Best Place To Get A Spare Key

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I have one master key that seems to do everything it should - but no spare.

Where's the best palce to get a spare key?



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Buy a blank off ebay, and also a transponder (the guts of the key) they can be reprogrammed to your car by yourself.

Timpsons should cut it for you.

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    • By WilliamH
      Had to get a replacement battery in a hurry today for my 2003 IS 300 Sportcross, so went on-line.
      Eurocarparts website was easy to use and had a tasty discount offer. They had a choice of 2 so I selected the more expensive one with 70Ah, CCA 540A, rating and ordered it 'click and collect'. £67.40 inc vat and 3 year g'tee which I didn't think was bad.
      Now I've got it home I can see it doesn't fit the battery tray properly. The base area is too big to fit deep in the tray so it sits quite high. Also, the new battery is 10mm taller than my knackered battery. As a result, the standard battery clamp won't fit (the rods aren't long enough) and the terminals are worryingly close to the closed bonnet.
      Is this a common issue?
      Is there a work around or will I have to return it to eurocarparts?
      Is there a generally recommended/ easily available battery that fits?
      Thanks in advance for your replies!
    • By J Henderson
      Having a much-needed clearout. Collection from EH51, or can arrange postage at buyer's expense.
      IS200 "Sport" Chrome Tailpipe
      Hard to find genuine item in very good condition. The underside a little pitted but not visible once fitted. Adds a touch of class to any IS200/300 with a stock exhaust system. £20

      IS200 Drive Belts
      Full set of Gates drive belts for 1G-FE engine cars - Power-steering, Air-con & Alternator. Brand New, never fitted. £20

      HB4/9600 OSRAM Fog Breaker Bulbs
      Colour temperature approx 2600K (Yellow). Brand-new & sealed. Will fit front fogs on '99-'03 1st Gen IS or '05-10 2nd-Gen IS (and possibly others..). £20

    • By dave85iow
      Hi I've read through a post on this site from years ago and didn't get the information i was looking for. 
      I have a 2016 Lexus IS300H Executive edition with satnav. 
      I am trying to get mirror link to work, i have a comparable samsung model. Ive plugged the phone in and my phone screen says connected to mirror link device. The screen in the car does not have the option highlighted to start mirror link. 
      Is it possible to resolve this somehow? or why its not working? 
      Thanks this is my first post!
    • By br1anstorm
      I need the advice of experts and enthusiasts, in doing something which seems to swim against the tide.
      I have a 2002 IS300 Sportcross.  It comes with 17" wheels as standard, with fairly low-profile tyres:  215/45 R17 on the front, 225/45 R17 on the rear. The alloy wheels are scabby and corroded, and the current Michelin Premacy tyres are due for replacement.  So now is the moment!
      Most people who change wheels and tyres seem to want bigger wheels and even lower profile tyres.  Fair enough - for appearance and perhaps hard cornering.
      I want to go the other way.  I want to fit 16" wheels (I have a set) and deeper profile tyres.  The reason is mainly to improve the ride and reduce vulnerability to bad road surfaces, potholes, and the thumping of cats-eyes.....
      So this is where it gets complicated.  What tyres do I fit?  I want to change the rolling-radius as little as possible in order not to affect the speedo and odometer.  I also want decent quality tyres that aren't noisy, wear reasonably well and are good in the wet (I have Falkens on my 4WD and they are horrible when it's slippery).  I plan to put the same size tyres on all four wheels (I don't carry heavy loads in the Sportcross so can't see the justification for slightly wider wheels on the back).
      The brilliant guidance on the http://www.carbibles.com website includes a calculator for tyre-size options.  That appears to suggest that I could fit either 50-profile tyres:   215/50 R16 or 225/50 R16,  or if I wanted taller 55-profile ones, 205/55 R16 or 215/55 R16.
      So.... first question - what size/profile should I go for?  My instinct was to choose 215/55 R16 all round, but that's a really rare size (I can only find Kumho KH31 in that size).  The manufacturer alternative spec (and standard on the IS200 Sportcross) seems to be 205/55 R16.  What do others think?
      Second question..... what brand?  My shortlist is Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance, Dunlop Sport Blu Response, or maybe Hankook or Kumho.  I think Michelins are too costly (I'm not a high mileage driver), and Yokohamas and Bridgestones too soft and wear out quickly.  I have no knowledge of Uniroyal and little experience of Contis (except on an older Merc where they were OEM).
      Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated, especially from those in the trade!