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Difference Between Is 220D Sport And Is220D Se

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Hi! I appologise if this has already been asked. I searched before posting but couldn't findd it. I am looking to buy my first lxus is 220d but having done some research i am quite confused to be honest. i like two cars, one of them is 220d sport and the other one is se multimedia. i think multimedia means it has builtin sat nav etc right? but what are the other major differences please?


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The model year is important here as to what you get, but the basics are kind of:-

220d Sport has a modified gearbox, so it is meant to be slightly racier. Apparently it is a bit quicker on the uptake of speed but the trade off is poorer mpg return. At least, this is what I was told by an owner of one. My Se 220d returned much better mpg than the Sport version. His Sport got 32 mpg my SE220d got 40 mpg and 50+ on a trip using cruise control.

220d Multimedia, check out if it is an SEL MM. If it is it has all the bells and whistles. Sat nav, Mark Levinson DVD/stereo, Full leather/Electric pack with memory settings, illuminated scuff plates, rear electric blind, etc. For the Sat Nacv check if it is UK or Europe. Kenny( known as STERLING) on this forum can help you out here.

Hand on heart..... if you are not doing loads of miles look at the 250 petrol. I've just switched!! You need to be aware of the Head Gasket issues with the Diesel variant. Read the posts on this forum. I'm not dissing the diesel in any way.. don't get me wrong I had one... I had some issues...THEY WERE RESOLVED by Lexus. My Diesel was a very reliable and frugal motor. Others have fared worse. Better to understand than not!!

Lexus have not dropped the diesel variant without a reason for doing so....fingers being burnt comes to mind!


If anyone else cares to offer, feel free to blast me from the sky.

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I own the sport and the difference is the gearbox, the sport is fully loaded, the only thing it doesn’t have is the rear blinds, the gearbox has better gearing than the standard 220d which means you can use sixth gear without breaking the speed limit, the trade-off is the car is less economical both on a run and around town. On a run I get around 35 mpg and around town I get in the mid 20’s, admittedly I do have a heavy right foot but even driving like miss daisy doesn’t really improve it that much. The diesel is a good car but I would strongly recommend getting the Lexus Warranty as part of your purchase, as both I and Normski have come to appreciate, it will save you thousand’s in the long run as that’s what it cost to repair the diesel when it goes wrong.

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The difference is in the rear differential. The final gear ratios are different. There are two versions for sport, 2.937 and 3.266 and SE/SEL is 2.474. Higher ratio means more revs at any given speed than lower ratio, for example say... ratio of 3 would be 2500 rpm at 50 in fourth gear and ratio of 2 would be 2000 rpm at 50 in fourth gear. The numbers are not correct, I just wanted to illustrate the principle. This means faster acceleration with higher ratio, but lower top speed (unless both versions are electronically limited, which they are not) and worse fuel consumption (theoretically). At 30 mph, you could actually drive in fourth with sport final drive ratio and you'd have to go in third with SE/SEL. That could turn the consumption the other way around.

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    • By First_Lexus
      My NX300h Sport has been with Lexus Swindon for the past three months so that they could fix what they - and Lexus UK - thought was a very minor issue until they investigated further. Glad to say it is all fixed now and Lexus has provided me with 'goodwill' of a free set of alloys (for my Winter tyres) and free side-steps as an apology. I've had Lexus courtesy cars for the duration, mostly a 2017 NX300h F-Sport, and I thought it might be useful to compare that with my own Sport as the differences were far greater than I expected.
      I should say that for the first two weeks - bear in mind originally my car was expected to be at the dealer for less than 24 hours (!) - I had an IS300h Advance. I liked it to drive, but it was no good for me as I have mobility issues and I also struggled with the foot operated parking brake, so Lexus provided me with a new NX F-Sport to use instead. It was interesting to have it for a while though. Based on my experience, God alone knows why I don't see more of them on the road and fewer Audi A4/BMW 3-Series...
      Anyway, the rest of the time I had the NX F-Sport. I'll start with the positives. First, it is far more 'focussed' to drive, and the handling is in a different league. I know manufacturers talk about the differences between different models, but until I had the chance to drive both for an extended period 'back to back' I wouldn't have believed the difference could be that noticeable. The normal Sport model feels a bit 'wobbly' in comparison. 1-0 to the F-Sport.
      Second, some of the extra goodies that the F-Sport comes with are useful. The headlights are especially good far, FAR, better than those on my Sport and they look groovy too. I like the fact that it comes with front fog lights as standard, and the way they light up the kerb automatically when cornering which I found surprisingly useful. A couple of other nice touches missing from the Sport model, both of which I thought to be gimmicks until I had them. The lights under the door handles are really useful, as is the way the (electrically adjustable) steering wheel moves out of the way when getting in or out of the car. Who knew? Not me, that's for sure!
      There were some things I didn't like about the F-Sport though. First, the ride. I've said above that the handling is much better, but at the expense of comfort. It isn't uncomfortable as such, but again I'm surprised at the level of the difference. The ride quality in the Sport suits me far better personally. Secondly, the seats. I couldn't really get comfortable with the seats in the F-Sport, mainly because they were harder, deeper and the bolsters too high. Now, I do have mobility issues around my hips and legs so this is a big thing for me that others may not notice. Even so, getting back into the soft 'armchair' seats in the Sport was a relief and I find them much more comfortable as well as easier to get in and out of. I'd say that if you are considering an NX try both the standard and F-Sport seats if it is likely to make a difference in your circumstances.
      The biggest difference though, is the amount of noise in the car at pretty much all speeds. I can't work this out at all. In comparison with the Sport, the F-Sport had so much more road noise. The difference is so stark that I've found myself wondering whether there was something wrong with the F-Sport I've been using, although I guess it could be partly down to tyre fitment? I'd be really interested in views on this and whether others have noticed the same.
      One other odd thing. Colleagues of mine - mainly not 'into' cars I should add - thought that the basic Sport was actually the model higher in the NX range. I'm sure a lot of that was down to colour, as the F-Sport I had was white which I personally don't think suits it as well as some colours, but even so. Weird, right? I thought the F-Sport looked obviously 'superior' because of the grille and wheels, but there you go, just shows what I know!
      My summary? Keener drivers will prefer the F-Sport, of that I have little doubt. That isn't me though, as I prefer to waft about. I didn't test-drive an F-Sport before I bought my Sport, but having had the chance for this comparison over an extended period I'm happy that I made the correct decision for me, especially given the extra cost (from new) involved.
    • By Daniellmoisa
      Hi! I am experiencing something that is rather annoing! I start the car and select first to drive off! All normal! Then i select second and as the revs go up just after 1800rpm there is this rattle sound that i can feel in the steering wheel and vibration! When it gets over 2000rpm it stops and then changing to third is the same going after 1800 rpm when picking up speed the vibration comes back until it goes past 2000 rpm...
      In this time i can feel the car vibrating like it struggles around this rev... all normal when 4th is selected! 
      If i rev the engine when parked i dont get that! 
      I recently cleaned egr and maf and after using shell v-power for months i put a tank of bp to see how it feels! Car accelerates and drives fine but i get that judder/vibration at that rev cound when picking up speed! 
      It is something like a BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
      Lexus is220d 2007 
    • By Oldfatty
      The ear-splitting factory alarm on my 1998 LS400 has been going off inappropriately for a few months now.  This usually happen just as I lock it, but not exclusively, or when I switch the engine off.  It does not immobilise the vehicle (can be driven with the alarm still sounding) and can only be stopped by unplugging the Battery.  So far I have dialled down the proximity sensor underneath the centre armrest and changed the batteries in the fobs.
      Since the alarm doesn't have any noticeable effect other than deafening me, my next move will probably be to find the siren and unplug it.  I don't think the vehicle Battery is the problem as it's relatively new and doesn't have any issues.
      Any advice would be much appreciated.
    • By LexusBirmingham
      Calling all Lexus LS Owners!
      I've been tasked with helping organise the launch of the new LS500 at our Dealership, which is expected to hit showrooms at some point in January.
      Having seen and driven it in Milan, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. You will love it.
      Without giving too much away, I'm looking for a couple of owners of ideally a gen 1 and gen 3 LS.
      They'd need to be in "good to great" condition (I appreciate they will potentially have up to 30 years use).
      I'd need to borrow them for a night, maybe even a couple of days - but would organise something to repay the favour.
      Please drop me an email if you think you could help:
      Many Thanks,
      Lexus Birmingham.