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  2. If you find one on the Dealership Network, they will surely get it for you?
  3. Newbie1

    New control arm bushes fitted today.

    Whereabouts is your mechanic located? Many are not happy to muck around with pressing bushings.
  4. Yes, it would be helpful to know whether the replacements were covered under the Lexus warranty.
  5. Im also interested in getting a set this winter, cheapest premium tyre i have found is Toyo Snowprox S 954 seems to get good reviews and around £140 each. If i wanted to get a cheap set of steel rims does anyone know where i can get this from and if i go down this route what would be the best tyre size to get?
  6. Yesterday
  7. I would like to add i have the same issue but coming from the passenger side. Im afraid i will have the same problem trying to diagnose the fault if i take it to any mechanic.
  8. I will check the fuses again as i have already checked them once in the boot. It sounds like everything is connected to one fault but its trying to find the fault that is frustrating. How many fuses are related to each of the items?
  9. Different road surfaces made a difference, but as I piled the miles on the noise became more pronounced. Motorway speeds made the noise more pronounced.
  10. Thanks for all your replies. I will stick to using the seat memory buttons on my 2006 rx400h, and dream of an rx450 in the future.
  11. rob_clio172

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Cheers muka, yeh it should do and also free up a little cash for something else aswell. Just hoping it sells easy. You have just planted a seed for me, i might get 1 made up off 1 of those websites and bang it up in the kitchen before the mrs hangs 1 up 😂
  12. Note: You'll scare yourself to death with that thread. Take out the two spring loaded compartments from the boot. Unless there's standing water there's no problem. A touch of seepage/dampness around the bottom of the rear light clusters is not the problem described above.
  13. Will be fab in the Celsior. So quiet and powerful perfect for the motorways.
  14. Hi guys I have come across a LS600H for sale 350.000 kms,on the clock , body work needs attention, what attention I don't know , can't see it on the pics , is this two much millage to consider, and would the Battery packs be a worry. Your thoughts please
  15. Am having new relays fitted on Wednesday. Fingers crossed it solves the problem.
  16. Just get a battery from your local Toyota dealer for a MR2 roadster! They are the same battery but a lot cheaper ! I should know as I had both cars and replaced both batteries within a few weeks of each other and the Lexus one was £25 more ! Even picked that up from same dealer too.
  17. I am sooooo pleased with it so much better than I had hoped, the hours Lea put in was unreal!!!
  18. MadJam250

    No service (next due) indicator

    Thanks. Checked with dealer and seems this was only on the top spec models. Bit strange why that is only included on some and not all as all models' owners could benefit from this reminder on start-up.
  19. This is a full BTCC body kit for the lexus is200/is300 from the speed factory. This has never been fitted apart from a quick stick on trial fit as shown in the pictures. The kit is produced by Kinzuru, fat fender and the speed factory and is made from fibreglass. Ive had a complete change of direction with my project now which is why im looking to sell this. To see pictures of this kit fitted and painted go to, it also gives an idea of good wheel fitment for this kit as it is wider. The kit consists of : Front bumper Both front wings Both side skirts Both rear door arches Both rear wing arches. As the kit is fibre glass so it will require some preperation before painting and some adjusting for it to fit perfect as said on the speed factory website. Great looking kit and not seen many of these around. This is also for sale on ebay. Last couple of pics are screenshots from the ebay advert. Im looking for £600 ono message me on here, ebay or email Grab a bargain as these are listed for £750. Collection only or can arrange to meet, will NOT post i dont want this being damaged in transit.
  20. Zoot1948


    Yes Shahpor, that’s exactly the thread I was referring to. Well found!
  21. malcolmw

    Too Flawed to Live With

    Here are my comments: - It's not so much the car width as the parking space size you need to get out and also ensure that you cannot be stopped from getting back in by a later arrival who parks close. This is, however, a common problem with 2 door coupes (my Aston was the same). - The surround view cameras should be standard! - I have had occasional crashes with the SatNav but very infrequently. I reset by pressing the radio on button for 5 seconds instead of switching off. I thought there was a software update to fix this issue. Yes, it does reset the split screen but this is not too much of an imposition. - The Trackpad is useless and I just use it for initial setup only. - I use the Climate Concierge and it seems to work well for me on leather seats. I had to fiddle around with the settings to get it to my liking though. - I don't use the AHBC as it does not react fast enough to restore main beam in rural areas. I have the automatic headlight light level set to the minimum and this is just about OK but still switches the lights on under trees on a sunny day. - I also have one rattle which is intermittent and comes from the dash area near the A/C vent near the driver's door. I am considering having this looked at but I am afraid that taking the dash apart might cause more issues. It's not too annoying, however. On the plus side, the car is very docile in traffic, very fast on the open road and amazingly economical for a 5 lt V8. I still like it. No car is perfect (my Aston was very rattly) but everyone has to make their own decision. A lot of these specialist cars have issues like you identify so if you go elsewhere you may get different but just as annoying issues. I looked at a BMW i8 softtop the other day and I liked it but is is £125K...
  22. Circled is the area that you should ensure is clean and free or rust - it not it wont give a good seal to the rubber boot and let moisture and dirt in and it wont be long before the innards rusts and seizes. Not forgetting a good grease (one that does not attack the rubber boots making them slack) and as John said above, make sure to check them and re-grease on an annual basis. I do mine every 6 months as they don't take long to do and its no real hassle.
  23. Centre100

    New clock icon on sat nav

    I do see this on my 2018 nx300h luxury. I think this only happens when I have my mobile phone Blue toothed with Internet traffic enabled. Also see many more traffic safety cams.
  24. Hi.I have a same problem with my is20d 2006.I got a diagnostic in very good garage and need to replace the fuel pressure sensor with the fuel filter. Its will be fix on this week.If the problem gone I will let u know guys .I hope so be good
  25. All done. £208 And a very nix NX 300h courtesy car too. Too firm though. As everything is <grandpamode> these days </grandpamode>
  26. Actually, I'd forgotten that. I think Toyota/Lexus AWD hybrids might use the electric motor to drive 1 axle and the ICE the other. So forget the CHR if you want an AWD Hybrid - the 2019 RAV4 will do the job instead.
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