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  2. Any naturally aspirated car will feel gutless at low rpm. That’s not the point of them. People are getting too used to heavy torque turbos with lunch low down the range. Also, the rcf has different gear box settings depending on mode and any proper reviews show in sport and sport plus the gear change is a lot sharper. Sadly most who speak about cars on pistonheads have rarely driven the cars they are speaking about.
  3. You need to get the error code(s) read to determine the cause of the issue. There are multiple causes for those lights to come on. Resetting the errors without fixing the issue will only result in the lights coming back on again.
  4. Stretched/worn chain is the main cause, stretches beyond the tensioner adjustment can compensate for.
  5. It seems whoever has been behind the article.... well.. he has weird opinions... or say preferences.. To start with... I cannot believe 79kg makes any bloody difference in the car as heavy as RC-F. If RC-F would be 790kg.. then I guess 10% weight reduction would be felt... Secondly, isn't RC-F Carbon already has all the bits in carbon, less the wing? Surely, wing just adds couple of kg as far as weight is concerned. So how track edition differs from current carbon? Is it 79kg lighter compared to standard RC-F?! because if so that only makes 39kg when compared with carbon... .. besides I am confused how he measures passenger weight - surely average amurican is at least 150kg. Then whole thing about PS4s and Cup2s... who in their right mind fits Cup2s on street car? Even though it is called "Track edition" I am sure nobody going to drive it on the track, except occasionally, Lexus RC is still primarily GT car... what king of b*** he is talking about.. perhaps he is comparing it agaist something like Porsche GT3 or BMW M4 GTS... I know it kind of "looks like", but clearly it isn't comparable to those case... or actually it is in the sense that you have to pay much more for the car which is basically worse version of the same... Overall... I don't see how the new version could be better then the current one. I mean surely - Lexus had 4 years to make minor adjustments here and there, but how does that make it from arguably "car-press most hated performance car" into something now "able to compete with M4", still basically the same car. It is rather always been good, but only now people starting to realise reliability and build quality matters, start looking into RC-F with different priorities.. not only 0.1s difference 0-60 on paper and 0.2s difference around the tracks...
  6. Yes two people have posted both ex RCF owners. I need to do an actual test this week to try and replicate this situation.
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  8. Never had much interest,I'd be happy to meet you there though.
  9. The grey plastic wings on the console on mine started rattling last year, worse when hot, maybe try pinching them when driving, or the front door window switch pack were terrible in mine. Last thought I ended up putting some felt tape between the small plastic moulding where the glovebox meets the centre console, maybe press around there while it's happening as well. I'll second what Colin says as well. I can't believe where my hearing made me think rattles were coming from to where they actually were. I was convinced for 2 years the steering shroud or dial trim was rattling, turned out to be the lower driver's knee roll by the airbag. Think I must have got a Friday car, 2nd worst car I've ever owned for rattles!
  10. I know this. And they didn't give me the advice, it was the store assistant who phoned them! Anyhoo, it appears that Halfords Queens Road Sheffield is to be avoided. As is any contact with Halfords Business Services.
  11. buying my new battery in January at the local Toyota main dealer and they gave me 30% discount without my even asking .............. and fitted it for free maybe it was the sympathy card I played .............. wielding my walking stick not sure the Halfords / LOC card would have worked out any better tbh Malc
  12. I specifically had experience (.. short.. you can find below) with ES F-sport + Takumi Pack... I cannot imagine it could be worse then that.. Cheap plastic all over... it is awful. I understand that ES Takumi non f-sport are little bit more decent with at least some material instead of plastic. Otherwise, IS Takumi is another option... I really don't understand why anyone would want to buy Toyota ES F-sport +takumi pack for £40k+... wait... did I say Toyota... yes actually that is about right. It is not worthy to have Lexus badge.
  13. Owners? A lot of confusion is maybe caused by the gearbox. Its too tall. 8 gears but 100 in 3rd means you only get to use 2nd and 3rd when going quick. Its not gutless then. But yes, foot down at 1500 revs in 8th gear it is. Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
  14. Michelin Cross Climate has been a favourite of honestjohn for a long time. However. they are now number 3 in the list.
  15. The VSC and VSC OFF indicators lit up when the car was started a few days ago and stopped when I replaced the petrol cap tightly. A few days ago the engine warning icon showed followed by the two VSC indicators. They all stay on when the car's driven. I see there are methods of shorting ODB2 contacts that could overcome this but has anyone cured this problem on a 55 reg SC430?
  16. It is weird because it is a common issue on the 350's but no one solved this issue or report to solved it. Indeed this error or the 0016 appears only in stop and go traffic.
  17. For the price of the cars - yes it is affordable, for the price of the mods... not it is not. Lexus is pretty bad choice if you want to modify. Decent set of coilovers will set you back as much as the car itself, even ARB is like £700. In US it makes sense for them to pay $900 for the ARB or $4000 for coilovers, because 2006 IS250 is still ~$12000 there, here is just not economical. I think for IS250 the bigger issues is not stiffness, but roll. That is especially true if you get some nice and sticky modern tyres... car just rolls into the corner. That is why I would look into ARB options first. But then where do you draw the line... Do you really think that you going to fit ARB and that is all the car needs?! Let's you pay £4000 for decent example, £700 for ARB, £600 for decent set of tyres, £500 for wheels and £2400 for coilovers... Now it would make sense to go for IS/GS350 brakes, that is another £600... all in all £8800 and car is still going to be just as slow and now it is worth even less then you started with.. then it is time for SS exhaust (cannot believe it would be in good shape on 2006 car) and F-sport intake, poly-bushings and you already in IS-F price range. Maybe better choice to go straight for IS-F which on the good day can be had for £10-12k? I understand it seems like I am trying to talk you into some kind of fraud here, but the fact is that - when it comes to modifying, there are no cheap mods on Lexus and no mods improves the car in any major way. That is the reason why people who want ~middle ground sporty cars goes for say BMW 335i or 330i, for Lexus is either everything or nothing.
  18. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  19. Take a look here which may also help: Worth checking all your fuses if you have multiple issues - not only the fuses boxes in the cabin but also in the engine bay.
  20. My partner just got a used 2016 NX FSport Sonic Titanium, mainly for her though. We went with an FSport model as she loved the styling over the standard one. The FSport is slightly more fun in the corners and holds the road better, but ride is a little on the hard side for me, but never uncomfortable, and not much harder than the standard. The hard ride isn't really noticeable in the back, which is a nice design from Lexus by tuning rear suspension more for comfort. I will definitely go for the Cross Climate tyres when it's time to replace the standard rock hard Yokohamas. She also insisted that we go with an older model that has the rotary controller for the infotainment system, as it is so much easier to use when on the move. Lexus please ditch the touch pad, it's just rubbish on the move. Also, tyre noise coming through the cabin is surprisingly loud, and for me it does feel under-powered compared to my IS300h. I've made another post about this, but the NX really needs 250 horsepower to be fun and unlock the potential of the chassis, it just makes no sense to me that a car heavier than the IS300h has less power. I was pondering a UX for a time, but slightly out of our price range new, and the boot is a joke, way too small. Also, leg room is crap too. It's essentially a CT replacement. The NX is the perfect size for a small family, UX is just for couples. One thing to look out for though. I recently took a look under the bottom rear of the car, and to my surprise found an alarming amount of corrosion/rust, so will call the dealership to see how much of a problem this is, I'm praying it's just benign surface rust. Seeing as yours is also new, I'd have a good look under the vehicle to inspect for rust.
  21. If you drive with the glovebox open does the sound go away? Definitely try some silicone spray or Gummi Pflege on the passenger door seals. Noises have a habit of appearing to come from somewhere completely different to where the noise is actually being made.
  22. The EGR cooler has a matrix that looks like it could easily crack and let exhaust gas into the coolant. See bottom right. A head gasket can fail just between a cylinder and a water passage and therefore you will have no affect on the oil.
  23. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  24. The dorr seals noise that sounds like the seatbelt mech is great info. Thank you. I have a rattle that sounds as if it's coming from the glovebox. I've tried everything and cannot get rid of it. Any ideas welcome as it's spoiling an otherwise excellent car
  25. It has never been related to the fuel cap, that would produce a completely different error code. One person received a CEL once which was fuel cap related and now people think that is the only reason a CEL will come on, when in fact there are hundreds of different error codes that can trigger that light.
  26. I'll wait until someone Chris Harris gets hold of one and reviews it as I consider his opinion to be far more relevant. His initial review of the RCF on track then on the road finally convinced me to buy an RCF. Not for it's track work anyone knows it's way too heavy but for how it performs as a road car. I still think at this moment in time Lexus have not done enough to the Track Edition to turn it into a decent track car perhaps they should have called it something else. I still say for the price which I expect will be over £85K for those not worshipping the God of PCP would be far better off buying a late high spec RCF for say £40K then spend £25K on a decent track day car and afford to run them both for a few years and still have change. I have been replying to a thread on Pistonheads about someones possible purchase of an RCF and I not sure if it's me or my car but I almost get the impression my experience of the RCF must be of a completely different car. I've noticed a few people saying it is gutless in what must be standard driving mode but I haven't noticed that in mine when say wafting along at 50 when I put my foot down it goes in a way I don't find gutless.
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