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  2. Parking tickets

    and Much to the satisfaction of its customers, the supermarket where I habitually shop, like others in the same chain, has made its parking spaces wider, not by increasing the individual areas but by adding a 45cm-wide "no-man's" strip between each. Problems related to long and thick coupé doors and the fear of potentially clumsy neighbours are therefore significantly lessened. The extra distance not unexpectedly encourages people to steer their trolleys between cars despite the presence of dedicated trolley-lanes at 8-car intervals, but the increased risk of scratches can be avoided if you park along the car-park's walled perimeter. Clearly the supermarket considers reduced total parking capacity less important than customer-friendliness, which would never be the case with commercially-run equivalents. The intent also extends to polite attendants who double as security guards, which is another comparative rarity in respect of public car-parks where surliness usually prevails.
  3. Mr

    Hi Han Welcome to the LOC I can't offer any advice on the conversion but a quick google did turn up this link regarding the spedometer, they offer dial-conversion kits. They're based in Leeds so are fairly northern. Might be worth a call to enquire, perhaps they would be able to suggest companies to do the conversion work. I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to get UK maps for your NAV system but I would imagine the SD card would need to be for the specific model of your sat nav as I believe they are not the same worldwide (I believe the US uses different hardware to the UK for example)
  4. PDF manual

    I think 2008 is the furthest back they go on the portal
  5. Few LS460 questions.

    Post number one is of a left hand drive vehicle.
  6. Washing

    I wish I could just sit in the chair and watch her indoors polish the car,
  7. Tailgate noise!

    Mine also makes a whirring noise when closing, i guessed this was normal, even when i was at the dealership they didn't comment on it.
  8. Today
  9. pay a deposit of something you have not seen? if it's as good as his says then he'll have no problem getting rid of it will he? paul m.
  10. I've had it happen with springs on other cars. Don't fit, or fit badly and make noise, or the spring rates wrong so car's ride and handling changes...unless Toyota want to ruin me I'll be replacing with OEM to avoid hassle.
  11. When I bought the car (just over a year ago) it didn't have a DVD remote with it, I haven't been bothered in the past; but intend using the DVD player for longer journeys soon. Does anyone know which one I need for that model? I found this but not sure if it will work:
  12. Chipsaway

    Someone I know was quoted £120 for quite a small scratch. I've been quoted £220 for a 2 inch scratch and dent on an A pillar. Both of these were for indoor repairs, possibly with access to a courtesy car - the good franchises won't do outdoor repairs.
  13. Andy, If you still own the Lexus, what did you finally do about this situation which is a blunder I've just fallen foul of? Did you use the Car for Offroading??? LOL Did you change the Springs
  14. Fairly easy job to remove the seat and put it back again.. plus you only need to remove the bench to fish the seatbelt out, not the back of the seat. It'll need to be done, as it won't pass an MOT if it's not accessible
  15. Jump leads: which size?

    You really don't want that to happen. As stated above you shouldn't leave the vehicle for months without charging up the hybrid battery every couple of months. The battery charge indicator in the vehicle isn't the true state of charge - there is quite a bit more in reserve - so it isn't a problem in normal situations.
  16. There isn't a specific one for ML - it is contained within the standard owners manual and Premium Nav manual.
  17. +1 to that. This pic gives you an idea of it Give it a good squirt of WD40 or Plus Gas and let it soak in a bit. I was pleasantly surprised to find it came undone quite easily. You can always use an Allen key one side and add some assistance of Mole Grips or Stillson's Wrench on the other (that is assuming you are replacing the pin...if not go easy with Stillson's or put a bit of protection over the jaws, but you can always wet and dry the surface of the pin if needed).
  18. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    After having a discussion with my friend who works as a mechanic in Listers Toyota, i have decided not to go ahead with the planned £189 donation to Lexus Going by the old saying: want something done properly- do it yourself. Yes i cannot overlook the savings as the Dexron II atf will cost £50 max, but i'm more concerned about controversial information given by the different dealers.. Most likely the problem lies in the fact, that in big dealerships you are never allowed to speak directly to the mechanic.. there is always a middleman who's very good at milking £££ out of you, but often has no clue about the brickworks. Who wouldn't prefer it to be the other way around? Still going in for an airbag recall tomorrow and encourage all fellow SC430 owners to ensure yours have been done too.
  19. have a Moto E and have same problem, turn radio off and you get to hear your call
  20. Sounds more like the service I used to receive from BMW. Pretty disappointing to hear that Porsche can also treat you like that as well.
  21. Best of luck with your search, epic car. The front wheels on the Black 09 plate are on the wrong way round!! A common mistake.
  22. The F sport white ISF with 13.5k on the clock is my old car & I agree, which is one of the main reasons why I was so tempted by such a good trade in value.
  23. Hello there Gymsey, I have same problems for years now and I was annoyed at the beginning by the fact that I need to stretch all over the car inside and open doors manually. After a while I got used and lately doesn't bother my anymore but I actually prefer that way as it is more safe! I had my Lexus is220d 08 for service in Lexus garage a few months back and I asked about this door locking issue to look into it. Seems to be issues with the actuators doors locking that does not respond anymore hence the 5-6 times sound and flashing you hear and see every time you open the driver door. Same happen with is not a setting trick as I also believed so for long time. If it was setting option it will not do this clicking for 5-6 times! It is definitely the door close actuators and could be at one or more doors! It is not big money to replace those actuators but my concern is that all do it panels needs to be opened and loads of plastic screws may get broken so solving one issue degenerate in others as you may fix door locking system but end up with door panels rattling while driving, after!! It'll be pity this to happen in such a quiet cabin environment that Lexus have 😋 Like I said it doesn't bother me anymore for long time now. If needs to open more than one door( driver) I'll just long press key fob for opening and wait for all windows to slide down in order to open the required doors needed beside the driver door. Hope this will help. Regards, CT
  24. Just looking at the Lexus USA website, the ES Hybrid starts at $41,000, and the GS Hybrid at $63,000. That might influence the sales figures.
  25. The exercise was certainly a success as your idling speed should be at 650rpm on the vvti engine and the variables you experienced at various stages up to that was the results of the engine ecu learning the output from the engine after you had cleaned the throttle.
  26. New GS300 owner

    Your welcome
  27. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    I just posted a reply in the IS250 section, basically I <think> the lower pin has a hexagonal recess in the inboard (not visible) end. Andrew
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