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Hello Everyone,

I have recently purchased a 2006 Lexus RX400H from a Lexus main dealer. It is my first Lexus, and I am new to this Club. Whilst overall, I am very pleased, a few things disappoint me a lot:

1/ Even though I have 2010-11 maps, I cannot update my destination choice on the move. I have read through the forum postings here and others seem to be doing that via firmware update. How do I access the firmware update? The discs came from the supplying dealer, and are definitely genuine. I took the disc out, and reinserted it, but no firmware update option is visible anywhere

2/ On FM, whenever we switch on the rear window heater, there is a huge deterioration in the signal quality, with a lot of interference. Any thoughts? I tried uploading a video file to this site, but I am not allowed to do so.

3/ The Bluetooth implementation is just woeful. It seems that there is no way to manually type in names/numbers, and, as has been documented, the Bluetooth doesn't work with transferring data from Iphone. According to the Lexus site, the Galaxy S 11 works perfectly, and I managed to borrow one, setup a Google account, backup all my vcf files from Iphone, transfer those to the galaxy S, connect to RX via Bluetooth, then after a struggle, managed to get the names into Phonebook 1. Alas, I soon realised that if a contact has more than 1 number, only the first number in the list is copied. eg, the home number, but not work or mobile. How useless is that?

To discuss the above, I contacted Lexus Customer (non) service, who had no clue how to answer any of the above. They directed to a Premium Rate telephone number for Technical help (they initially declined to tell me that it cost £1.50 a minute, even though I asked). For a Premium Brand, I think that is disgusting. I did ring the supplying dealer who had promised to look into it for me previously, but, weeks later, I have yet to hear back from them.

So, as I use the phone and sat nav a lot, it seems that paying a premium for the integrated systems has been a total waste of money. I am considering getting a Parrot fitted, can anyone confirm that I will need just the Parrot and the SOT lead. Do I need anything else? Will I retain the full functionality of the stereo steering wheel controls, as with other cars? I guess getting a Parrot with music playback will enable me to play music through the Mark Levinson stereo somehow - or will I need yet another interface?

Thanks for your anticipated help.

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