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  2. Personally I would go blue callipers to tie it in to the f blue theme of the car. Definitely all dark wheels though. I can’t believe how much it changes them. I really don’t like them in srmtsndatd guise but dark I love them.
  3. Most Audi’s aren’t direct copies. The A4 upwards have proper north south mounted engines and 4wd drive not a transverse engine with a haldex system like the lesser cars in the lesser marques. Skoda was a good budget alternative but price/trim they’re too close to VW. Seat is excess baggage imho for them. I agree our press is very Euro biased but I suspect the ES won’t be as good as what it replaces and the Camry a bit of a gem given what it’ll cost. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  5. ganzoom

    The future of motoring

    EVs are already here its simply a matter of time, the self driving stuff is the real unknown and exciting bit.... It appeaes neural net development has taken a massive jump last 12 months with the realisation these networks develop best WITHOUT human input. The coding/problem solving ability of neural nets is already super man in specific cases, and there are real life applications coming. For those of you who arent into academic literature, Nature is the most prestigious scientific journal on the planet, if you can get a single paper into Nature thats a professorship in the bag. In the last 6-12 months AI neural networks have dominated the journal. The link below takes you to some really good vidoes of how cutting edge AI neural network development is. I would say unless you plan on retirement soon AI will be affecting how your job will look in the future. Forget self driving cars this tech is going to change how we do everything. Train AI TRAIN AI 2018 Presentations | Figure Eight Watch the first video with Garry Kasparov, at around 18 minute mark.....Essentially computers can now code themsleves better/quicker and the less human interfrance in that process the better. The result is coding us humanbeings dont understand/didnt anticipate. The creation of an intelligence that we don't understand/cannot anticipate has been the basis of many SciFi films, but now its reality.
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  7. I don't know if this helps with its recent history ..
  8. Hi just to inform you my windscreen was repaired by Auto Windshields and they replaced with the dealer glass as it was covered by the lexus insurance during the 3 day service. Lexus Nottingham had reimbursement the excess fee.
  9. I don’t think the OP is looking for advice on this subject, it’s a rant, and there doesn’t seem to be room for “The other persons viewpoint” I’m out of here. 😞
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. What sort of mpg do you get?
  11. main differences - steering response is much better, the car isnt rolling in the beds or corners, just feels tighter in general. Seems to have shaved years off the cars age. I would recommend others to get them changed too if that havent already done so, gives the car a totally different feel. havent tested the brake vibration yet as didnt take it on the motorway. The car is still at the garage, waiting for the radiator to arrive so that can be changed with the gearbox service and pipes.
  12. rayaans

    New LC500 Sport+

    Why would you find it frustrating? The damper and throttle response is literally a knob that you turn and the cruise control is a simple 2 step process with the stalk. The 8 series is nowhere near as exciting as the concept was. BMW prices have recently gone crazy too
  13. Linas.P

    Increasing adverts on LOC?

    Nah... adblocker on.. forgotten how the adds looks like....
  14. At the half term break just gone, the family and I went up to Skye. We were so very lucky with the weather and the midges were not so bad. 3 bikes on the back (plus one in the boot!), picture is the Glenelg to Skye ferry, a very romantic way on to the Isle. Over 1000 miles with the rack and bikes and it felt very solid, so I can really recommend the Saris. My LS never missed a beat and I averaged about 26mpg. Car photo is at the house where we stayed in an area called Waternish, the house being in Loch Bay. It is a beautiful place and our fourth time there but never with such great weather. Didn't see another LS all the way there or back but amazingly a 400 overtook me just outside of Dunvegan. Love my LS.
  15. Im not 100% happy with the quality of this carlink kit, sometimes i have a hard time connecting to it, then more often than not while bluetooth streaming i loose the ability to change song on the steering wheel and it will freeze up and them kick over to the radio instead Also stating the obvious here but you dont get track title displaying on the car when bluetooth streaming on android. It a bsaic system at best, ill probably look into the GROM audio or Vaistech kits for some better quality conenctivity
  16. I bought some black felt material, but although it helped there was still a slight sheen to it. So I did what I have done in the distant past, and sacrificed an old black T-Shirt. Then glued it to the material I bought. It makes a huge difference . I've only made it to go on part of the drivers side, but it really improves the view. It's fixed using a couple of double sided sticky pads.
  17. rayaans

    IS got side swiped!

    The car is driveable so should only be without it for 5 days roughly. They're the standard F Sport wheels but were refurbed by the dealer before bought. They're slightly darker than original F Sport wheels. I think they're Toyota Phantom Grey.
  18. Cheers for the tips (pun intended). Had one of the tips fall off my last ISF so I’ll be getting the welds checked beforehand.
  19. You must be so gutted, I really feel for you.
  20. I ended up ordering discs and pads all round from Lexus,then they asked if I wanted to collect the parts from Toyota(must be the same group) Now I go straight to Toyota,discs and pads all round came to £357 after discount.The service kit (6l of oil,air filter,pollen filter,oil filter,sump washer)was £51 because they were doing a deal on the oil 5 litres came to 1 pence. I have nearly got the car up to scratch,I’ve had the wheels refurbed with new Goodyear efficientgrip tyres fitted,new discs and pads fitted(no more grinding)blead the brakes put new fluid in(pedal feels much better)and serviced the engine(can’t see much difference hopefully mpg will be better) now I need to find where the knocking is coming from on the front suspension and I’ll be happy,although what I’ve spent on it plus the cost of buying it,is probably more than it’s worth.
  21. Ignore me. I’m talking about my one. Hadn’t realised there was a difference.
  22. Comedian

    Kemble 'F' Meet

    I'm taking a rattle can of car make-up in case I see Simon. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
  23. Good point, e.g. road noise was better on the RT2 and overall a slightly more comfortable tyre due to the softer compound. In hindsight I should have read more reviews on the RT2's, also considering my slightly more aggressive driving style. Still, I really didn't see this one coming, especially not from Dunlop, but as you say, their poor marketing definitely didn't help either.. The key thing I learned is that at least on the rear axle I need a stiff XL sidewall, especially in cars with a heavy boot. Who knows, I might be able to get away with placing the RT2's in the front, if not I'll be putting them up for sale... :-)
  24. Fat Boy

    My rides

    Once I find one I’ll get for now that will do
  25. olliesgrandad

    GardX Paint and Leather Protection Controversy

    Apparently the guarantee is not transferable in any event as I bought the car from a dealer (albeit the one that has supplied and serviced the car from new). The guarantee contains the details of the original purchaser so they say they can't disclose details of the treatments performed..........GDPR is being used everywhere as an excuse for poor performance it seems
  26. steve2006

    Wafting along

    Being an import model mine has the TEMS system so the damping is adjustable between normal and sports.I think this and the 18” wheels with low profile tyres gives it the go kart handling.
  27. I can make you one up this weekend, have a couple of ECUs to repair so may as well have a Lexus repair weekend.
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