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The Cars I've Owned List

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here go mine

1990 toyota carina E 2.0

1994 nissan primera 2.0

1999 Toyota Avensis 1.8

2006 Mazda 6 2.0

2003 lexus is200 (current car)love it.

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Sleepypete    0

Another newbie joining in :-)

0 - 82 Fiesta 950 ("0" as it didn't really count as a car)

1 - 82 Astra Mk1 1.6 - awesome little runabout, had fitting end in pillar of flame

2 - F plate Belmont SRi - one of the last cars to not be saddled with a catalytic convertor

3 - 92 Rover 420i - ugh. Nuff said.

4 - 99 Puma - street legal go-kart, shame they aren't made any more

5 - 52plate Focus ST170 - after the Puma, it was a let down as it didn't have the go-kart chassis

6 - 11plate CT200h SE-L - picking it up Wednesday, can't wait

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Dean88    0

Mine is alot shorter than many others but here we go:

91' Metro GTi

92' Toyota Celica

04' Vauxhall Astra 1.6

06' Vauxhall Vectra 2.2

05' Lexus IS250 SE

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kevinsgs300    2

my cars i have owned.

ford anglia 105E

ford escort estate mk1

vauxhall viva HB

vauxhall viva HC

vauxhall chevette hatch

rover SDI 2600 hatch

rover SDI v8 hatch

toyota corolla 1200 hatch

toyota starlet

toyota celica 1600

toyota corolla gt twin cam fwd

vauxhall seneter

vauxhall carlton

skoda favorit hatch

skoda favorit estate

peugeot 205 hatch

peugeot 106 hatch

toyota supra 2.8 mk1

toyota supra 3.0 turbo

vauxhall corsa hatch

vauxhall carlton 3.0 24v

ford focus hatch

fiat seicento hatch

ford mondeo 2.5 v6

lexus gs300 sport mk1

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E910    4

'87 Toyota Corolla FX-GT, AE92 4AGE

'91 Toyota Levin GT-Apex, AE101 4AGE 20V

'83 Toyota Levin GT, AE86 4AGE

'91 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex, AE101 4AGE 20V

'94 Nissan Silvia Q, S14 SR20DE

'95 Toyota Levin BZ-G, AE111 4AGE 20V

'99 Toyota Altezza RS200-Z, SXE10 3SGE

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MW70    0

Well the IS250 SEL is definitely the pinnacle of the following collection:

Passed test in 1989

1. 1975 Austin Allegro (Vanden Plas don't yer know) Metallic orangey/Diarroeah

2. 1986 Toyota 1.3 Corolla GL Saloon

3. 1990 Toyota 1.3 Corolla GL Saloon (From New 4 Speaker stereo - what a treat)

4. 1991 Toyota 1.6 Gli Corolla liftback executive - White. This was a quick car at the time and looked good in white!

5. 1995 Toyota 1.3 Corolla "sportif" 3 door From New (weird greeny aquamarine colour) Gone in a year - all Corrolla'd out (But there would be another..)

6. 1991 Peugeout 605 3.0 V6 SVE - Great drive - poor reliability. (Gone in 6 months at great cost!)

7. 1995 Nissan Almera 1.6 SRi Black. Plain boring and dreary to drive. (Dumped in 6 months)

8. 1998 Peugeout 406 2.1 TDI Saloon - Great car much better than the almera

9. 1994 Toyota Celica 2.0 GT (Automatic Import) No good for back passengers but great for moving house!)

10.2000 Renault Clio 1.4 sport. From new Hated it from get go. Written off after spinning off into a tree. Crashed very well though!

11.1998 Toyota 1.8 Avensis liftback. Good car. Didnt seem as well made as you expected though. Wasnt aging well - paint and fittings wise.

12.2003 Honda Accord 2.0 Saloon from new. Great car. Not as good as the 2.4 sport I test drove though! (2 years later I got rid to save money - didnt though!)

13.1995 Toyota Corolla 1.3 XLI 4 door hatch. Served a purpose - was quite liberating driving a shed. You could tell how far quality had improved over 10 years!

14.2005 Seat Leon 1.6 SX In black - from new. Lovely car (if a tad underpowered) Must have liked it kept for 3 years.

15.2006 Mazda 6 2.0 TDI Estate - nice blue colour. Not particularly economical felt like a racing car compared to leon. Swallowed a bike whole no problem!

16.2006 Lexus IS250 SEL Auto MM - Won over by the spec and more interesting interior than Beemer 3 which was going to be the choice..

Cars a guaranteed way to lose pots of money with no effort at all!




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poi55on    0

1st Post so go easy. Bit of an Alfa fan always fancied a Lexus so taken the plunge

Passed in 1994.

1. Escort 1.1 poplar(my dads car really but once I passed he used to ask me when he could use car)

2. Clio 1.2 (again my dads car he would borrow from me)

3. Saxo 1.0 Bought it brand new for free insurance

4. Saxo VTR as soon as I turned 21 upgraded to this again brand new for free insurance, loved it until the Furio came out

5. Rover 620 Turbo what a car looked normal but 200bhp some shocked faces in the rear view

6. Alfa 156 2lt Selespeed bought this stolen recovered for £3300 sold it for £5000 started my Alfa affair

6a. I say a because it was ny g friends Alfa 147 1.6 still one of the best drives to date

7. BMW 316 taken in part ex for alfa had for 3 days not a bad car tbh

8. Rover 216 coupe targa bought for £500 whilst I decided what next (sold for £995 after 2 weeks)

9. BMW 328 coupe loved me BM totally original car quick but thirsty!

10. Merc 220 hated the merc 29mpg was worse than the BM sold after 6 mths

11. Vectra 1.8 bought off my mate for a grand sold to a garage for £1450 after a week(part ex for no 12)

12. Alfa 2.4 JTD performance and 40 odd MPG I love my alfas

13. Focus 18 TDI rubbish 5 weeks

14. Saab 95 2.3 turbo I'd always fancied one, what a car every extra low mileage bought for £2000 18 mths later sold for £2250

15. Alfa 156 19JTD 45mpg 150bhp that'll do me 2.5yrs still have car until no 16 is delivered

16. Lexus IS220D can't wiat :winky:

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Cullers    0

First car

1971 Lotus Cortina Mk2

1979 Talbot Horizon

Ford Cortina 2.0 GL

Ford Capri 2.0 GXL

Ford Cortina 2.0 Ghia

TR7 Works Twin Cam

Rover 3500 SE

Volvo 245 GL

Rover 820

Renault 25GTS

Saab 900 Turbo

Renault 21 TX

Renault 25 GTS

Ford Granada Scorpio 2.9i

Nissan 300ZX

Rover Vandan Plas

Lexus LS400

Ford Probe

Peugeot 407 HD

Citroen XM

Volvo 960 Wentworth Turbo

Saab 9000

Mercedes CE300 24

Lexus SC400 Uzz32 Active Soarer

Toyota 2.5 Twin Turbo Soarer (320 bhp)

Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo import (330 bhp)

Nissan 300 ZX Twin Turbo (import)

Land Rover Freelander II HDX

Ford Cougar with ST200 engine upgrade

Crikey... that was hard to remember!

Love Japanese heavyweights. Three Lexus up to now and just getting my fourth next week.

Best car? Most enjoyable was the GTO. Amazing vehicle and a real head turner. Close second was the LS400 and SC400

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andy m w    2

some lists there cannot be from pure memory :unsure: , anyway , this is as best i can remember

renault 5 gordini

opel manta 2.0sr

opel kadett 1.6sr

ford orion 1.6ighia

nissan silvia turbo

rover 820i fastback

bmw 320ise

bmw 318i conv

mercedes 190e

mercedes 200te est

mercedes c180 est + mazda mx5 eunos

mercedes e240 + vw passat est

vw touareg + vw passat est + porsche 911 aircooled

bmw 5 touring + vw passat est + porsche 911 watercooled

lexus 300 sportcross + vw passat est

didn't bother with the van's :winky:

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m1pui    0

Listed in order that they were bought;

1993/K Vauxhall Calibra 8v

1996?/N Vauxhall Vectra 1.6i

2002/02 Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin 1.8 3dr Animal & 2.0 5dr Elegance

2001/51 Honda Accord 1.8i Sport

2000?/X BMW e46 320D

2001/51 Lexus RX300 (still proud owner of)

2004/54 Mazda RX8 231bhp

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IHgs300    336

mk2 escort van

Austin allegro.

Manta 1.8 gt/j

manta 2.0 GTE.

Ford sierra 2.0 ghia.

ford capri 2.0 laser

ford escort xr3.

ford escort xr3i x2

1987 escort rs turbo

1988 escort rs turbo

back to a sierra due to illness in family.


Mk1 rs turbo (got stolen from rsoc national day)

cavalier 2.0 sri.

peugeot 406

ford orion 1.6i ghia

vw golf 16v gti

sierra cosworth

peugeot 206 gti.

suzuki vitara( wifes)

renault clio (wifes)

metro turbo

frontera 2.0 sport

vectra sri

vectra 2.0 ls.

ford maverick.

rover 216.

citroen ax.

toyota corolla.

citroen xantia

vectra 2.0 cd.

vectra supertouring.

lexus is200 se auto

mercedes clk 2.0 sport

lexus is200 se manual

lexus is200 se auto

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Bob King    40

B) 1971 Triumph Hearld 13/60

1971 Triumph Vitesse MK2 convertible

1975 Triumph 1500 TC

1979 Triumph Dolimite Sprint

1975 Triumph 2.5S

1976 Triumph 2000

1980 Rover SD1 V8S

1981 Rover SD1 V8SE

1983 Rover SD1 Vitesse V8

1984 Rover SD1 V8 VDP

1981 Mitsubishi Sapporo GLS

1981 Mitsubishi Lancer 2000 Turbo

1988 Ford Sierra Ghia 2.0i

1988 Ford Sierra 2.0i GLS

1990 Ford Sierra 2.0i DOHC

1986 Rover 216 VP

1986 Toyota Corolla 1.3

1984 2.8 Celica-Supra

1982 2.8 Toyota Crown

1979 1.8 Corona liftback

1985 2.8 Celica-Supra

1988 3.0 Supra

1985 2.8 Celica-Supra

1971 TA22 Celica GT

1984 Celica 2.0ST coupe

1983 Celica 2.0 XT

1976 Celica TA22 ST 1.6

1986 2.0 Celica GTi

1984 Celica 2.0 XT auto

1989 2.0 Celica GT auto

1998 Toyota Avensis 1.8 GLS

1998 Celica SR 1.8

2000 Lexus IS200 SE

2004 Toyota RAV4 3 door

1984 2.8 Celica-Supra

2002 3.0 IS300 (current)

2006 Toyota Aygo Sport MMT (current )

As you can see i changed to Japanese cars some years back and have never looked back B)

bold text cars, great cars.

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A short list for me:

1. Lexus IS200 Sport Y reg in granite sky

2. Peugeot 206 GTi 180 04 reg in Agean blue - this was my favorite car also the fastest

3. Toyota MRS 2000 reg in silver - lasted a week

4. Toyota MR2 2001 reg in silver - lasted 6 months, hated both the Toyota's

5. Lexus IS200 Sport Y reg in granite sky - the same one as the first one lol

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Alex_x    0

1982 Audi 100 1.9

1985 Mercedes 190 2.3E

1993 Mitsubishi Galant E55A 2.0 SOHC 16v

1999 Toyota Yaris 1.0 VVT-i 16v

1996 Toyota RAV4 2.0 16v

1999 Lexus IS200 Sport - right now my car

2008 Toyota Yaris 1.0 12v VVT-i - right now wife's car

1985 Nissan Fairlady-Z z31 3.0 V6 non-turbo - car for a soul!

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JezaLexy99    0

2006- Saxo 1.0 :tomato: saxo 1.1 :sick:

2007- Pug 106 1.4xsi (engine blew) pug 106xsi with Saxo 1.6 16V VTS conversion.

2008- Pug 106xsi with Pug GTI 1.6 16V Conversion

Seat Arosa & Pug 106 inbetween these.

2009- Pug GTI 1.6 16V. with s/s Scorpion de-cat exhaust, lightened balanced flywheel, Kent cams, s/s 4-2-1 Manifold, BMC induction kit, Stripped out rear, lowered 40mm alround, whent like :tsktsk: off a shovel!! most favourite after my current lexus.

2010- 07 Vauxhall Vectra 1.8Design. Landrover Discovery.

2011- Landrover Discovery. LEXUS IS200 SPORT B) :D

I was very much into french hot hatches, as im sure u cn tell & and just like many young blokes in my generation were... but on the Jap stuff :)

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djanderso    0

Like most here I've had one or two shockers..

1992-1994 (1990) Nissan Micra 1.2 GSE

1994-1996 (1993) Nissan Micra 1.0 LX

1996-1998 (1996) Nissan Primera 1.6 LX

1998-1998 (1998) Honda CRV 2.0 ES - sold after 8 months for pretty much what I paid for it

1998-2000 (1998) Honda Accord Coupe 2.0i ES

2000-2004 (2000) Lexus IS200 SE (Corker)

2004-2005 (2004) Nissan 350Z (Sold due to first time round fatherhood)

2005-2006 (2005) Honda Accord 2.4 Executive

2006-2008 (2005) Lexus GS300 SEL

2008-2009 (2008) Mini Cooper S

2009-2011 (2007) Lexus GS300 SEL

2011- (2011) Lexus IS250 F-Sport Nav

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dmacdou1    0

Ok here we go,

1983 Nova 1.3SR (should never have sold it)

1987 Maestro 1.3 (should never have bought it)

1983 Capri 1.6 Laser

1987 AxGT 1.4 (carb, not GTi)

1992 Clio 1.4RT

1991 205 GTi (1.6)

1989 Cavalier 2.0 (wifes)

1983 Golf Mk1 1.3 Driver (briefly)

19?? Renault Fuego (very briefly)

1991 Audi Coupe 2.0E (Favourite car I ever owned)

1987 Renault 5 GT Turbo (phase 1)

1992 XR3i convertible (wifes)

1990 Nova 1.5D (new job, long commute)

1994 Rover 400 1.8TD

1993 Rover 600

1998 Freelander (wifes, closest we ever got to a brand new car at 3months old)

Moved to Ireland then where cars are a lot more expensive to buy/tax/insure.

1995 Opel Omega estate.

1990 Suzuki swift (wifes, brilliant wee motor)

1998 Astra 1.4 (wifes)

1998 rover 400 1.4

1998 rover 200 1.4 (wifes)

2001 Focus estate 1.6 (wifes, later mine)

2003 Toyota Avensis D4d Tspirit (mine, later wifes)

2004 Citroen C4 1.4 (wifes)

2003 Lexus IS200 (mine, all mine, and a contender for my fave car along with the Audi) :D

Thats at least most of them, might have missed afew, specially in the early years.

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Chris.S    21

Cant remember if iv posted these or not

Year - 1996 (P)

Make - Toyota

Model - Corolla 1.6 Si 16v


Year - 1999 (V)

Make - Subaru

Model - Impreza Turbo


Year - 2000 (X)

Make - Lexus

Model - IS200 SE



Year - 2003 (03)

Make - Lexus

Model - Supercharged IS200



Flip painted engine covers


Year - 1996

Make - Toyota

Model - Celica GT-Four



Year - 2006 (56/0

Make - Toyota

Model - Corolla Compressor (only 250 ever made)



Custom painted engine covers done in glitter red


Traded in another IS200 for my Golf


Currently got a Mk5 Golf GTi but looking to get back into a Lexus by the end of the summer



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Learned to drive in a 1975 Hillman Avenger.

First car was a 1975 mini clubman, then:-

1979 Triumph Spitfire

1980 Ford Granada 2.0L

1978 Vauxhall Chevette (swapped it after the second time I crashed Granada - first time with with lamppost, second with a bin lorry :oops: )

1983 Granada 2.8 Ghia,

1986 Rover 213S.

1987 BMW 316i with a VW Derby for new bride

1988 BMW 316i

VW Ranger,

1988 Cavalier Commander,

BMW 318i,

1973 MGB Roadster (had for over 10 years),

1977 MGB FHC,

Mercedes 200

Citroen ZX,

1983 Mercedes 380SE,

1986 Toyota Liteace

Mini Mayfair

Mitsubishi Gallant,

Volvo 240GL,

Ford Mondeo

1995 Mercedes 200C (seven years trouble free motoring)

Ford Transit (only time I had a vehicle stolen)

2004 Renault Traffic

2007 Saab 93 sportswagen.

As car has depreciated £20,000, going to keep it until it draws its last breath!

2006 RX8 - owned it for over three years, and one of the most reliable and enjoyable vehicles I have ever driven. Would have kept it but for the £460 road tax :tsktsk:

2005 SC430

Funny thing about the SC, is that although it is group 19, it is cheaper to insure than the group 15 Saab - figure that :question:

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Desmond    4

This is the year of the car, not when I was driving it! :D

1954 Ford Pop E39 - Dad's car

1960 Ford Pop 100e - new big ends anyone?

1962 Wolsley 1500 - college car, brilliant motor

1962 Viva HA - good car, rust bucket

1964 Mini pick up - wish I'd kept it, worth a fortune now

1967 Minivan - fun

1972 Mini 1000 - fun and brand new

1973 Imp - fun plus water pumps

1974 Imp Sport - even more fun plus water pumps and head gaskets

1974 Viva HC 1800 - gas guzzler

1976 Honda Civic - sewing machine on wheels

1978 Honda Civic 1500 - brilliant drive but another rust bucket

1978 Marina - no comment

1979 Maxi - grown up motor

1979 Alfasud - wonder car when it went

1979 Viva HC estate - good looking but rather damp

1981 Renault 14TS - gearbox uniquely crap

1983 Toyota Tercel - very reliable but slow

1985 Corolla 1300 - reliable but quicker

1987 Corolla 1300 - even slower than a Tercel

1988 Carina 1600 - mini limo, nice car

1991 Corolla GTi - jet ski

1993 Carina - boring

1994 Corolla Liftback GLi - cracking motor

1997 Carina E CDX - laid back, loved it

2003 Avensis 2.0 - rock hard ride & lumpy motor

2007 Avensis 2.2 diesel - excellent cruiser

2010 Lexus IS 220d - luxury spoilt by vibro-massage & strange ratios

2012 ?? could be IS 250

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darkoracle    1

Learned in a Triumph Herald and Ford Zephyr


Austin A35 Van ( Gives my age away)

Standard Vanguard (Had a valve radio – wow)

Jaguar Mk 1 (Never got to drive it – wheels were thieved while awaiting restoration)

Hillman Minx Estate - side valve (Looked like a hearse)

Jaguar Mk 2 (The dogs bouncy round things at the time)

Austin 1100 (It wasn’t my fault – honest)

Cortina Mk 2 (Very smart – ivory leather interior – thieved and written off)

Morris Marina (Yeuk – heap of junk)

Ford Cortina Crusader (Leaked like a sieve through the floor pan)

Mazda 626 (My first auto – I was very impressed)

Citroen GS (My first new company Car – applying the brakes was like hitting a 6ft thick wall)

Ford Orion (Second company car – my first fuel injection)

Nissan Silva (Third Company car - went like a rocket)

Vauxhall Carlton (Fourth company car – very reliable)

Mercedes 190E (sigh :heart: )

Mercedes E200 (Sad to see this go but needed a utility vehicle :msn-cry: )

Landrover Freelander 1 (Current)

Lexus IS250 Advance (Current - Latest)

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noby76    141

1996 Renault Cli0 1.2

2000 Ford fiesta 1.25 zetec 16v

1997 BMW 520i (the headache car)

2000 Rover 45 1.6

1999 Nissan Primera 1.8 S

1999 Ford Cougar 2.5 V6

2002 Lexus IS300 (Current car)

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