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Lexus Is220D Exhaust

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i was looking to upgrade the exhaust on my is220. anyone know where to go? and also will the is250 exhaust fit onto the diesel? thanks

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I believe the IS250 exhaust is a straight swop for the IS220D system from the flange in front of the rear 'Y' piece. However, you'll need to swop the rear bumper for an IS250 one. The IS250 exhaust is far from cheap though. Coincidently I have a 250 system available that's only seen about 6000 miles , if the price of a new one is too much for you.

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    • By Linas.P
      My car recently have developed interesting fault. I cannot say it came unexpected, for a while it was intermittent i.e. washer fluid didn't come on the first pull of the leaver. 
      Over the time I was associating it with maybe half empty washer fluid bottle, rare use or air in the washers tubing.... until recently. Now I can confirm that washer bottle is full, but noting comes up from the jets.. even after 10-20 pulls. Windscreen wipers starts swiping to clean the fluid (which meant to be there), but nothing come out.
      I would like to note that head lamps washers works fine, only the windscreen washers are affected.
      Any ideas? I guess there should be fuse, so might need to start from that?
    • By Trevor_133
      I am new in this forum just bought an is250  two weeks ago. It's handle fantastic. I am looking for a good exhaust which sound great. It will be please if anyone can tell me where can I find one nice e.g. Invidia or Hopefully anyone of you guys got one used can sell it to me. Many thanks 
    • By PEA1213
      HI, got an is250 2009,both brake calipers on front have broke, is it possible to upgrade to the bigger isf brake calipers, I know I will need new disc,and possibly  bigger wheels, but are all the brackets the same?
    • By Linas.P
      Hi all,

      Just wanted to hear some opinions about engine (oil) flush. I have seen few people said they have done it on IS250 and they have good results.

      I was never big fan of this stuff as it is not standard procedure and are not required unless there are certain situations where engine gets gunked-up for some reason e.g. sticking valve lifters. Then there are some horror stories as well... and I guess for a good reason. Generally, if engine was neglected for long time, flush can raise all the dirt and circulate it around the system, which is obviously not good. As well if engine is old and gaskets are just holding on actual gunk... cleaning it might blow the engine. So for a while my opinion was that regular oil change should be sufficient, especially if one uses premium oils (which has all kinds of additives).

      When it comes to my engine I "believe" it was never neglected. It is high mileage, but does have FLSH and since I have bought the car (last 30k miles) I was changing oil every 5-6k miles. The only unknown is the very first oil change from the dealer who sold it to me (non-Lexus), as they did change the oil in front of me, but after 2-3k miles it turned quite dark - I know it is normal to certain extent, but it was more than that. Now this could indicate that engine was neglected, but again based on service history that is not the case, last service was done like 3k miles before I bought it and it was just the case that car was on sale for one dealer to another for around 5 months, so dealer agreed to change it not because of the miles, but simply because of the time and peace of mind for me. So then I though... because last 2 changes were very low miles I might pull 10k miles, but after 7k engine started rattling when cold and under acceleration (I believe sticking valve lifters) and I did oil change straight away and rattle was gone for a while.
      Maybe only 2 points to highlight here... From service history I can see that at some point Lexus had put wrong oil.. That was Castrol GTX 5w30 C2 (not even fully synthetic) and later Mobil 1 5w30 C3... Finally, seller put some no name 5w30 from the barrel, so I am not sure what was that - barrel had Shell Helix on it, but nobody can tell what was inside... maybe rapseed oil from local grocery. As all were 5w30 I believe difference is very little and could not harm engine much... but who knows.

      Now few weeks ago I have ~6k miles since oil change and engine started rattling again. So I have changed the oil and rattling is gone again. However, ever since the first time I was considering engine flush to make sure engine is clean. As well oils like Castrol Magnatec or EDGE are bit of overkill for this engine especially considering my frequent changes above recommends service intervals, so I would expect it to last much longer than 6k miles, or especially I would not expect any rattling. So I kind of think that for some reason my tactics so far doesn't work.

      Additionally, I know that engine flush is one of the best ways to clean sticking valve lifters and eradicate rattle, so it sounds like perfect solution. However, there is one caveat - when the guys were changing oil I have checked the old one and it had little bit of petrol smell... Obviously, that is not great, but it is high miles’ engine and it was nothing excessive and finally I don't know maybe they used to keep petrol in that pan. But you know my paranoid mind now wonders, maybe the head gasket is on the edge of blowing and I just make it worse when flushing the engine...

      Finally, from reviews and recommendation it seems everyone recommends Wynn's flush. I don't know if that is because it is actually good, or because it is cheap. What you guys use and do you see any difference between the brands, what do you recommend? Many thanks in advance...
    • By bobmc
      I have an IS250 with 18" rims which are badly in need of refurb. 
      I am thinking that if I go for a refurb I might as well get some new tryes are the same time, as the ones that are on at the moment are going to need replacement soon anyway.
      I understand that the IS, being rear wheel drive, is not good on snow or ice unless it has winter tyres fitted. It's not practical or affordable for me to swap wheels according to the season so I was thinking I might fit all season tyres as a compromise.
      However, I can't find any 255/40R18 all season tyres, no one seems to make them. So I am thinking I could fit 245/40R18 instead.
      Has anyone else done this? What are the implications (if any?)
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