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  2. Plus one on the Ctek - I used one on my old Jaguar XJ for years and it never let me down. Stupid me sold it with the car and of course went out the other day to start mine after sitting there for nearly a week and it was not having it 🙄 So ctek ordered and I'll plug it in and let it do its job. Was surprised at the battery not lasting that long but when I think about it my S class did the same but only after 3 days sitting - one thing though, I had to buy mine through ebay as Amazon wont "send batteries in the post to northern Ireland" erm.. right....
  3. on mine, Mk3 Ls400, I think I read somewhere ( probably on here, but maybe in the manual somewhere ) that to drain say 2 ltrs at 130k miles and then the same again at each 35k miles thereafter ..... just the 2 ltrs mind to drain and refill my indy does it of course so I have no idea how challenging that may be BUT he doesn't complain about it at all Malc
  4. @Cactus White. All my Type R's have been white (3 Integra's). Yep, styling is Marmite but I liken it to an Apache helicopter. The pilot is flying around worrying about it being ugly 😉
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  6. I got a cheap Aldi compressor. Does the job and seems to have worn fairly well.
  7. I always add a letter H between the s and i......just about covers the quality then which often leaves you inde****!
  8. What I don’t understand is why companies are still advertising but are closed, for example BMW are running a TV ad promotion at the moment, a nice 30 second ad costing thousands but all their showrooms are closed. OK some products are still available by mail order but surely not a brand new car when you are spending mortgage money on one.
  9. If your MOT date is after the 30 March, then you have a 6 month extension on it. However, you are still expected to keep the vehicle safe for use on the roads but that is always the case. If you knowingly drive an unsafe vehicle you are liable for prosecution and your insurance company will refuse to payout if you have an accident.
  10. I had a flat in France last year, I found the jack more than adequate to lift the car to get the space saver on.
  11. OK to put this all to bed on cats My prtnr is a Cats Protection co-ordnator with much experience and we have 4 cats ( god help us ) YES they do have a genetic ? coronavirus type which stays in the cat and it's NOT covid19 .... you will find that all cats have this specific strain which has never ever passed to humans ...... well maybe in China I suppose ....... and I remember going to Canton many years back ( about 30 ) on my holiday touring China AND was quite horrified at the delicacies on offer in the marketplace there ......... say no more .............. it was a horror story ...... I part put it down to Canton having a very much French cuisine influence as they were the " colonialists " for that part of China in the day Malc
  12. @rich1068 - that's my Discovery of The Week, thank you!
  13. I would highly recommend Russell Birch of Toyotec in Redhill - I had a bunch of MOT work that needed doing and he saved me well over £500 compared to what my local garage were going to charge, purely through better techniques and knowledge of the car. And he also diagnosed an engine bay rattle for me for free (it was my aftermarket cruise control unit).
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  15. The bracket is fine but seeing at the pin is snapped and seized inside it may as well be redundant. Think I'll have to take a trip to breakers yard when all is normal again.
  16. Thank you for your post on this John. I hope that by trickle charging occasionally I will be able to avoid the 12v battery going flat. I am aware that once flattened they are not always recoverable and even if they are this can drastically reduce their efficiency/life.
  17. Let's hope you manage to keep clear of it, it's always been part of my routine for many years to ask my circle of friends if they have any symptoms of flu as I have to avoid them, but of course that's a bit of a waste in supermarkets and just about everywhere else.
  18. It must be more pronounced in the USA ( compensation hungry lawyers and all that) but not mentioned on that article is the episode whereby Winnebago had to give a customer a new replacement RV because he got up out of the drivers seat while on the highway after engaging Cruise Control to go and make a coffee in the kitchen area! Needless to say the vehicle crashed soon after but because it did Not say in the owners manual you should not do this he got a new RV ! Beggars belief...But the older I get the less shocked I get. paul m.
  19. Just a quick question from the pics... Is that wire cradle standard on an original exhaust set up?
  20. I had a verbal advisory a couple of MOTs ago as it was just efficient enough. I removed the discs/drums, roughened up the friction material, cleaned the drum contact surface, greased all the contact points and then refitted and adjusted the shoes as per standard procedure ( turn the adjuster to just lock up the drum then back off a couple of clicks until the drum turns again). You could immediately tell the difference in that the pedal travel was halved for full application.
  21. ..I put a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5's on the GS450h a couple of months back, and they've been a very nice tyre so far. There's a silky quiteness to them, they're grippy and they weren't too bad for a summer tyre down around 0C. They're not too pricey either..
  22. Lexus Reading have rearranged my booking. Now booked in on 15th may. We shall see if that's doable nearer the time.
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