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  2. Shahpor

    is220d does not start, no fuel pressure at rail.

    I'm a little confused by your numbering. The resistance when cold is 0.35 or 3.5? Also, just to be clear, this is the pressure discharge valve at the other end of the fuel rail to the pressure sensor? If so, then it would appear to be out of range, but perhaps someone with more electrical knowledge could confirm?
  3. johnnyroper

    IS220d smoking issue, confused when inspected

    The hose to the head is for crankcase ventilation,why it would go in to the air box like that I don’t know. Mine goes from cam cover to the intake pipe down stream of the Maf. I do not have a pipe on air box other than the intake from front and outlet to maf. looking at the amount of oil in air box I would suspect maf is contaminated with oil which could cause issues,a clean might help but it’s possible it will need replacing. also how many miles have you done since putting pipe back to normal? A substantial amount of oil could have gone through system so a could take a while to burn it all off.
  4. Have you got access to techstream to check live data? Sounds like it is trying to regen on a regular basis. mine gives a puff of smoke when it is doing a regen. chevk the differential pipework is clear,mine was blocked with soot and carbon so ecu was falsely seeing DPF as blocked.
  5. Sorry, guys! I couldn’t make it It has been a long night and it involved plenty of alcohol 😁 Hope you had a good time...
  6. Spottedlaurel

    RX 450h prices?

    Sounds like there's a lesson there, sorry to hear it didn't work out. It did seem cheap compared to others at main dealers. Looks like £22-23k will still be the figure I'm working to.
  7. I think you'll possibly struggle to get parts for a Crown, not so with a Celsior.
  8. As Brian says (2 posts above) your 460 doesn't have a cambelt, it's a chain which doesn't need replacing.
  9. Thanks Colin 👍🏻
  10. Thanks Mark. I'm thinking of a cheap eBay set, but as I say I'll probably just do the two corners. I find the camera is really good, it's just the corners where the unseen (especially in the dark) concerns me. I'll get on my back and have a good look tomorrow. The main problem is getting back up!
  11. wharfhouse

    Satnav coming on

    I've had random traffic announcements too for hundreds of miles away - only a few over a couple of years so not too worried about it
  12. Hi Jason, Exactly as Westie says in his post. I have a 2016 450h and had the rear doors seal issue and sunroof trim issue. Both replaced under warranty and not been an issue since. Otherwise a great car
  13. Ha!, I think it defaults to US units. I clicked on the link and, yes it's 33.1mpg ave. on the website but look top left the units are US, change to UK and you get the 39.7 in my sig link.
  14. are there likely to be any/many other marques in every day use 20+ years old ? Malc
  15. Comedian

    2019 rcf review?

    It a GS front end but still a good idea Sent from my BV5800 using Tapatalk
  16. So it is I didn’t see the recycled part bit glad I didn’t order one now.... especially as out of stock aswell. Few too many beers after the football yesterday so a bit jaded today and not concentrating!
  17. essexgt4

    ISF 5.0V8

    Right im on the hunt for a lexus ISF must be 2010 onwards below 60k mileage whats about?
  18. Nice one I shall revisit that this week now I know. They like to make it as difficult as possible,what ever happened to a couple of easy to access screws by the slam panel?!
  19. try this company the car in the picture has the premium nav / audio fitted look at picture number 6 to check the controller you have if this isn't the type you have then they do have cars with the standard nav in stock
  20. John, Just when I'd decided NOT to have installed but sell the LPG Conversion Kit with unused Torodial I've had knocking around it seems forever, you tell us the sort of MPG figure which makes me envious. Only Diesel i ever owned was a Renault Safrane briefly, which went into limp mode and has a non accessible Gearbox for checking level. New BoxSir? no thanks - it went to a Londoner who drives local and can only ever reach second gear most of the time. Comfortable seats but the smell of Diesel seemed to always be there. Not the norm I'm sure. Swansea too far away for installation so think Kit will have to go after Christmas. Wife will be pleased.
  21. Britprius

    Lexus ct 200h

    The fuse in the service plug will not be blown as the hybrid battery remains completely isolated until the hybrid system gets to ready mode. Many people remove this link to check it, and then fail to complete the refitting procedure giving rise to more problems. Although I agree it is somewhat over kill high voltage protection gloves should be worn to remove, and refit the link. John.
  22. I assume this is a hybrid. I am not sure of the exact setup with your car as I do not have one, but most of the hybrids follow a pattern. First do you get any electrical operations? headlights electric windows. If not there is a fuse in the battery positive terminal 150amp from memory. If this is ok there is a strip fuse under the clear plastic cover in the fuse box under the bonnet. This looks like a thin strip of metal running along the side of the box. Visually check this for blown sections. If this has any missing (blown) sections it will need replacing "not an easy job" requiring removal of the fuse box to get at the underside. There are other various smaller fuses in the fuse boxes that are likely to be blown the dome fuse in particular. If you are lucky no other damage will have been done, but this cannot be guaranteed. As you have discovered jump starting hybrids in particular is problematic, and should be avoided if at all possible. John.
  23. Fatts

    New Lexus ES 300h club forum is born

    I might if it drives well and the figures fit
  24. Jcgs300h

    GS300h lowering springs

    Ace Hi what was the negatives in changing the suspension? was planning to use air suspension or lowering springs and even coil overs
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