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Stainless Manifold & High Flow Cat?

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Good question Matthew, I was going to ask the same one. The prices seem to good to be true.

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    • By carnut1980
      Hi all, my gs450h has a blowing centre section exhaust, i assume its the original. The car has done 327k miles, yes you read that right. Occasionally the EML comes on, with error code p0420, 
      Search Results
      P0420 LEXUS Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1
      I can clear it, but it does come back after a few days, the problem is no doubt related to the blowing. Can these be got as used parts? Im struggling to find one. Do these have just the one CAT, or two?
      cheers all!
    • By Yobosoku
      Hi, new to forum, there may be an already existing thread but I cannot find anything......ANYWHERE! I need an ecu pinout for a 2001 is200 using a 1gfe with an ecu number 89661-53200. I need this pinout diagram and expertese to fit a bee*r limiter basically because I want one and I like being a loon in my car. There are people who hate/disagree with them, however I would like one in my car and I would appreciate help fitting it.
      any help appreciated.
    • By mep
      Hi everyone. It's not Xmas but might as well be.
      I had a problem with a worn rear wheel bearing. The car had been used to tow around an exhibition trailer in its early life and at 175,000 miles started to complain. I'm not complaining as 175K miles is still good value. To look at car is immaculate inside and out. Still gives 40MPG and I am still in love with car after 7 years of ownership.
      Changing the bearing I managed to damage the ABS sensor: and when trying to remove the broken sensor, I damaged the sensor ring. To make matters worse, thinking I could repair the ring, I removed the sensor ring.
      Duh! What was I thinking.
      The friend, whose garage I was using to do the work, suddenly needed his garage and so I had to move. I drove the car home and parked up.  On the way home. No Speedo. P/S Red light on even though power steering feels okay.  ABS light on. Engine light on. VSC complaining.
      So now I have a replacement hub, with ring, new ABS sensor fitted and all on the car.
      But all the lights still on.    I have tried removing the battery over night.  All lights still on except Engine light.
      Any one with any thoughts before I troll off to my Lexus dealer who will want more money than they value the car at to plug in their OBD reader. 
    • By James Trendall
      Hey guys,
      So after a long time away working on my RX8 i've come back to my Lexus IS200 daily. I'm currently looking for a complete ECU diagram for each wire.
      I'm looking for, 
      12v ignition wire,
      RPM signal wire,
      Crank shaft sensor wire
      Ground (Most likely use a bolt in the engine bay for this.)
      I've searched online all day with nothing but gibberish coming up and dead links.
      I've found countless IS300 diagrams which seem to be different. I've tested and failed.
      Has anyone got a list for the 4 plugs on the top of the ECU? It would be very handy.
      EDIT: After sifting through tons of pictures i think i have a part list of what i need.
      Working from front to back of the car i have,
      A-B-D-E plugs.
      12v power seems to be from Plug A Pin 1
      RPM seems to be from Plug A Pin 12
      Crank Angle Sensor seems to be from Plug E pin 23
      Ground most likely to the chassis.
      Can anyone confirm if i'm anywhere close to the correct pins/plugs? This is all i can workout looking at random diagrams online which seem to be part complete or taken from SXE10 engines which are 100% different apart from the power.
    • By MJG
      My exhaust is blowing really badly at the front. Also the join from the manifold to the center pipe is rotten away.
      So I'm going to cut behind the flange so I can remove the manifold and then remove the center pipe/cat.
      I found a used catalytic converter centre part on ebay and ordered a SS decat exhaust manifold.
      I'm assuming that the 2 cats on the header are pre-cats for emissions when cold and the center cat is the main one.
      In theory my car will still pass mot emissions as long as the center cat is warmed up?
      Anyone done this on their is200 and still pass emissions without cats on the manifold?