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  2. Anyone any leads? Found a couple of cars breaking but sadly not available and also a member who threw one in the bin a week before I asked 😂
  3. I honestly don't know as I've never needed to do it but I don't think you'll need to do that either. Just clean up the contacts in the bulb holder, clean and reseat the earths and if that hasn't cured the problem then it's multimeter out and fault-tracing time.
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  5. Thanks for the answers and sorry if this was mentioned before. TBH it was both. The reason I first thought to be HPFP was that I used mechanic's stethoscope to rule out any abnormal noises when the engine was running in maintenance mode. I asked my missus to keep revs at about 2000 rpm and I could clearly hear the high pitch sound comming from the pump. Bought a second hand low mileage part and replaced it with all new o rings and rubber seals. To my wonder the noise from HPFP dissapeared, but the one from electric motors is still present and appears to happen exactly the same way as BigChange explained.Watched more videos on youtube with is300h or gs300h hard acceleration and heard exactly the same sound (earphones on) as it comes from my car. As for HPFP noise, found some info on american subaru and toyota forums it can be happening due to ethanol being used in the mix with petrol. Normally it goes away, if you start using higher octane petrol without ethanol mixture. But this needs to be confirmed. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  6. Noticed this at the weekend, it's the valve cover (I think) on the passenger side
  7. Yes, very good. I only manage about 29mpg on a good long run. Did you check this by brim-to-brim measurement or is this from the car's readout? I have had mine since Feb 18 and my real (measured by actual litres and mileage) mpg overall has been 24.6. The car computer gives about 4% to 5% better mileage than actual.
  8. Looks like the paint has picked up a few marks over the last year 🙁 Just look at that red glow 22621163.pdf
  9. Quick question on this - which fuse did you feed off of in the end? Also, did you use the passenger side fuse or the driver side? I will be attempting to do the same in my IS250 very soon with my old Nextbase dashcam.
  10. I contacted the local Lexus HQ for complaints. Despite this car is virtually brand new, I had to spend the last 1+ month with weekly visits to the dealership. I had a front brake replacement, realigned wheels, the fuel pump / engine fault thing. The attitude of the dealership is very dissatisfying either.
  11. At 85k I wouldn't change my a AT fluid unless it was dark and smells burnt, a shame they stopped putting a dipstick on later cars! The rubber hoses to the radiator can be difficult to remove from the transmission metal pipes but once you've got them off they go back easily. I only replaced mine because one was split but if they look ok they should be alright, unless you replace them for peace of mind. OEM is the way to go for a radiator if you can afford it, there are plenty of non OEM ones but many won't fit a UK car without adaptions which isn't ideal. You'll also need 5 litres of Toyota ready mixed red coolant. The foam in-between the radiator and AC condenser will fall apart but I've always just left it off. This is how confusing aftermarket can be, both LS430 radiators but slightly different, the top one with the nozzle on the top far right will fit properly but the bottom one won't because it doesn't have it so would need adapting. And some now don't have radiator caps.
  12. Have you tried reseting these via turning steering wheel lock to lock to lock to lock, should reset sensors and lights go away.
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  14. Quick question - has anyone recently had a problem with ladies foundation makeup staining the black vinyl seats on their NX 300 - leaving a kind of faint white deposit ?
  15. All very inconsistent. The RC F specifications states you can use 95 RON. The GS F states you should use 98 RON, but you can use 95 if 98 isn't available. The LC states 98 RON or greater (which is around 94 octane using the America rating system).
  16. Yes I decided to recheck the diagnosis before i destroyed the hub bearings so I boxed it up and swapped the rear tyres side to side and gave it a run. the nearside was still quiet but the drive side had reduced to a slight rubbing, nothing like it was so it may be the tyre wear does not agree with being on the offside. I am going to give it another run tomorrow and see where we go from there.
  17. May we know a bit more about that CarPlay wireless adapter? How does it work now? Any freezes, any broken connections? Thanks for sharing.
  18. Thanks for the honourary wings but having seen your car in the flesh you can be captain and I'll accept copilot!
  19. Wow, that does look like it was just in time...
  20. Yes and I have NEW front struts and mounts so these should last last that much longer now. Thanks to all that have commentated,
  21. Hi Damer, - the 2015 Premier does have full leather power seats - for which I am grateful. Thanks for the response.
  22. Hi David you're very welcome. The splitter cable sounds like a good solution. My car is on its second Alpine so now has an INE-W987D HU and many other silly enhancements to improve the audio experience over stock. It's a long (not so) well documented story but if you like the stock look, I would give it a miss. My car is not for the SC430 purist 🤣🙃 but a Soarer fan might understand the intent. There's some good threads on cameras worth searching. WiL 44 has the best solution I've seen so far.
  23. Finally got set up thanks to Zotto who helped with software and my mate. Anyway all good.
  24. I purchased one of these really good magnet in the mount, and put the metal disc in my phone case it never moves .
  25. Thanks! Really happy with this car it was very well taken care off. The car came it felt so much better inside than I expected for a 10 year old car. If has aged so well! I was not disappointed with the drive or aesthetics. These are the pictures from the advert , Its rained a little and haven't had too much time to admire the car yet. This weekend will be me and the lexus 😄 This is an SE-i not the SE-L so missing 2 or 3 things from being fully loaded but I'm not phased by that
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