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  2. I rest my case m’lord!!😁👍 Pete
  3. The brake pads fitted on the side facing the underside of the car have a pin facing the rotor. When the pads reach their wear limit, the pin is rubbing against the rotor so you know it is time to change the brake pads. Remove the wheel and the brake pads to inspect them. Chris.
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  5. Just a reminder for those of us that have been able to defer the due date for MOT's due to the 'C' virus. The period of grace ends on 31st July so testing stations may be busy around this time if you have not arranged for this to be done yet where appropriate.
  6. NX450h+ uses the same power train. Release 2021
  7. I used a Meguiars kit off eBay. Twenty odd quid but works well.
  8. Hello there does anyone know if the wing mirror casing on the GS pre and post facelift are one or two piece housing.
  9. All batteries recover a little of there charge when used discharged. When you first go to get in your car as you approach the brake booster pump comes on to bring up the brake pressure. you then open the door the locks opening, and then put you foot on the brake bringing on the brake lights, and press the start button to boot the computers. All this uses the battery. If the voltage is to low the car refuses to go to ready mode. Leaving the car the battery recovers a little, and returning a short while later the brakes are already pressurised, and the battery has enough voltage to get to ready mode. John.
  10. NX300h 2015 & 2016 has very comfortable suspension, sport version is stiff, but don't know about Rav
  11. I can confirm that even when it's not secured properly my spare wheel doesn't interfere with the boot cover. Have you got it in the car with the outer face of the space-saver pointing to the rear and is it fully down in the cut out for it? There is a securing bracket that can be obtained to hold it in place or the floor mat can be cut and reshaped to hold it firm too. Bob did a good tutorial on it. Link below + bracket + the real cover image. I can't say I've noticed a great deal of glare from the dash in the setting sun. Perhaps someone has used some 'back to black' or polish on it that could be cleaned off. If it's a permanent sheen and very annoying I have seen a flock finish style dash mat product that can be applied to the top of the dash. I'm sure that would cure the glare but not sure if it's available for the rhd model.. If cut to shape neatly and fixed lightly with double sided tape that might be a solution without harming the original dash fabric.
  12. I’m not sure if the pin plug connectors are the same Steve cheers .
  13. I have this but sounds like driver side suspension or loose brake calliper?
  14. They’ve cleaned up very nicely with alloy wheel cleaner. Got all the old stick on balance weights off with a plastic trim tool and the sticky residue with tar remover. An all over coat of wheel wax has them looking 95% just the odd paint chips which I may touch up. Also picked up a pair of Pirelli P Zero 245/45/18 (100Y) tyres almost new with 6.5mm even tread remaining so just got to buy another pair.
  15. OK another update. After contacting the company regarding my mismatched leather colour match I have received a reply from them. They have agreed to do another match for me and supply the colourant free of charge. To try and make sure it is right this time I have posted them the complete front headrest as it is much larger than the sample sent previously and it has been evenly exposed to the sun and heat over the life of the car so should give a more accurate colour match. Sent it well packaged and insured by RM Special Delivery so another £11.00 but didn’t fancy it going AWOL, the company have confirmed delivery and also that the correct colourant should be with me along with the headrest later this week....I hope.
  16. Fine with me, thank you for making such a kind offer to members.
  17. Worked for me Sent from my Mi MIX 2S using Tapatalk
  18. My 285's were just a motorway explosion waiting to happen. A visual line of deep scoring around the entire tyre. My tyre place did not recommend stretching btw.
  19. After market tpms seems so much easier and you can tell which tyre IS low, rather than one of your tyres MIGHT be low. I have tpms on a 2016 car so will have to pay up when that fails!
  20. I’m impressed with mine🤷‍♂️ but that’s probably as it’s my first car with built in satnav,but we’ve been to a few places already in it and it’s been spot on,tested it against google maps on my phone. its just this voice thing I need to work out and set up.
  21. Hi..Just bought 2006 Gen 2 IS 250 with only 22k miles from new...any things I should be looking for a due for service next week..??? Any help would be appreciated..cheers
  22. Hi my first port of call would be to get the front wheels balanced ;as that can cause similar problems .The front tyres and wheel alignment can also contribute ,hopefully any wear in linkages will be picked up by a full alignment .I would recommend using a knowledgeable independent with a Hunter machine to set up the alignment ;web site Align my car will have details of feedback and recommendations.There are a lot of tyre places out there with ' all the gear and no idea' so its worth taking time to research Dave
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