Why Does It Take Me Up To 9 Clicks Just To Set The Satnav To Take Me H

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Hi guys and girls,

I've had my IS300h Executive Edition for 1 month now and love the car! I will list the positives and criticisms on another post but my biggest bugbear is the satnav and how to set a destination.

Firstly, this only applies to owners without the "mouse-pad" and have the wheel to input commands. Not sure what "mouse-pad" owners think of theirs and the speed of setting a destination?

So, this is the steps I need to take to set my home destination (by far the easiest) and I'm reducing clicks here by starting from the Nav map screen, not from menu!

1) Click twice on wheel button to get to the nav options menu

2) Click once to access Destination

3) Click once to access Home - back to the Nav map screen with the stupid arrows...

4) Click once and an arrow is highlighted

5) Move wheel button around to get to the bottom corner and click Set (up to 3 "moves"

6) Click on Start....

Phew..... So, adding all these clicks and moves, it has taken 9 actions just to set my home destination!

In other cars in the same category, it takes one click of a button if you set shortcuts up on the dash. SURELY Lexus must have had a human testing this rather than a robot as it is just so long-winded to do a simple operation. I have not even begun to go into setting a postcode, or even worse, setting an address using town and street...

So, am I the only one with major grumblings on this or are you all so happy because I have been an idiot and not read the manual and there is a magic button I have not used to set the satnav to home?

Please let it be the latter so that I don't have the urge to slit my wrists everytime I get in the car and have to setup the satnav...

Thanks for listening to my mega moan. Hope you all have better experiences!


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I just speak to mine and say "go home".

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3) Click once to access Home - back to the Nav map screen with the stupid arrows...

I'm 100% with you on this one !!

Whoever on the development team came up with this idea, and worse still any muppets who signed it off needs to be shot.

What user evaluation have they done that supports people needing to fine tune the destination so often that they delivered this functionality ?? I suspect absolutely none.

I really struggled with what was going on at this stage until i read the manual.

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I just speak to mine and say "go home".

I shout at mine, but same thing lol!


Click 1, 2, 3 times from Homescreen to Home destination shortcut saved on the destination screen. Still too many, should be a home shortcut on the first menu.

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I press the Talk Switch say "Go Home" & that is it!


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    • By joelfigueira
      Hi all,
      Has anyone bought a SAT NAV update from this place? Seems to get good reviews etc and loads cheaper than getting it form ebay. Also like some other copies you dont need to disconnect the battery as part of install.
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      I thought it may be useful for all Forum members with or contemplating Premium Nav to outline my experiences with it over the past month - as I seem to have encountered most of the problems but also some of the solutions. 
      Fundamentally, Premium Nav adds an Internet capacity to your satnav. This enables it to pick up traffic conditions (and offer alternative routes), note parking options in cities, allow online searches (which will provide phone numbers as well as navigations options) and send journeys from your phone/tablet/computer to your car in advance.
      (It adds a few more things too, like an advanced reverse camera and DVD player, but they're not relevant here. For the record, it also adds the capacity to save a journey to a USB and transfer this to the car that way.)
      The first thing is you need to register with MyLexus. Previously there was a Lexus Portal, but this has been replaced. However, the fact is there has been significant confusion over this. 
      NOTE 1:
      Your sign-in name (an email address with MyLexus) is *not* your User ID. Your User ID by default will be the first part of your email address, but you are wise to change this as it may clash with others (or just cause confusion with past portal registrations). You change it my going to "My Details" and "Edit" and it is at the bottom. 
      Once you have registered you need to register your Multimedia device. This is a 16-digit number (to be typed in without hyphens, even though they appear on the screen). I found it easier to do this online than in the car, though both are options. 
      You also need to verify the vehicle. For this you need a six-figure number from your logbook (like ABC12D) - this is a chore when you lease because you need to get a scan from Lexus Financial Services or the lease company; and even more of a chore when they lose the logbook...
      NOTE 2:
      If you cannot get this number, ask your dealer for the one they use for demonstrators. That seems to work. 
      Now the key is to connect to the Internet. This can be tough, at least with an iPhone. 
      NOTE 3:
      You need to have tethering on on the phone (apple calls this "Personal Hotspot"; other companies use slightly different names).
      In theory you can connect for tethering via Bluetooth or WiFi. 
      For some reason I cannot do the former with my NX (worked fine on my IS). 
      The latter is a bizarre hit and miss and seems to require not only that the Personal Hotspot be on, but that the specific page be open. Weird. 
      NOTE 4:
      This is where I get a little lost...
      Via Setup > Navigation there is a Connected Services menu which allows "Delete Username and Password" or "Change Username and Password". If you try the latter, you need your *User ID* (not the email address) and password. It may be worth keeping these short!
      You then click "Save" and that should simply save it - but if you are unlucky, it will go to connecting and a lovely error message. This means your tethering has broken down, your password is wrong, you've forgotten your User ID, MyLexus does not feel like working, or you've the wrong colour socks on today...
      If you get through this, try your luck with an Online Search on "Navigation > Destination". Here, you will go to "Connecting" but hopefully not for long. If you do, the above paragraph applies. If you don't, you're in business. 
      NOTE 5:
      My success rate in currently about one in four...
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      Lexus still has not been able to locate my logbook so I was given another number today with which to verify my vehicle. 
      From the MyLexus point of view, this appears to have worked. The car is deemed verified; it says it is connected to the multimedia; and I can send journeys to the car. 
      Unfortunately once I get to the car it's another matter. Any attempt by any means of typing in my Lexus ID and password is met by a could not connect message, "ID=195". 
      This has come up before on these forums but I reckon I am doing everything advised. Any further thoughts?
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      Just to quick queries long-term owners may be able to answer. 
      1. When I set a destination on the satnav, on both my previous IS and my wife's CT, it was not necessary to click "Start" - after a short delay to allow you to add further destinations to the route, the navigation started anyway. However, it appears the NX requires this (and it cannot be done by voice control).  
      Is this correct? Or is there a setting which allows this to be changed?
      2. The boot is automatic (so far so good), but it has to close all the way before you can lock the car. As it takes a while, I can see this getting slightly irritating.
      Can this be set so the car is locked in advance of the boot closing?
    • By joelfigueira
      Hi all,
      Has anyone updated there factory SATNAV to the latest version? Without having to pay a fortune for the disc does anyone know where best to get hold of one??