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Lexus Is220D Exhaust

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i was looking to upgrade the exhaust on my is220. anyone know where to go? and also will the is250 exhaust fit onto the diesel? thanks

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I believe the IS250 exhaust is a straight swop for the IS220D system from the flange in front of the rear 'Y' piece. However, you'll need to swop the rear bumper for an IS250 one. The IS250 exhaust is far from cheap though. Coincidently I have a 250 system available that's only seen about 6000 miles , if the price of a new one is too much for you.

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    • By Andrew888
      Here is my MY2017 genuine diffuser with matching tailpipe trims the garage managed to avoid welding on the tailpipes. Basically they fabricated the 2017 exhaust trims to fit  the OEM rear box and the only sacrificial element is cutting off the curve end of the pipe, So if the exhaust needs replacing you can take the trims off and reinstall.
      If Mods/Admin allow I can pass on the garage details who can either supply and fit, OR supply everything (inc diffuser) and modded trims for the competent diy'er to have a go. Its a simple process IMO and pricing is cheaper than Lexus UK
      Pics below..


    • By Piri1337
      Hi guys,
      This is my first post in this forum, so apologise if this is in the incorrect thread.
      I bought a used Lexus IS300h from 2014, as my judgment wasn't that great, I got one without many of the features (executive model).
      I was looking into a couple of things, but there is not much to be found, is there a possibility to add some of the safety features which are in the other models?
      Also, I was looking at the speedometer of the f sport model, can this be upgraded after the purchase?
    • By Dylanlewis2000
      Dear all,
      Just after a little bit of info. I am after a rear tyre for the IS. She currently has Bridgestone on her which is what Lexus put on her when I purchased her. I only need one for the passenger side as the other still has 4mm of tred left. Just wondering what everyone's opinion was. I am after a quiet tyre and eventually will replace the set once she needs them. 
      What's your opinion?
    • By rz1c13
      Hi there,
      Last summer, just after I bought my LS, I discovered that one of the exhaust pipes didn't blow as strong as the other. The difference was quite significant. At first I panicked a bit, but a quick inspection LED me to discover a leak in the right back box, precisely its bottom wall, centrally located around half way length-wise. It was big enough. The corrosion was pretty bad, so I decided to get a new one.
      I wanted the best solution, and thought that I should get it from Lexus, (a ton of money) or if from any other shop, it should be as close as possible to the original. The search was long an painful, and I was giving up when found a small (home business) manufacturer in Poland. They are making all kinds of custom-made muffler replacements. I pre-ordered and in less than two weeks I had both of my boxes delivered - brand spanking new as shown on the picture.
      I also had a chat about my problem with the engineer from that company, who said that LS430 back box has a  built-in design flaw, and that's why they all corrode and screw you up always in the same way.
      Not waiting any longer I grabbed an angle grinder and the results you see on the pictures.
      As it turns out, the mid-section wall has a flap on a metal spring. This spring gets exposed to pretty corrosive environment (water, and temperature), and you don't have to wait very long (I wonder how long) before it's so corroded that the flap cannot open any more. This leads ( you can guess) to excessive exhaust gass back-pressure build up, which is not very nice for the engine nor it is good for the performance. My flap was quite badly stuck closed, which also leads to excess water accumulation in the compartment before the flat, which in turns causes the bottom of the box corrode  all the way through.
      On the finishing note, I am happy the new boxes do not have that annoying flap, the car runs nice and quiet, so far no problems. What I discovered in this case is to me an example of typical blind over-engineering, without thinking through about materials, the environment they are working in and the consequences.
      Had I gotten my brand new boxes from Lexus (for an astronomical price) , I would have had the same problem back in a few years soon....

    • By Davearia
      My middle and back section of exhaust need replacing and I'm struggling to find anywhere other the Toyota to buy one from. I live in the north west of England does anyone have any suggestions of anywhere to buy these parts from please?