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Hello All,

Can anyone help. I recently changed the Battery in my smart key fob and since doing this I'm finding it difficult to lock the car. The fob itself and the exterior door button don't seem to want to lock it. If I stand there long enough, with enough patience, it will finally lock. The car unlocks and starts with no problem.

Is this a case of getting the fob reprogrammed

Is this something I could sort myself?

Many thanks

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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

I'll move your post to the IS section where you may get more response from other members regarding your problem.

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    • By jsmith9682
      Hi everyone, 
      Just bought my Lexus about a week and a half ago and love it! BUT I came out to my car today and for some reason now the driver door and passenger door I  the front do not unlock when I put my hand on the sensor of the for handle. They will also not lock the car when I press the lock button on the door handle. The lock button inside the car will not work on either side as well. Both the back doors work absolutely fine, the sensors work for everything back there. The smart key also works to turn on my Lexus. Has anyone else had this problem?
    • By IS220d Remapped (2 years)
      Hi guys,
      Thought I should join to share my IS220d experience.
      I had issues blanking my EGR few years ago as it would throw up all sorts of errors. tried cleaning but only eliminated issues temporarily.  
      I found a company willing to do a remap. He managed to delete DPF and EGR. I then blanked the EGR with a plate and got the DPF gutted by a professional welder (mechanic) within a week of map. 
      The car was at 120k mileage when mapped. it is now at 162k pulling strong on all gears. the economy, torque and response was an still is really noticeable. I manage 38>mpg on minor boost and 31-36mpg having fun with it. These figures vary dependent on weather and road conditions hence the large variations. 
      To summarise,
      1. hydrocarbon engine flush. (I just did it for the sake of it) 
      2. remap (delete EGR and DPF from ECU) 
      3. Blank EGR (blanking plate from ebay)
      4. DPF gutted then re-welded professionally (from my mechanic)
      Hope this helps,
    • By Abz_17
      Hi, i own an is220d, and need some advice.  I wanted to change my alloys and was wondering if a set of alloys and tyres from an is250 or is200 wheels would fit my car? I tried looking for a decent set of is220 wheels but they are proving difficult to find . I currently have a set of 17" alloys which need a lot of TLC so was wanting to change then as I dont have time for a refurb. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 
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      Hi all just noticed a connection missing behind the grill by horn ????
    • By lapyiwin
      Hello everyone.. I am new to this forum.
      Now I have seriously annoying squeak coming from driver side leather seat near torso area when you sit, on right hand side to be precise.
      Everytime car goes over bump, it makes squeak, apprently coming from foam. I think other IS220D suffered too but I couldn't find any DIY solution except from going to dealer and get the entire seat replaced which won't happen in my case.
      Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
      Also how do I clean foggy LCD panel on CD player?