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  2. Nicholas Parsons was born there too , and his father was the local doctor who it is said may well have delivered the baby Thatcher, and that baby then blighted our lives for a decade and more.
  3. Mine was in with Lexus Chester last week for warranty work. They wanted permission to download the ecu data for Lexus to use for product improvement work. Seems they want mpg data etc on the 2.5l engine. Mine is not showing as needing the recall. 2015 IS300h advance 40,000 miles. Could this be the “recall”? Paul.
  4. It is normal for the car to sink overnight - his means there is an air leak which can only get worse - had mine 7 years and it does not sink, nor do I notice any difference in ride height - the compressor comes on occasionally - hope this helps
  5. None needed I believe. The caliper pistons just push back in on the RX along with most other Lexus vehicles. You may need to slacken off the parking brake shoes. This is done with a flat bladed screw driver through a hole "with rubber bung" in the outside face of the drum against a toothed wheel adjuster if you wish to check the parking brake shoes or change the disks. John.
  6. Not bad, but something I will not do. I prefer to keep my car looking as original as possible. This is probably because of my age, and see no sense in raising my insurance for the sake of aesthetic boy racer modifications. I do not mind adding face lift parts that will not attract attention, but rather functionality. I will leave body kits to those that have the spare money, and an eye for such things. John.
  7. Thanks Colin, I could give that a crack. It's got slightly 'bowed' over the years so it might be worth me splashing out on a new one but ill give it a crack. The tape connector idea for the iPhone worked though, I got an Arsvita unit for about 6 quid and seem great!.
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  9. Hi Ken, I’m glad to hear the switch in the glovebox fixed your problem, I just wish the fault on mine was as simple to resolve. If I get chance at the weekend I’m going to remove the PBD lock assembly, then get the multimeter out to check the motor and switches. I’m thinking that the sequence of operation is that the lock opens first, then the lift motor operates to open the back door. Perhaps the motor / switch has failed or the gearing is out or alignment?
  10. Interesting write up nevertheless. In a nutshell it is about the development of the petrol engine over the past decade. 8 to 6 to 4 to even 3 and 2 cylinders with turbos added on all to reduce emissions. Gearboxes that shift up at 2000rpm etc. All well if you slowboat around town but sometimes in realworld driving it doesnt add up. My 250 was great and the only gripe i had was that it was a bit weak below 4000rpm ( and too small and brakes not strong enough ), my 300H in real world driving was wonderful especially the combination of instant torque from the battery and the CVT gearbox in town driving, always the right gear, a very destressing experience. i never drove a 200t but my BMW 320 was a 4 pot turbo automatic that drove me nuts. Try to enter a roundabout, floor the throttle, wait 2 seconds before the turbo spools up then the gearbox shifts down 3 or 4 gears and the moment is gone, And yes petrolconsumption was horrible. I somehow think a 300h would have been e better motor for you Linas, great gearbox instant pull from standstill and good fuelconsumption. I do agree with you on the looks i find it drop dead georgeos. The IS starts to show its age but the RC still looks exotic in its own right. In the right color Red or Blue it just melts all other cars around it, the only car you see is the RC, it is just beautiful. And Linas you have won the politician of the year award! After years of bashing the 200t trashy car that makes you feel sick when driving it you bought one!
  11. UPDATE: So i purchased a new battery from Lexus which they also fitted and start up issue solved. Starts without any hesitation. Thank you to everyone for your help.
  12. Thanks for that, I'll check mine when the weather warms up a bit.
  13. I have had a ballast go on my headlight - it went suddenly from working to dead - to replace you need to remove headlight and bumper to access it as it’s located under the headlight
  14. Silly question but have you got a lock button by any chance,and mistakenly pressed it so all the other windows are locked
  15. Hi there I'm looking at getting a crown on Saturday hows yours been? This one I'm looking at is very very clean from what I've seen and the RAC inspection I've had done. There might be a weeping seal on the diff and they think its had the doors repainted down 1 side. There isn't any service history other than the stickers. What you guys think? Cheers
  16. For sale: Lexus IS300 Sportcross Automatic Green Item Condition:In good condition outside and excellent condition inside. Slight crack in plastic of rear bumper and slight paint discolouration on rear passenger door. Refurbished Alloys Price and price conditions:Auction Ebay - Extra Info: Full Service History 81,000+ miles Will come with 12 months MOT Last MOT passed with NO advisories Drives perfectly - very smooth Extremely reliable Lexus Rare car I've owned this car for 5+ years never missed a beat! Features 211 BHP 3.0 Straight Six Engine Variable Valve Timing 5 Speed Automatic Gearbox Metallic Green Paint Air Conditioning - Fully Working Climate Control Rear Parking Sensors Power Steering Electric Windows Electric/Heated Seats Cruise Control Electric/Heated Folding Door Mirrors Electric Sunroof Radio/CD Player/Bluetooth Connectivity Biege Leather Interior Alloys - Recently refurbished Tyres - Recently replaced Stainless Steel exhaust Glass tinted windows Rear cargo mat Full toolkit and full size Spare Alloy/Tyre Recent Maintenance New Tyres Bridgestone x 4 New Koni Yellow Adjustable Shock Absorbers New H&R Springs New EBC Brakes Front & Rear including EBC Yellow Pads New Battery Dinitrol Undersealed for Additional Protection Pictures: Contact Details:Contact me via the Forum please or via the e-bay add Location:Wokingham, Berkshire, UK Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:Collection Only Link to Advert:
  17. Absolutely correct Saville also ran poignantly the under the bedclothes club. I was very sad the day Luxembourg stopped it's English transmissions. Nothing has successfully replaced it including radio one. John.
  18. Thanks for the reply folks. I started with Wikipedia but it doesn't really give details of the full specs of the cars. I've seen ls600h advertised as Ls600h Ls600h SE Ls600h L Ls600h SEL But from the advertised spec I can't work out the specific differences and if they affect the price being asked for the cars. I was thinking of trying to get a hold of some 2007 onwards UK sales literature which might give more details.
  19. I’m not certain because of the private plate, but MOT mileages match my 2011 ISF until I sold it in 2018 with 13.6k on the clock. If it is then the colour is F sport white, which is just a metallic white, not the arctic pearlescent. The mileage on my ISF was one of the lowest on this forum at the time, so it’s interesting to see how a low mileage one is holding its value. Certainly bodes well for future residuals - perhaps I should have held on to it 🙄😂
  20. I have recently changed mine on a 2009 RX450h with 82,000. After buying the car I was disappointed by the bouncing over bumps and pot holes. I replaced the shocks with standard shocks from Lexus parts direct, £55.20 each + £50 to fit by my local garage. I think the ride is a bit better but not great. Fine on flattish roads, if the car is loaded up it also rides very well. On poor local roads, I still notice the bouncing, but not quite as bad as it was.
  21. The yokohama's are dangerous in the wet. I ended up with some back on my car when the mitchelin cross-climates were not available. Regretting it now.
  22. There are aftermarket kits available to increase the height of car seats, some are also adjustable. They are installed between the seat runners and the floor mountings. A quick Google should throw up some candidates. An awful lot cheaper that a replacement seat...
  23. This is a very important, and often overlooked, point. If only the YouTube comments section was so reasonable 🤣
  24. Lovely motor and worth every penny.
  25. Hi Thomas Here a couple of pointers: Cut out the music Try to find a quieter place to film Make sure camera is in focus at all times Use a tripod where possible - I see a lot of camera wobble Have a look at Car Wow videos Hope this helps
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