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  2. I think I'll stick with genuine Toyota DOT3. No real reason not to as far as I can see.
  3. If yours 'started' to sieze up after a little over 12 months then I guess you are looking at an absolute maximum of 12 month interval in the future, but if it has been exposed to all the salt/grit that has been spread on the roads lately then this might have 'accelerated' the problem. Last week I had to get all four tyres removed and have 4 new valves fitted as the dust caps ( the previous owner had actually paid and fitted metal ones) had siezed solid onto the valve stems. They had a hex type shape and even a 10mm socket and 'mole' grips on the rubber valve stem could not remove them. I reckon that the combination of aluminium caps onto a steel valve stem had caused some sort of galvanic reaction and this along with all the salt on the roads meant they were almost 'welded' on, that's what it felt like. So £40 later got some simple black plastic dust caps and can check pressures no problem. paul m.
  4. might be £500 a niggle to sort out at Lexus Malc
  5. It did a cracking job. Took all the advice I found on the WWW and did it on a cloudy day, and took it very slowly and gently. It certainly beats hand polishing. Chemical Guys on YouTube are the best for advice.
  6. f anyone is interested I saw this cheap 2006 SE-L mentioned on Facebook Lexus Owners Club BUT..... it's Cat D with 155K miles and as part of the Cat D repair it now has halogen headlights instead of Xenons..... Andrew
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  8. Parking tickets

    Agree 100%. My comment was meant to be sarcastic. The provision of parent and child bays is as much to the benefit of other motorists in that there is a slightly reduced chance of door dings as parent wrestle with their little charges. IMHO these bays should be resigned the the far perimeters of the car park. The placement of blue badge bays close to the entrance/exits is completely logical
  9. Speed Equips lexus is200

    Very nice will be a nice ride when finished.
  10. Cracked Manifold

    My isF ticked........ it usually started as I walked......towards her.... keys in hand.....with ‘that look’ on her face......meaning......, Not today Please I’ve got a headache........... Big Rat
  11. Washing

    I’m just having the ‘protection detail’ to sort it out after the Winter. Living down here in a remote setting my car has got dirtier than any I’ve ever owned, so I decided to get it professionally sorted. It only takes one day. At the same time we will discuss my 2004 MINI as although I’ve owned it from new and never used it during Winter (and only a couple of times in the rain!) there are a couple of areas that could do with correction. It has always been carefully cleaned by me, only using Swissvax products, so I’ll be seeing how good these guys are with the NX before deciding whether to let them loose on the MINI!!
  12. Porsche Portsmouth were *ok*... I never had a service there, but popped in for parts from time to time... ...actually, all the time, come to think of it! It was a pretty ferocious upkeep/maintenance schedule!
  13. All cars will be welcome, it is the 10th Anniversary of the "F" car.
  14. from nearly 7 years and 80k miles with my Mk3 it averages between 420 and 520 miles per tank just depends on your driving style Higher miles per gallon usually arises when the car is motoring effortlessly along the motorway at about 70/80 mph, fully laden ........... and on a sunny day Malc
  15. Hello Guys. This is just a quick update to let you know how I got on. The adjusting screw is mounted towards the bottom of the light units between the two lenses. You have to turn it anti-clockwise to raise the headlight beam and it works in tiny increments so be prepared for your arms to ache when you have finished. It is a bit awkward to get to the screws as on one side the battery is in the way (there is just enough room to work) and on the other side the air filter housing is in the way (I removed this to make life easier). The end result is that now my headlights are back to where they should be. I went out for a drive in the dark and no one flashed me so they don't seem to be dazzling oncoming traffic and I can see where I am going. Thanks to Steve for the picture. Steve.
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  17. Maybe an option - I had suplex on my old MErc 190e, they were excellent for the 10k miles I had it for:
  18. Bit disconcerting is the fact that the R4V site states that my reg is available for £499 when I beg to differ! paul m.
  19. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    😂hope they dont take it down
  20. Sat idle my car's battery voltage, as read by the custom arduino-based tracker I've got in it, is fluctuating between around 9.6v and 11.5v. Does this suggest a bad battery? It didn't struggle to start earlier but it seems odd for it to be fluctuating continuously by 2v.
  21. Fitting Aftermarket Sereo To My 2001 Is200 Sport

    It could just simply be a fuse blown.
  22. Tear in the leather seat

    Thanks for the link Peter, will have to give them a call and what they can offer.
  23. Mr

    Hi Han Welcome to the LOC I can't offer any advice on the conversion but a quick google did turn up this link regarding the spedometer, they offer dial-conversion kits. They're based in Leeds so are fairly northern. Might be worth a call to enquire, perhaps they would be able to suggest companies to do the conversion work. I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to get UK maps for your NAV system but I would imagine the SD card would need to be for the specific model of your sat nav as I believe they are not the same worldwide (I believe the US uses different hardware to the UK for example)
  24. PDF manual

    I think 2008 is the furthest back they go on the portal
  25. Tailgate noise!

    Mine also makes a whirring noise when closing, i guessed this was normal, even when i was at the dealership they didn't comment on it.
  26. When I bought the car (just over a year ago) it didn't have a DVD remote with it, I haven't been bothered in the past; but intend using the DVD player for longer journeys soon. Does anyone know which one I need for that model? I found this but not sure if it will work:
  27. Chipsaway

    Someone I know was quoted £120 for quite a small scratch. I've been quoted £220 for a 2 inch scratch and dent on an A pillar. Both of these were for indoor repairs, possibly with access to a courtesy car - the good franchises won't do outdoor repairs.
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