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  2. Wow, I feel I am in the company of scientists after reading Colin's and Bob's last posts. Goes to show how advanced engines have become and yet we all just take it for granted, turn a key and go. Fantastic insight into what is chemical Engineering really. Thanks guys. I think I will go back to Carlisle where I feel more confident in getting some real assistance.
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  4. Bit of an interior change

    I usually like the wood effect however when I see the transformation you have performed on your vehicle, I must admit ,it looks fantastic and you should be well pleased with the finished result. I'm pretty sure many members will be envious of the look you have achieved. Well done you.

    Hi Jack Great visual example of movement on trolley jack when being used, which highlights the main reason for the jack pad being twisted and deformed, however as you stated in an earlier post, correct position for trolley jack is to be used from front or rear of vehicle. If used correctly and vehicle is lowered onto jack pads( hockey pucks) then I would expect no twisting or deformation would be evident as all force would be on a downward motion onto the jack pads. I've owned a trolley jack for many years and was never aware it should not be used from the side of the vehicle, so I'm very appreciative of the your helpful safety advice.
  6. Might there be a couple of ISFs coming onto the market soon then (reading the above)?!
  7. Occasional use

    What is that labelled as on the underside of the cover? It doesn't look like a fuse, more like a jump connector. Does the alarm still function with this removed? Not sure your insurance company will pay out if you have disabled that and it gets broken into/stolen.
  8. In the case of the IS300h it is mainly air that is pushed back into the inlet manifold and the piston that is on it's intake cycle will draw it in. Most of the fuel is added at the top of the compression cycle through the direct injection system (I say most because the engine also has port injection too). For the NX300h, which isn't direct injection, only port injection, it will be the correct ratio of fuel and air that is pushed back. The injectors will only add only enough additional fuel for the additional fresh air drawn in to get the overall mixture correct. Also remember that these engines have variable valve timing, the effective compression ratio is increased at higher rpm to something much nearer the actual compression ratio when maximum power is required.
  9. Had four new tyres fitted today and tracking adjusted Initial impressions on todays wet and cold roads are very positive. Firstly the only negative is lack of rim protection. Now the positives. Firstly the car now feels more planted and the ride is much softer than the OE Dunlops. This is especially noticeable when negotiating speed humps. They are also much quieter. The grip in the wet seems also to be much improved. So initial impressions are very positive.
  10. New member

    Greetings and welcome!
  11. Hi Charlieboy3 - i took off my driverside roof rail and tapped the whole length of the rain gutter - this stopped the leak instantly, i then (a bit extreme) in the end i took out the headlining and the A frame pillar covers and saw water coming on from the top corner where the screen/body work meet - i believe the rubber bonding between the screen and the bodywork had come away/perished or something - this allowed moisture in initially, then over the years due movement, expansion/contraction the gap got larger and made the problem worse until such time it allowed water in. It got so bad the whole of the interior windscreen was wet or iced when very cold. i had the windscreen replaced today - so should be ok - finger crossed, time will tell
  12. disable tmps

    Yes it is. Procedure below. I have external aftermarket sensors for the wide wheels. When I disconnected the TPMS module I did also tape the connectors up to make sure they are isolated from everything else. part copied from clublexus - put shifter in Neutral - open up center console - pull the whole heated seat module straight up, it will come up. disconnect - you will be able to pull up the wooden part that surrounds the shift plate (close to center console) - once it's up, the only point holding it are two clips right below the radio - once it's out, you will see the TPS unit right below the radio - unplug BOTH plugs, one small on the right and one bigger one on the left - put everything back and enjoy
  13. Mk4 LS400

    Are those Nissan 350Z wheels?
  14. No LEDs run cool - that's why they use so little current - it's wasted in a normal bulb heating up the element to a temperature where it will emit light. The 60 watt equivalent LED in my desk lamp is barely warm. That's why they last so long, too.
  15. Very nice seats 👍🏻 Would never have crossed my mind that they would fit - nice job👍🏻
  16. Transformers

    I was more suprised about Lexus space ship in Valerian.... Though it gets wrecked as well. I guess that is the purpose of cars in action movies...
  17. Thanks to all, I think I will keep the car in a warm place over winter - say, the Bahama's !!! Parkman.
  18. Hey anyone here tried the fix for the wiggling wires ? Smutts is not here anymore and its a shame because I really wanted to talk with him My is220d is still smoking :( and 25mpg at best
  19. Thanks for the comments, Linas . It would be nice to practice my snow-driving, but as you said ... snow is quite rare in the UK!
  20. Trackers

    Issue with the trackers is that they expect them so usually know where to look. Or they just park it up for a few days to see if its being tracked.
  21. Brake Wear Warning - LS430

    China? Well each to their own but I would never put parts from China on my lexus.
  22. Parking tickets

    was about 3 years ago so they still might try to get me then ............... oh, the relevant car has now been sold AND I think either gone to Poland or been scrapped ! I await their call with fear and trepidation Malc
  23. @ColinBarber I believe you are correct had e-mails back now fro Lexus Perth WA who confirm this as when trying to order for Australian customers the RC wheel with these part numbers turns up and DOES NOT FIT, they have been instructed not order in future when requested. Big Rat
  24. My thoughts exactly. My wife's Audi had an over zealous tester reporting surface corroded this and surface corroded that and it made it really difficult to sell. Fact of the matter is that it was no worse than most vehicles on the road which all have some surface corrosion on components underneath the vehicle. It was just an over zealous tester. I mentioned it to the local garage owner who apologised and said the tester was no longer with them. From the way he spoke I suspect that was the reason. So I wouldn't write it off but I would check it VERY carefully and specifically ask if it had been involved in a flooding incident.
  25. hoovies garage

    Interesting video, and for $1000 a bargain, even if only 200horses. That interior look amazing after so many years. I guess the original owner did not use it much to go to local tip When I was in US back in mid 90's used to see a lot of car -bras, but they can do a lot of damage if not fitted properly.
  26. For an IS350 BUT they have identical caliper/disc/pad combo..
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