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  2. @Lydiamight Thanx for the heads up Ray, I’ll make contact, sorry for the late reply. 🐀
  3. Many thanks for the reply. Not sure what to do here. What exactly is needed to reset windows, power locks etc as I know that when I return from my trip one way or the other the battery will be gone? 🙂
  4. Hmm I am no longer sure that will be the case, latest emission regs mean that component cooling feuling will not be a viable option going forward, this will mean that turbo charged engines are also not really viable so perhaps we will be going full circle and returning to larger capacity N/A for performance engines ( this is one of the issues BMW have recently faced with their M engines).
  5. As usual Cheltenham Lexus Service came up trumps this morning when they replaced my damaged grill badge for just shy of £200. Still the car looks much better now and hopefully in 10 days chips away will deal with the Motorway debris damage to the front bumper and some self inflicted damage to the rear bumper and underskirt. The joys of high mileage driving I suppose 😁
  6. He said it shoulda been done yesterday, but wasn't, so should be today. I really dont know what is going on, I recommend your file and he didn't want to even try it. I really need the car back fixed.
  7. You was right Colin it was 21mm. Thank you.
  8. Today
  9. could be all sorts of reasons and not just the tyre ... maybe the way the seating has slightly corroded on the wheel rim .... when you change the tyres get them to especially clean the rim thoroughly, will save going back when your brand new tyre starts going down too Malc
  10. hahahahaha, we're just a bit old in the tooth and expect " personality " in cars, youth of today ( anyone younger than me I guess ) just want a ' today ' car that can be thrown away in a thrice ........... £34k, ha, just a mere bauble of cash for some .................. represents about 34 weeks in a care home maybe Malc
  11. and make usre you get new plastic surrounds on each side of the windscreen and that they fit. Take pictures of everything before they come. They destroyed a good few of the poppers that hold everything together inside the engine bay under the windscreen. Nothing sat correctly and had them back twice but was still a mess. Got my deposit back and redid the cosmetic stuff myself.
  12. New one out in a year or so based on the new RAV4
  13. Are you sure? The LC500 is definitely @wendle's car. I wasn't aware he'd got himself a GS-F too!
  14. Hi ,glad you easily got it sorted ,its always a worry at the back of my mind as the car gets older ,but the roof is usually reliable with problems restricted to one of the many micro switches involved .I read somewhere that the Lexus test schedule for this roof involved testing over 20,000 operations!! Dave
  15. 36mph on a 200 mile journey 26 around town 31 on journeys around 20 miles winter 2-3mph lower on all journeys
  16. The more expensive the vehicle then the higher the value of the % depreciation you loose just by driving it off the forecourt. Generally speaking vehicles can loose up to 40% of the value in the first 12 months, it varies across different makes/models. Personally that's too big a chunk of change that I couldn't justify 'loosing' these days.
  17. Ah ok, it's using the line level inputs to the amp and the digital data lines for the info and selection when you select CD1/CD2 (depending which Grom you have). I'm with Neil - it's not your system. It's a Grom cabling issue. I don't think it is a fault as such, I think a compatibility issue between the two. Don't worry about the fan not turning on the amp, its not always, only when the heat is too high on the output transistors. Did you use the existing cable or a new cable with the new Grom? (I'm not sure if the connectors between Grom versions are the same). Is one the TOY version? I'm not sure what to suggest if Grom don't have any other cables to offer for your vehicle and that version of Grom. It's always worth another ask though. I'd take a look if I lived in your lovely part of the country. I assume the info side of things works fine when you switch it in? If not, and a bit of a long shot on this, is it getting power to the Grom from the output of the headunit?
  18. And this was the point i made either a few threads up or in another thread about when it comes to "Real World" driving and road conditions, Lexus cars are setup and designed to handle majority of those conditions in terms of noise vibration harshness (NVH) when compared to other competitors.. but yet still a UK/European magazine reviewer will bash the ES300h claiming its noisy under full wide open throttle acceleration which lets be honest is about 10% or less in anyone's day to day driving 80 to 90% of normal driving is spent within city urban areas with speed limits or cruising on the motorway in a fuel saving gear ratio .. tell me which 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engines from any of these German brands is not noisier and sounds agricultural under acceleration? they fail to absorb the benefits of the hybrid system which makes sense in city/ urban style driving . majority of most people driving around in diesel cars are not even motorway drivers where one actually reaps the benefits of a diesel engine...
  19. Give him a document in English (or email him) which states "When parking car you must ensure that Hand brake is applied and Vehicle is left in Gear or Park position and Wheels are pointing to the Kerbside" Address it (to him) Sign it, date it and give him a copy and keep a copy for your records upon which you have written that he was handed a copy on a particular date. If he complains about your action ,simply tell him "that`s what we do in UK to protect our assets" Good luck.
  20. I`ll wager that you will not find another car that will satisfy her as regards front end view, in which she will feel safe, and which will be as reliable.
  21. Appreciate that. Yes bought from Lexus Edinburgh, so I have the receipt. Great, £100 posted. I'll come back to you re timings etc. Cheers,
  22. A sign of things to come methinks. Affecting short stretches of the motorway now, but as time goes on I can see this being extended along with the clean air zones that will stop (non-electric) vehicles from entering towns and cities. So, while many drivers and driving organisations have been softly campaigning for an increase to motorway speed limits, actually it is more likely they will decrease to help limit pollution...
  23. Hello there: I'll appreciate if one of your members let me know which seller in UK can I buy directly this mudguards from USA, they are not available here, or if can someone can buy it for me and pay it directly from Paypal, you can reply to this matter to my email Sincerely, Rick
  24. Yesterday
  25. Obviously not so good on quoting a previous post either...
  26. Yeh progress has been very slow, big change in my life since xmas and struggling to get time on it........ but ... im not giving up no way, im to far into it to give up and still chasing the dream.
  27. Long shot I know but looking for roof rails. Rx 450h 2010
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