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  2. I’m not waiting this time. Lol, last time I waited I got lost 😂🤣
  3. Luigi add couple more photos, your interior sounds expensive, we want to see it! 🙂 Cheers!
  4. EML light back on, same two codes, P0420 & P0430, time to get it checked - just a little afraid of Lexus prices, not sure of the alternatives, any ideas anyone?
  5. Yeah, this all harks back to the 80s, plenty of cars were getting stolen , you didn't even need to smash a window, I think Ford Escorts were a big target, but I do remember Vauxhall Astra's were as a mate of mine had 2 Astra GTEs, the 2nd replace the 1st after it was stolen, after the 2nd one was stolen he switched to something else. We actually broke into his car whilst he was sat in it, you only needed a piece of that plastic parcel banding with a notch cut into it. You fed it down the side of the window from the outside, fished about and you could pull up the lock mechanism the same as if you were in the car and pulled up the lock at the top of the door as most of them were back then, nowadays its usually on the same position as the internal door handle. We tried this when it was reported that Astras were easy to get into, turns out they were. This is why may people had Crooklocks on their steering wheels etc. Nowadays, most cars have deadlocks, the 1st lock actually locks the door, the 2nd disconnects the mechanism form the actual lock which is shrouded in metal to prevent tampering. Many cars also have immobilisers so you can't 'hot-wire' them by simply shorting the starter motor wires. Vince
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  7. When you lock the doors yes unless you've left a reading light on. In which case it will stay on until the car detects low battery and then everything will turn off.
  8. Sounds like a car just used now and again to run down to Tesco Express. So the paintwork probably not too bad, and interior looks pretty good, just sounds like a bit of work cash would get it back to roadworthy.
  9. Why complicate matters Rich? Just do what the Handbook says? Problem solved.
  10. Thank you for your responses guys 🙂 I'm after 17" wheels for comfort reasons with an offset which is more out as currently the Lexus mk2 GS optional OZ wheels ET45 are too sunk in for me 😎 I have attached the pic of the wheel. I don't want to use spacers. DHP with ET40 would mean they are slightly more out and look great too. Anyone recommend any straight fit 5x114.3 17" wheels with a minimum ET40? Thanks
  11. mikejt

    Update Is 300h F sport Nav 2018

    Just updated with this from eBay - it works OK
  12. That's almost as good as finding the Jlaw pics
  13. Stegabyte

    Newbie - Help Required

    Ollies Grandad, Thanks for that. I have a 3hour 20 minute drive (there AND back) today - I will try that. S
  14. 300ZX was my first true Japanese performance car. Bought a U.K. model in red at 19yrs old. Cost me my whole pay cheque each month to cover the insurance and fuel! Lol. 😂😂😂 Loved it though. Was a T-bar model as well, so roofs out in the summer was wicked fun. Also had a nice MR2 G-Limited auto, a Nissan Sunny 1.6 ZX Coupe, Impreza WRX Classic, Altezza which was also rare, tuned by Yamaha like the IS F. Love my Japanese cars, each for different reasons. 😎
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  16. May have to settle for a SE instead. Don't really need some of the extras that I had in my previous SEL. Any fitted a android unit as a replacement for the standard stereo?
  17. Thanks for that Steve. I'll mesg you to let you know the days I'm free to see if we can sort something out.
  18. Good find Paul, I was thinking about this vid tonight. Funny that the points Clarkson makes fun of (the gearbox and exhausts tips) are totally normal these days. I think he was being overly harsh as the ISF was way ahead of its time. Still enjoy watching it, even if I should have bought the M3 lol.
  19. steve2006

    Shaking engine IS 220D

    I was also thinking CPS, on a petrol engine this would cause a non runner but with a compression engine the engine will continue to run even with a faulty CPS. The sensors are also prone to thermal failing i.e. the signal is lost or corrupted once it is warmed by engine heat but return to normal operation once cooled down again.
  20. What this link doesn't show is that there is black plastic clip which you need to actually attach the washer jet cap, to washer jet. I had lost mine in similar circumstances and then shop fixing my car ordered and fitted it ~£19 for colour coded (CO in the end is the code) part from Lexus (not sure if this is with or without VAT). However, they didn't order the black plastic clip and simply stuck it in the bumper - in result the first time I accidentally used headlight washers (as I otherwise never ever had any reason to use them), the caps simply flew off. Now I got back to the same shop to order me some more and this time attach them to something ...
  21. Have test driven two now. I like this car. Its the obvious choice for me. I've bemoaned the lack of big, robust (relatively uncomplicated) Japanese cars that have been on the market but have pretty much missed a sitter here! The GS250 is very much 'Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia' mans car. Big, comfy, well equipped, brisk if not fast and reasonably priced 2nd hand. Should be very reliable over time and unlike the German badged cars won't cost an arm and a leg to run. There's really not a lot else like it on the market is there? Save the impending Camry. Just a question of finding the right one now.
  22. Big Rat

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    @gdh300 That’s my bedtime reading sorted then 😂 🐀
  23. @NemesisUK Peter your imoji looks like he has cooked breakfast indigestion 🤢 🐀
  24. @B1 RMA Yep they have been featured on here a few times not that that matters I’m happy to watch dirty I mean car videos made as well as this over...... and over.......and over....... Big Rat
  25. Her she is at the pit stop in IOM
  26. Ala Larj

    Lexus Lincoln

    That depends on whether they phone me back about the relays!
  27. colin79666

    Fuel Tank Capacity / Cruising Range

    Standard. On US forums some people have done over 100 miles with the fuel light on (not the gauge shows R not E). Most I ever got in a CT was 35 litres and that was about 20 miles with the fuel light on.
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