Black Panther LC Concept

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Black Panther Inspired LC Concept by West Coast Customs


Fit for a Super Hero who is also a King, this vehicle is part Lexus Takumi craftsmanship, part Wakandan Vibranium engineering and all badass!

This concept vehicle incorporates (mythical) Vibranium into its very core to provide added boost.


Much like Black Panther’s uniform, the sheet metal of the Black Panther Inspired LC is reinforced with a layer of Vibranium weave, making the vehicle almost entirely bulletproof.

Lexus_Black_Panther_Inspired_LC_02_A2CB5A83256080CA03A4F27CE978ADFCACCCE61C_low (1)

Top-secret refinement processes also allow for a self-sustaining fueling component (Vibranium-powered core) that enhances the Black Panther Inspired LC’s driving dynamics.


  • Pulsating underbody glow
  • Side-view mirror design based on a panther’s claw with instinctual positioning technology to align with driver’s eyeline
  • Black Panther mask inlay on hood with Vibranium-powered core indicator nodes
  • Vibranium-infused self-healing paint treatment
  • Customised body-widening kit
  • System controlled by unique Wakandan B-CPU (Brain/Computer Interface) creating a symbiotic relationship between the vehicle and its driver
  • Remote Pilot Kimoyo Bead Interface allows the Black Panther Inspired LC to be driven remotely from control stations within Birnin Zana



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