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  2. Btw these cases I am presenting are real ones. Not made up. If you guys have simple clean way of doing things, does not mean everyone does the same.
  3. juicestop

    My IS250 F-Sport

    A quick question if I may. I've also bought a set of refurbished Hoshi alloys, not fitted yet, and will be using them for summer tyres, retaining the 17" alloys for winter tyres. I see you have Pirelli Sottozero 3, which is what I was considering, especially now as winter tyres are cheaper to buy during summer. So my question is how are they on the IS250 in the snow/ice and general performance at 7C degrees or less. Thanks in advance.
  4. Really? What a step back. I was really pleased to see Lexus had thought of the problem when I got mine.
  5. Ahhhh The Stein Inn, yes had many a pint in there or out on the loch side. Still run by Angus and Theresa, quite a grumpy landlord. This time we stayed at one of the holiday cottages they own not far from the pub. From the pub you can see a old house called Loch Bay Boat House, once owned by the 60's singer Donovan. Once George Harrison came to visit him (there is a picture of him on their site) and the whole area seems quite magical. The restaurant now has a Michelin star and would love to have gone but was a bit pricey for a family. Instead fish and chips in Portree were fab! It was a pleasure to drive my LS on the Island, such a fab car. The midges by the last two days were getting a bit bothersome......
  6. steve2006

    Increasing adverts on LOC?

    There seems to be more adverts everywhere especially on commercial TV channels now it’s been increased to 12 minutes an hour plus on top of this the sponsorship and promos. Anyway back to shaving......
  7. Equally impressive is the fact that, I believe they (Toyota/Lexus) do all their carbon work in-house (most manufacturers outsource this type of thing to a specialist) and pretty-much leaned "on the job" to build the LF-A. Scrapping the original design (made of "lesser" materials like aluminium etc) in the process.
  8. In the 16 days I've owned my car I've averaged over 35mpg in 907 miles according to my phone app. This is measured tankful to tankful. This is my 3rd lexus since October 2016 so I'm used to driving hybrid. My 2015 gs300h averaged over 44mpg over 27000 miles. Driving a hybrid is totally different to a conventional car. Watch the Lexus YouTube video that will help.
  9. did u buy the whole package or just a week or more access?
  10. Plug in Prius exists. That battery I bet will see it’s way into a Camry and Lexus at some stage. Me, I’m a dinosaur I just want petrol powered rwd saloons with a nice north south mounted engine and reliability inbuilt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. If you mean a miniVCI cable then you must be trying to use it with Techstream. If it doesn't want to talk to the car then it's most likely a driver issue between VCI cable and laptop rather than anything else because Techstream should work for most, if not all models of car.
  12. There is difference in driving 'feel' but I wouldn't want to say which is better. One becomes used to either and to be fair, in day to day driving makes little difference IMHO
  13. olliesgrandad

    My Lexus Portal

    Have got the app this week and all of car's history is there.
  14. Jondun

    New LC500 Sport+

    Thanks for clarifying the drive mode and cruise switch layout, that's very reassuring. My brief test drive was about this time last year in awful weather and with the salesman sat next to me. I don't remember using the cruise control but I did try the different drive modes and agree that the control knob was very easy to use. However, like you, I found the touchpad all but unusable on the move and that's what I was referring to in my previous post when comparing it with BMW's idrive system. I suspect you're right about the unlikelihood of BMW offering any discount on the 8 when it goes on sale but I'm not in any great hurry as my 640i is less than two years old, so I might wait another year and see if there's any change in policy. My current car was discounted by £16k, which makes the depreciation slightly less eye watering - another point in the LC's favour. If only I could find a Porsche with more comfortable seats, the decision would have been made ages ago.
  15. just over 207,500 miles now on returning from Yorkshire trip Malc
  16. Phoned them today but its sold.
  17. @Comedian Sean plied her with Chardonnay and Pizza..........your forgiven now...... I'll send you the bill........what's tonite 'Cranwell big screen movie incidentally ? 🐀
  18. Ankit24

    New Tyres for NX300h F Sport

    Yep been on the car for the past few days
  19. Hello.... Yes I have spoken to him and he seems to be the sort of guy that I would like to work on my car..... I am trying to contact him and arrange to get the work done.... I will let you know how I go on.. In the meantime, as usual,thanks to you all...................................... Roy.
  20. Mine same too it's 1 Sept 2009 registered, I got dvd installed. could it be that previous owner had it updated????? 🤔
  21. Linas.P

    High speed cornering

    Interestingly this just came out: Quite relevant to the tread, first of all the comparing under-powered car, which is basically what IS300h is and the several different width of the tyres. Now obviously he uses 18" as a reference, but my take from the video and why I think it is relevant - is the balance. Square vs. Staggered and as you can see on dry that is what matters (that is what I said previously was an issue with RT2's). Goodyear Eagle f1 Asymmetric 3 is basically the same tyre as RT2, it is sister brand, it is same HP tyre, same ratings, same soft side walls (that is to make walls thin and light for better fuel economy). Anyway, my point was that key to your issue was lack of balance in high speed corners (just my opinion on the issue).
  22. sorcerer

    Starting battery

    Yep. I've driven nothing but automatics for the last 30 years so I always carry a set of jump leads, which is great unless there's no other cars around to get the jump from, which is why I bought this little gadget. And as a bonus, you can use it for other things besides just the car.
  23. NemesisUK

    Derestricted RCF

    Someone with Techstream should be able to find out, see if there's an option to remove it. Is the RC-F limited in all regions?
  24. Hi mate, I opted for the copper grease. As you said, it’s better at preventing seizing. I just put a small amount on the valve making sure every groove on the thread was filled with it. Put caps on wiped away any excess, only a small amount. Jobs a gooden. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Really sorry to hear of your predicament and hope you get sorted, cheers, Roger
  26. Newbie1

    Wafting along

    New ARB bushes and drop links for my LS reduced body roll markedly and also made the suspension much more compliant. Noticeable in the back seat even more so.
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