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  2. I got the Primacy 4's on the advice of my local tyre centre Chris Mullins in Gloucester. I think they had only recently been launched at that time.
  3. Hello everyone! I try to find date of manufacture of my RX but i can`t find the manufacturer`s information plate, I was looking on the front pillars on the driver's side and passenger side, also under the bonnet, but I did not find such information there. I am asking for help where I can find the date of manufacture MM/YY
  4. To be honest mine were primacy 3's, so that could be a difference.... At the time I lived in a converted mill that sat in a little dip, everyone's cars was stuck and everyone was helping push out. I couldn't even get it out of the flat car park, and few people in disbelief had a go, and were like... Yep that cars s**t in the snow! Mazda 3. Switched to all season after that and it was fine, but wouldn't do traditional all season again, they were terrible in the rain.
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  7. You just hit the nail on the head Dutchie ! The minority are the best informed.
  8. I once owned a 3 series BMW touring and yes it was black as well.. I do fly a lot professionally and on several occasions when coming back to the airport i found myself trying to open a black 3 series that wasnt mine! Airport parkinglots are literally swamped with them. The car never felt like it was mine. Sold it after 2 years and the shiny white IS300H Fsport was always the only one in the parking. Such a difference.
  9. Denso hybrid blades are so very quiet and sweep much better than what my vehicle came with. I'll definitely buy them again.
  10. Last time I checked, light aircrafts used oil derived from mineral oil which is natural oil and to top it off have much higher viscosity. They don't use fully synthetic oils. Mineral oils start getting thick below zero. Fully synthetic oils don't. Any decent mechanic will tell you that a modern car doesn't have to be warmed more than 30 seconds. Cars nowadays even have rev limiters which go up the warmer the car gets nowadays
  11. I fitted the later engine upper cover on mine, an extra bracket and a few nuts to fit.
  12. Common knowledge or conjecture? Find me the engineering studies done by people with letters after their name that agree. Motor engineers who work for car manufacturers don't count. And explain to me why the aircraft industry in particular demands that engines are warmed thoroughly before any kind of take off is attempted. Because according to you it's possible to start the old Lycoming or some such piston engined helicopter from freezing cold and take off immediately. (And no doubt fall out of the sky soon after). I think the armed forces demand this too. Do they know less than vehicle manufacturers trying to "game" the fuel consumption figures? Am I too cynical? Or do you think it's simply because it doesn't matter if an engine fails on a car?
  13. initially i used to buy Lexus / Toyota wiper rubbers and they lasted very very well, about 3/4 years and 30/40k miles This last set lasted less than a year............ . and about £28 ? so the simple option was to have my indy, who has been looking after my Ls400s for 12 years now, use his own cheapo supplied wiper rubbers ..... about £8.50 at the last service in May ......... they are doing well and if they only last the year then that's fine by me I think buying the OEM from Lexus/Toyota just might be quite ancient stock to specifically fit my 1995 car Malc
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  15. It's fairly common knowledge nowadays that idling a car from cold to optimum temperature does more damage to the engine. Idling should be no more than 30 seconds, then it needs to be driven off as the oil has circulated around essential components in that time and will then warm up much quicker than being idled. Most automotive oils are synthetic and show resistance to thickening at even -40 degrees and the viscosity of oil in Lexus vehicles is usually 0W-20 Warming up a car is outdated and not recommended. It's even written in the manual. It goes back to an age when cars had carburettors.
  16. Because it helps the manufacturers give unrealistic figures for mpg on urban cycles. Not because it "helps the engine warm up quicker". The first few seconds of an engine start cause the most wear to your engine. You are worst case dragging oil at sub zero tempratures from the sump, it's usually thick enough in those conditions that there will be a degree of oil bypass in the oil filter, then you are sending the thick and turgid oil to everything else that is cold and expecting it to lubicate the lot immediately. Then you drive it away... Worst thing you can do. At least give the gearbox a chance to lube everything, and the engine oil a chance to reach the parts that need it's qualities. Lots of stuff on You Tube about what oil is like when it's cold. If you think after watching this that starting you car and driving away immediately from a cold start is ok, well you have more belief than I ever will. Anyway.. I thought the Hybrids started from stationary on battery and only started the motor when the extra grunt was required?
  17. The other issue is that usually the fuel pump sits in the tank. And it uses the fuel to self lube and cool itself. So there's always a "fudge factor" in the fuel gauge to try and stop people running the pump dry, wearing out everything in the process. Starting with the pump. It's not a "variable displacement" device with a controlled bleed to allow some fuel to return to the tank, it's a pump that pushes against a pressure setting system for the fuel injection. Basically you should never run a tank dry. No idea how easy it is (or isn't) to get to this pump if it fails on you through you trying to get the last mile from your fuel tank. And as for tank range, it's not an "active measuring" system is it? Doesn't it rely on the last journey type to estimate a range? So if you do a lot of motorway miles at 65mph average, it will tell you you have more range than if you spent the last tankfull crawling through central London at 13mpg or less. Just guessing here.
  18. Direct fit Denso blades for me from ECP when they have 50% off, works out at about £16 for the pair. Made in Japan.
  19. Yes it is the SD card slot for the maps.
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  21. If you have the Mark Levinson stereo it does. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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  23. I have IS250 2009 and just wondering if there’s any chance to play DVD on the screen. I’ve seen this on YouTube and would like to know if this feature is included in my car.
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  25. Ford GT seems to have done alright critically and commercialy? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  26. You don’t want an Audi , or a BMW , Mercedes , VW , they are just so common , when I am literally surrounded by them on the M25 I always ask , Why do people buy them , why do they all want the same ??
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