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Remapping Ecu

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Hi, I've just experienced the VSC /engine warning light on the car (GS300, 2005); After reading several posts and filling up with fuel the lights are off. Fault codes P0138 and P0158 (oxygen sensors were present). there looks to be differing stories about fuel caps, changing oxygen sensors and ECU's etc..all expensive and frightening - can the same be achieved by remapping the existing ECU?

Thoughts weclomed

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I'm not aware of any Lexus ECU being reprogrammable, other than writing what the factory setup is. I'm think they have to be piggy backed or replaced with standalone ECU's.

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Tightening the fuel cap is a free fix!

Replacing it will cost a lot lot less than letting Lexus dealerships swap out a perfectly good ECU and O2 sensors.

Ever since my one-time scare, I've not seen return of it since - so don't fret yourself into an early grave until you've seen to the above options first.

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    • By T33
      Hi ladies and gents,
      I'm new to the forum here and bought a IS220D a few months ago. I must firstly thank everyone and website admin for the tons of information its been extremely helpful! However there is one thing (or two) that I've tried searching and haven't been able to locate a solution. 
      Firstly theres a small wire with what looks like just a rubber gromit or something on the end, hanging loose next to my battery. I've included a couple of pics of it. Its the one just the one hanging between the battery and egr valve pipe. Any idea where that goes and more importantly if that could be a sensor triggering my second issue?


      Secondly and more confusing is the check VSC and engine management light which comes on. Now I'm sure its to do with the DPF being clogged up as i've read on here but the car loses no power and doesnt go into limp mode etc. The VSC ofcourse is no longer active, but apart from this I feel nothing different. It happens when I've been driving the car for around about 40 miles or so i'd say. I first noticed it when I was keeping the revs quite low around 2000rpm in 6th gear.
      I was aware of the DPF and egr valve issues with this car so I've previously added redex fuel line cleaner and always given it good powerful runs on the motorway when I can. I've taken it up and down the country and never had any issues and I thought it might have been because I try and force the DPF regen. Obvioiusly the local driving and low revs on the day it started could've been the trigger. Nevertheless this is where I get confused: I cleared the code (P2002 - DPF below threshold) and been driving it around local again with no issues. I could do as many miles as I like with no problems. But once its on the motorway again, 40 miles in the lights are back up. This has been repeated a few times and again no issues with driving. The mpg has dropped over time from around 30 to 28 over the course of a few months but thats it. 
      I have just done an EGR clean, which was quite clogged up. I'm assuming/hoping it was trying to regen the dpf but due to the egr being clogged there was an issue with that. Or maybe because of it being clogged, the dpf has messed up? Nevertheless i'm taking it again on a motorway run tonight and hoping that its all sorted. Going to try and get it to regen if possible. Can anyone advise further? Thanks in advance.
      P.S. The wire hanging loose near the battery, could that be the trigger?
      P.S.S. Any additives someone could recommend for forcing the dpf to clean as it must be in a bad shape...
    • By misterarse
      Newby back again, having had engine warning lights on recently & scanner checks indicating CAT underperforming I tried ‘Cataclean’ which worked for 3 days. Before that a tank full of 99 RON petrol seemed to extinguish the little engine warning light for a few days too. Had the engine carbon cleaned for twice the normal time (60 mins) today & the minute I drove away, vibrating steering wheel & new warning lights not seen before (as in title). I have seen comments like "sensors need re-calibrating" to "replacement oxygen sensors" elsewhere which I hope leads to sensors & not CATS as I have been quoted nearly £1200 for OEM parts.

      BTW The engine can hardly be heard now, smoother shifting and power delivery, probably quicker too & they claim up to 4 MPG improvement as well so for £100 a good investment despite current situation, especially as mine has done nearly 195,000 miles.

      Merry Christmas

    • By James Trendall
      Hey guys,
      So after a long time away working on my RX8 i've come back to my Lexus IS200 daily. I'm currently looking for a complete ECU diagram for each wire.
      I'm looking for, 
      12v ignition wire,
      RPM signal wire,
      Crank shaft sensor wire
      Ground (Most likely use a bolt in the engine bay for this.)
      I've searched online all day with nothing but gibberish coming up and dead links.
      I've found countless IS300 diagrams which seem to be different. I've tested and failed.
      Has anyone got a list for the 4 plugs on the top of the ECU? It would be very handy.
      EDIT: After sifting through tons of pictures i think i have a part list of what i need.
      Working from front to back of the car i have,
      A-B-D-E plugs.
      12v power seems to be from Plug A Pin 1
      RPM seems to be from Plug A Pin 12
      Crank Angle Sensor seems to be from Plug E pin 23
      Ground most likely to the chassis.
      Can anyone confirm if i'm anywhere close to the correct pins/plugs? This is all i can workout looking at random diagrams online which seem to be part complete or taken from SXE10 engines which are 100% different apart from the power.
    • By Kat83
      Hi. I have a Lexus RX300 2006. Today the ABS VSC and parking break lights all came on whilst I was in stationary traffic. The parking break was off. Ive looked through the threads on here and cant find any where all 3 lights come on together. Any ideas? 
    • By Harpreet
      Hello all
      So yesterday I got this check VSC light on with engine management and yellow skidding sign in the Dash. This was right after getting into the car after an hour of parked up at the gym. so engine was half warm i would say.
      No issue with the performance though. Still need to check the fuel cap and see if it has any effect on it.
      Also booked in with Aberdeen Lexus as I have extended warranty till end f this year.
      Any possible reason for this dreaded light to be on?
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