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  2. Plus one for Dave at Lex Tek, not far from Rother Valley Country Park. Recommended
  3. d3ron

    I Have a need

    I've got white leather on my 2010 '59 plate.
  4. They're among the softest of UHP tyres, sure, but distinctly stiff compared to a touring tyre with a thin sidewall and balloon profile (eg p7 cinturato). That was my point, rather than the f1 being the stiffest.
  5. Just examples of how others do it ­čśÄ Personally I think the column mounted paddles look too big. Is it easy to accidentally catch on them? That said the buttons on the back of my AMG caught me out a couple of times! Unintentional down shift while negotiating a roundabout, leading to lots of sideways action ­čśü
  6. I read about this virtually every week on the uk site As above, people buying diesel for low mileage and short journey lifestyles. Why don't people do proper research before buying! That's what great about reading honestjohn and this forum......
  7. Today
  8. There´╗┐´╗┐ is a kit called VSI 2.0 DI from Prins. Anybody had this installed´╗┐´╗┐?´╗┐
  9. Achie

    Lpg Good Or Bad

    There´╗┐´╗┐ is a kit called VSI 2.0 DI from Prins. Anybody had this installed´╗┐´╗┐?´╗┐
  10. There´╗┐´╗┐ is a kit called VSI 2.0 DI from Prins. Anybody had this installed´╗┐´╗┐?´╗┐
  11. There´╗┐´╗┐ is a kit called VSI 2.0 DI from Prins. Anybody had this installed´╗┐´╗┐?´╗┐
  12. There´╗┐´╗┐ is a kit called VSI 2.0 DI from Prins. Anybody had this installed´╗┐´╗┐?´╗┐
  13. Moiz

    Problem Opening Fuel Filler Flap

    I had this problem on my LC500h this afternoon. Pulled into a busy petrol station , pressed the release button in the car, heard what sounded like the solenoid operating properly, and it was but the flap didn't open. Tried loads of times, eventually having to give up and drive away without filling up, much to everyone's annoyance.. . Pulled in along the road from the garage and luckily enough my hubby was in the car who could press and hold the release button while I prised the flap open from the top right hand corner with my fingers. I then had to drive back to garage to fill up with the fuel flap open. Needless to say I was well embarrassed. Hubby say's it looks like the flap isn't springy enough to pop open when the solenoid releases and wonders whether the spring hinge mechanism is adjustable to give it more springiness - he has just checked and it is not adjustable. He attached a piece of polyurethane foam with double sided 3M tape to the inside of the rectangular recess next to the solenoid. This helps to push the flap open when the solenoid release the catch. When closed the flap is flush again with the car. It works a treat. A 10 pence fix for an 80k car.
  14. Toughers87

    Is200 Sport whining noise (video)

    So the whining when idling goes away when I step down on the clutch? Any clues?
  15. There is a LPG systeme VSI 2.0 DI available for the IS250 feom the brand Prins. I am considering fitting that on the car. Did you have your Lexus converted to LPG yet?
  16. First_Lexus

    New Range Rover Evoque. Would you?

    My brother-in-law has just ordered a Velar rather than going for an RX, even though he admits the Land Rover engine (diesel) is underpowered and rough and he knows about the reliability concerns. His rationale is that it will be bought on a PCP, will be under warranty, and that he won't care if it keeps going wrong (we will see!). These days I think reliability is less of a concern for many people as they only plan on (effectively renting) a vehicle for 2-3 years from new. Have to say I'm amazed that the PCP deal on a Velar was cheaper than on the RX - a measure of Land Rover sales woes I guess - but the real clincher for him was image. Personally I think the image is pretty naff - think footballers and their wives - but it would seem I'm in the minority. I've already told him that I'll laugh - a LOT - the first time he gets stranded...
  17. colin79666

    Adaptive Cruise control.

    I usually got for the middle setting. Only a few idiots cut me up at that and it is far enough back to avoid stone chipping from stuff kicked up by the vehicle in front. I go with the longest setting if it is really wet.
  18. penguinpaul

    Identifying and updating CT Navigation

    I'd be happy to pay that if I could find somewhere that would actually do it... One of the main gripes for me is a software bug in the firmware version I've got - the first time on every startup that you navigate to the setup or phone or climate tab, it gives the warning of "don't use the map while driving", and the only option is "Show Map", and it takes you to the map! Despite wanting to go to the phone, or climate settings.
  19. Mark6pot

    New RCF owner

    Great choice of car and colour. Well done.
  20. You can easily buy them in Europe - check countries where such parts are more common - like Poland. - Front right - Front left - Rear Because of current weakness of pound they are around ┬ú22 each. Shipping normally is in ┬ú20 area for DPD 4 day service (up to 20kg). No VAT or duty to pay - at least till March next year ­čśë For whole set you should pay just over ┬ú100 delivered, and those are one of the best replacement ones, not so far from OEM ones. Cheap ones are starting at 5┬ú front and ┬ú4 rear ones - ­čÖé
  21. Grumps

    Living with my NX

    I use Rain x on all side and rear windows. The FAQ questions on the Halfords web site goes some way to answering the question on whether you should use it on plasic. FAQs.pdf
  22. First_Lexus

    2018 NX Luxury

    ^^ I wouldn't really call it a problem, it's just that both my current NX and my previous NX (different colours) seem to have very brittle paint - worse than I'd expect from a 'premium' brand and worse than most of my previous cars. The shine and finish are excellent, but prone to damage in my experience. I've got more stone chips - on the front and lower sides - after 4K miles and 6 months than I had on either of my previous Hondas after 3 years and 40k miles. That's a bit of a disappointment, and it will make me think twice about another Lexus when the time comes to change. We'll see how it fares as time and mileage progresses further. There are a few interior rattles starting too - more like vibrations and creaks. I'll also see whether those develop and probably get them looked at when it goes in for its first service. They are minor, but a little surprising. Granted, my driving is on mainly rural roads which are rutted and full of potholes, but I wasn't expecting such issues from a Lexus. Minor issues perhaps, and not issues that are preventing my enjoyment of the car.
  23. Just noticed my recently-offloaded car is on ebay at an indie dealer. It's a silver 53 reg car on 107K, in Norwich. If anyone's interested and wants the inside skinny on it drop me a PM. Cheers.
  24. You could try blowing air down the tubes. I did, didn't work and I got my local garage to do it for me, never asked how. Probably wouldn't use a coat hanger. A few how to vids on youtube iirc. Iirc it's in the side of the d/s footwell. It's a few years since I did mine. I used a paperclip with insulated pliers. Try messing with the fuel cap, you may be surprised.
  25. Nails

    2001 GS300

    Thanks for that, but if it were coming from the filter would I not be getting a wet carpet up front instead? A;though I guess water could be moving around under the carpet which is a worrying thought. Where exactly are these drain holes? Are they easy to locate?
  26. runsgrateasanut


    That's interesting Phil, but many times I go out of the house and open the boot with a key and don't unlock the Car with the button press. Its only on rare occasions that it sets off the alarm. I would think that you should be able to open the boot with a key without disarming the system. Sure I'm not alone in finding it tedious that you can't unlock the boot when the Car Engine is running. Times I've had to switch off so the Customs Gendarmes in Calais can check the boot - just a bit of an inconvenience. Do later Cars still have this system? Seems silly as you are not going to want petrol or to open the boot whilst the Car is in motion.
  27. Just a quick update, over the last weekend I left my car with the guy who does car interior refurb, just found the guy online. he had a go tried to adjust things and add a bit more foam to a seat base, it is better now but nothing as good as it should be, I can still feel it's not right. That'e me almost £200 down and the issue is still kind of there, I am sure the guy did the best he could but it is not perfect. No idea what to do now. This issue and skipping front tires at very slow speed really kill all the enjoyment from the car!
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