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  2. Hi there was a thread a while ago where someone had replaced their chrome exhaust tips but had 1no of the originals for sale, can anyone point me in right direction as have tried to search but came up blank (better half lost one the other day)
  3. Congratulations to you both on a great choice & welcome to the club👍🏻
  4. As mentioned there is Rock Auto and Amayama but be prepared to pay for overseas postage and import duties, you could also try Lexus Spares Direct who supply to club members at a discount and are UK based. Here is a selection on Fleabay but with critical components like steering and suspension I would go OEM personally. Lexus part numbers are 43340-39505 for left hand side and 43330-39625 for right side plus you will need the nuts and split pins working out at around £90.00 a side retail.
  5. Hi all In the satnav handbook for my ct200h on page 70 it shows " CHANGING ROUTE INFORMATION" by pressing the Lexus display audio control button then select the "three dot" symbol to get a menu with 1 Travel time and 2 Traffic bar. Mine only shows option 2 "Traffic bar " Basically I want to display "distance to destination" during navigation. Anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong, if anything. Up until now I have had what I wanted but I thought I would see what this sub menu did !!!! big mistake now I can't get back to what I had. Any ideas gratefully accepted. Hope I have explained this OK
  6. Fitted the 4 mud flaps for my ES today. These flaps are a perfect 100% accurate fit and utilise existing Lexus locating points in the front and rear wing liners, no gaps between the bodywork and the flaps, perfect shape that follows the contours of the body panels. At £25 they represent a great deal for fussy owners who want to protect the front area of the body sills and the rear lower areas of the rear bumper. Given that Lexus don't sell flaps for the ES these ones took 2 minutes a corner to fit because they were designed by this Chinese company specifically for the ES. Well pleased. There are 3 sets left on E Bay. Type the address below into E Bay if your keen to have a set and it should result in the site I found. They arrived in 7 days from China. 4pcs-Molded-Mudguards-For-Lexus-ES-F-Sport-2019-Splash-Guards-Mud-Flaps
  7. Hi does anyone have the Grey Tail lights that only came out on the later is200's for sale? Cheers
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  9. Welcome Shah, looks to be a good price, fantastic car. I would hazard a guess that if you sold it after 12 months you'd be looking at £39k.
  10. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a driver to fall out of love with one`s Lexus Mark ! Welcome home.
  11. Checkout those toys! Very nice. Hehe, it almost looks like your radiator took a liking to bubble gum! Will be interested to hear what you think of Toyotek as they're not far from me.
  12. Thanks for that.. It's well camouflaged though. I found nothing in the index of the manual S/N DVD wise but it is in the manual on pages 10 &11. Open the glove box lid, push "MENU" button, touch "MAP DVD" switch and touch "DVD" switch in bottom left hand corner of the screen. I said in an earlier post I bought a full wallet of manuals in excellent nick including the Sat/Nav disc but it doesn't work. The disc with the car is fine. The pic on the left is my disc and it's the other one which won't play. The Europe disc is marked.....86271 53060, 86271 60V660 2005/2006 Ver 1. The white Lexus one V11.0 04/2006. Any thoughts on that before I inform the ebay seller.
  13. Electronic handbrakes the toyota boys hate them with a vengeance 1200+ to replace almost as bad as DMV (dual mass flywheels )and weak clutches 1000+ to fit , diesel injectors 1200 quid +fitting ,oh the terrible air suspension on the the Rx you have to remember you pay out so little only high servicing cost over 10 years .
  14. I usually just get new ones once a month and when the car gets dirty.I just drop it off at the body shop for a respray on the way to the golf course .cant be done with all that peasant cleaning stuff 🤡
  15. Too be honest if you only need the compressor any car make will do it's only a few wires etc and maybe modify the frame mount ,it only pumps air after all .
  16. Done nearly 1000 miles over the last 5 days - including some very “spirited” driving in the highlands. Must admit impressed with the performance of the EBC reds, now they’re well and truly bedded in, bite is much better than the std pads and dusting seems to be less. And no squealing. Had a cracking drive today, from Dornach via Bonar Bridge to Kylesku. Spot of lunch at the Kylesku Hotel - very good very fresh seafood, then headed north up the coast and back over the tops via Loch Shin and Lairg back to Dornach. Some absolutely amazing roads and stunning, take your breath away scenery. Class.
  17. Hi, I hope one of you guys can give me some advice please. My RX300 year 2005 air suspension has died. Looking now to find a conversion kit that will be suitable , I have seen a few options, but unfortunately the suppliers are not exactly forthcoming with information. The car is stuck in Romania and we do not have much help from any mechanics we have met so far. Thanks in advance for any advice and options.
  18. ...looking for a reliable air suspension conversion for our RX300:
  19. Loving it. I miss the super charger that I had on the F type R but it has other qualities that the Jag didn't have. Such as: Its screwed together better. More comfortable. IMO better looks. Seat are fantastic. Love this colour. Sound system unbelievable. And this is only after a few days. Commences from friends are they refer it to the Jag. Not had much time to play but I will. Jonathan
  20. Neither does my IS. And you can never get too much of the 2JZ imo Around the £45 mark... We're not hijacking your thread Ron. I like to think we're promoting it
  21. Check the Grom website and YouTube channel also the thread here. And yes ( I thought) it was easy to fit, after watching others dismantle their 250 dash on YouTube.
  22. I stuck with the originals, I did consider having SS tips but it’s hard to imagine the Red with any changes that don’t suit the colour, probably the only downside to its colour 🤔
  23. Good afternoon. My spare key fob back cover is broken around the screw... I have seen online that you can buy just the back cover genuine but i am not sure about part numbers. I found this on eBay UK. Not sure if its right one....can anyone advise me with part numbers? Thanks
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