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  2. Check online here for compatible DVD's for your vehicle/satnav version; Once you have a compatible code then you can search the interwebs for alternative suppliers 😉
  3. Hi. If you scroll down the pages past all the models you will see a section Cars For Sale.
  4. Thanks John. I will connect the car to Techstream again and have a more closer look.
  5. Also check and make sure the ventilation it isn’t stuck on recirculate.
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  7. HI Mel Did you have an LS430 previously? - if yes how does the GS450H compare?
  8. I absolutely agree about not using wire. I have a length of very heavy duty strimmer line with the end heated so its not sharp, works a treat!
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  10. I am looking at this as well as I want to update my satnav disc but I cannot workout which dvd discs are compatible with my 2006 Mark Levinson equipped Is250
  11. Hmm kids should be handcuffed or ducked taped and placed in the boot lol
  12. And that is exactly why the new MOT test rules were introduced last year - to try to stop people doing this. The science of automotive lighting is very complex and housing units are designed with specific bulbs to populate them; LED housing - LED bulb; halogen housing - halogen bulb. You will of course, do exactly as you want, but could you live with yourself if it was proved that you caused someone to have an accident after they were dazzled by your incorrect bulbs?
  13. They are high in precious metals, worth around £500 in scrap value. The only way to stop it is fit a straight through pipe. The Catman does them for around £130, I have one on order.
  14. Strange loved the Jag but like the Lexus slightly better.
  15. There won't be any problem with cheap bulbs, just wrong bulbs, ie, LEDs where halogen should be.
  16. Might bring the roads up to date, but as with the ISF, the GSF system couldn’t find its own arse with both hands..... waze is much much better
  17. Hi just fresh to the Lexus world having just bought an LS400 but I have lived in France for 9 years previously so I know quite a lot about this. Firstly just like the UK there are official rules that some of the CT guys adhere to religiously but there are other CT guys who are not as strict. Just because one CT guy will pass with beam deflectors doesn’t make it allowable or in accordance with the actual rules. Officially your headlights must concur with the official French Part numbers which might be stamped on the lenses or might not be. That is the law. There will be some more lenient CT guys out there but that doesn’t make what they do legal. It doesn’t matter if the beam pattern complied, the part must have the French part number. Another example of their beaurocracy........ if your tyres are not exactly as specified by manufacturer it’s a CT fail. If you don’t have the exact same tyres across each axle ie left and right, it’s a CT fail.
  18. More hot off the press updates. As they happen. Some serious ICE upgrades today in the form of a pair of 4" £20 Pioneers from Halfords. Again, amazingly straightforward getting the door card off. And back on again. I'd have needed a bag of new one time clips on the Saabs or Volvos. I'd say they're at least a £40 improvement to it's all good I also received my updated nav discs off the Bay (£16.50 delivered) and now I know where Milton Keynes is.
  19. If you take off the cover under the bonnet above the grill can access from the top quite easily.
  20. Like Daniel suggested - I would probably tweet to them at @LexusUK and @lexus to get their attention - and ask them where to send your complaint. Their customer service number is 0345 129 5484. Or you can complete the form at
  21. I have mine on factory coils there is not much of a difference that I could notice. I am not sure of the price of factory coils mind you.
  22. Last week
  23. Surely the ES and UX won’t be due a facelift for another couple of years? I know the yanks change their models each year but not the U.K. and Europe. I’m hoping AC and AA will be a update for current models but which years, which nav system and what models? The upgrade may be only applicable to models with the MM17 (CY17) nav?
  24. Yes that car has been for sale for like over 2 years and yes he is a dealer
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