etc. The VSC ofcourse is no longer active, but apart from this I feel nothing different. It happens when I've been driving the car for around about 40 miles or so i'd say. I first noticed it when I was keeping the revs quite low around 2000rpm in 6th gear.
      I was aware of the DPF and egr valve issues with this car so I've previously added redex fuel line cleaner and always given it good powerful runs on the motorway when I can. I've taken it up and down the country and never had any issues and I thought it might have been because I try and force the DPF regen. Obvioiusly the local driving and low revs on the day it started could've been the trigger. Nevertheless this is where I get confused: I cleared the code (P2002 - DPF below threshold) and been driving it around local again with no issues. I could do as many miles as I like with no problems. But once its on the motorway again, 40 miles in the lights are back up. This has been repeated a few times and again no issues with driving. The mpg has dropped over time from around 30 to 28 over the course of a few months but thats it. 
      I have just done an EGR clean, which was quite clogged up. I'm assuming/hoping it was trying to regen the dpf but due to the egr being clogged there was an issue with that. Or maybe because of it being clogged, the dpf has messed up? Nevertheless i'm taking it again on a motorway run tonight and hoping that its all sorted. Going to try and get it to regen if possible. Can anyone advise further? Thanks in advance.
      P.S. The wire hanging loose near the Battery, could that be the trigger?
      P.S.S. Any additives someone could recommend for forcing the dpf to clean as it must be in a bad shape...
    • By Dannyboy007
      help please ladies and gents
      I have recently purchased a IS250SE 2006 plate 81k mileage and this morning I received a warning light VSC and engine / wheel slide warnings. The car has been put on a diagnostic which is showing catalytic converter problem, does this sound right?
      if so any ideas on where I can get this repaired at a reasonable price?
      Thank you
    • By Dean1309
      Hi Guys,
      Wonder if you could help, I have got the EML now being displayed on the dash. Have code read the fault and it has come back with P0420 'Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1'. I know that this code can be triggered by many things such as an air leak in the exhaust, lambda sensors (but usually P01?? code is usually triggered) I have read the freeze frame data but im wondering if there is anyone that could understand the data more than what I can. From what I've read up on, the SHORTFT and LONGFT should be as close to 0 as possible. However from the freeze frame data you can see that the SHORTFT has a positive reading and the LONGFT has a negative reading where its trying to compansate and correct the fuel mixture.
      What I am wondering is, from this freeze frame data, could someone diagnose where for me to start replacing parts. I'm hoping that this is just a lamda sensor issue, I have already replaced the pre cat lamda sensor on Bank 1 (Denso part no DOX-0236). Without this help, my next step would have been to replace the lamda sensor by the main cat (not sure of the Denso part number for post cat sensor), so that bank 1 has had a replacement sensor before and after the cat, to see if this clears the code. I know that I might need to replace the cat, but at this moment in time I am trying the cheapest option first to resolve the issue. But all of your opinions are welcome.
      Here's the freeze frame data:

      Other data from code reader:

      I hope someone on this site can point me in the right direction.
      Many thanks,
    • By mack5029
      hey. I did a service on my car is200 with 92,000miles. i changed the oil, oil filter and spark plugs. engine still seems to run fine and reving normaly and doesnt seem to be down on power. but the engine management light has come on any body any ideas?