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  2. When i was in the market for a car before i got the GSF the C63(4.0 Biturbo Saloon) was a very serious consideration for me, in fact it was my first choice before deciding on the GSF. I had done a lot of research on the C63 and came back with the conclusion that it's an amazing car with an epic engine that one would only keep within it's warranty and then move on. My priorities were to get a daily driver that i would be keeping for a very long time and one that was fairly easy to maintain. Hence the decision was easy for me (although i may have been a little biased as a previous owner of a Lexus that ran for 12 years and has never missed a beat) and since the GSF is quite rare, it is nice to have some people do double takes when they look at the car. Following your previous thread, your decision was between the LC500 and the C63. In my opinion, between the 2 i think the LC500 looks more special inside and outside. In terms of performance, the C63S would probably take it. I love the iconic C63 (in coupe form) but if it was between the LC500 i'd take the LC and be really happy with the decision simply because it has more than enough performance for road use and it certainly looks more exotic that a C63.
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  4. Thanks for the clarification, but isn't the sticker number plate mounted vertically just like a normal plate? I can understand if it obstructs the view or is difficult to see on speed cameras etc... But I've received a few shots of my car going into the congestion zone with no issues so far, so it doesn't seem to be obstructive 🙂 Anyway I guess only time will tell and I'll update you guys if I do ever get stopped for the sticker plate in future. It does look much nicer without the plate holder 😉, looks clean.
  5. Ben01

    Picked this up today

    I used to Grandas Scorpio, I still has soft spot for them. First we had a few 2.0 OHC low-end, next a few 2.9 non-cosworth auto, bulletproof engine and transmission fits (not like cosworths and 4.0, A4LD family transmission was too weak for them). Last one I scrap a year ago (ok, she has left in garage for 2 more years), with mileage like 300k and more than 10 yrs with us. And this fleet included Merkur Scorpio, unique "double bullet-proof" version. Except rust after 15+ years they were pretty good and loaded for these range and prices, and easy to keep on the road for decades. And one huge selling point for me - interior space, like from another planet. It was unbeliveable for normal people (and merc or audi owners...) how big was scorpio 86-92 inside, even my GS is smaller, I am not sure if normal LS from that era was comparable. Typical joke was "put an audi guy in front, after a minute tell him to set up seat full back, he is a bit shocked by leg room, and next told him to look how much room is still behind front seat and you could learn from a guy new bad language instantly". There is a great story behind these Grandas and Scorpios, with main designer Uwe Bahnsen as main character, but it is another topic. And many friends were same with Sierras, Scorpios, people have moved now to volvo, audi, me - into lexus, but still a few of them keep roadworthy Scorpios and Sierras, just for fun and sentiment, even as daily ride. And my yankee fords were fine too, thunderbird 5.0HO was the nice coupe, with better suspension than any factory mustang same era and engine, she flew like locomotive (OK, and she was thirsty like one), only problem with her with this torque and limited slip diff and no any traction control, she was a really tyre-eater 😎 Ford Explorer 1gen. was a bit less reliable with a-bit-too-much-bore 4.0 and transmission a-bit-to-weak, and rust above average, but as a daily solid SUV, on the proper frame and with american gadgets, 4x4 and load/volume, it was a nice workhorse too. As above comments, from all medium level brands (ford, opel/vauhall, VAG, etc.) Ford always looks for me "honest" and "you got what you pay, no less, sometimes a bit more". Not like European GM "you got much less for your pay" or VAG "you has to pay much more what you got (if anything good at all)". But on the other hand, I am biased, because I never tried any distantly possible troublesome version from Ford (or in broader view - from any other manufacturer too). I never owned private diesel, turbo, or any oversofisticated or powerfull as "HP per litre" stuff. Probably this is a reason I am mostly happy with my old bangers. If I would tried Ford with infamous VM diesel, or fine but costly cosworths, or any one with detoriated modern electric/electronics, probably I would have different memories. Closer to VW 2.0 diesel or many vauxhall owners experiences.
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  7. Can you do it again please Barry, as a proper tutorial with step-by-step instructions and lots of photos? Seriously though, good job, well done. I've always enjoyed working on my own cars and you do get a fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you've achieved something.
  8. Neil E

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Great work Rob, it's getting there....Perhaps you could go side by side with one of the F Club guys.
  9. More I think about this the more I may stay over the night....
  10. I won't be able to make this one, hats off to @NothernDan for making it all happen. Good job 👍
  11. 200h

    Help Required (IS300H)

    i went straight to the 2 wires that go into the floor lighting remove the under panel below the glovebox and above the pedals, the panel on the passenger side is held in with a few clips the panel on the drivers side is held in place with 2 screws disconnect the plug from the light and you will see the 2 wires just tap into these. here is a video of the lights in the dark. these lights cost me £64 , £29 for the lights £32 for dhl posting (received in 4 days ) £3 import duty Lexus illuminated door sill.3gp
  12. That's no velour. It's wool! Seen as the higher option in Japan than leather. Cool in summer warmer in winter. I drove an imported 1996 celcior with it in a few years back. It's lovely stuff.
  13. It could be disputed there are no more fog lamps but DRLs, and retrofitted DRL could be manual operated, so sort-of fine. But if we are on legal stuff: "Some of the guidelines state that only two DRL are needed (no more and no less), they must only emit white light to the front and positioned between a height of 25cm and 150cm with a 20 degree outwards and inwards horizontal angle of visibility and a 10 degree inwards and upwards vertical angle of visibility. " (and IIRC wide no less than 60cm?) means fog lamps are not fit for the purpose, they are too low. Probably nobody cares in UK, but on the continent in some countries there is no space to discuss with road police about this issue, if lamp is too low, it is not DRL but fog lamp (or anything and call it Susan), in best case switch off please, in worst case ticked. On the other hand, any idea for home grown DRLs (powerful LEDs, hibeam half-light, fog lamp conversion) is not stricte legal in EU, if lamp has no RL/E4 marking (means proper certificate). And it is maybe unprobable, but still possible issue with MOT or road police. I have once this issue "combined", with barely legal height DRLs ("blue" retrofitted DRLs on photo, 25cm in axis), when I was "oh f off, this is 25cm and it is ok" guy was "Yeah, maybe, so let's look for marking" (it was here, so I won this part). They pulled me for missing plate of course, but you know the drill, "if we stay here, let's play here".
  14. no! I have a square JDM plate which screws into the tow hook. For pictures and private events it comes off 😈
  15. Hey guys, long time no post - but I'm hoping you can help me out! On Friday I am embarking on a trip around Europe in the LS430 (2004) for a family holiday. I was hoping to wire a 12V socket in the boot - but I cannot identify a suitable switched live to tap in to - can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  16. Around 2003 there were a number of different versions of DVDs around. I remember buying the wrong DVD for my old IS200 (2001 model). The error message you describe is the same as what I remember from all those years ago. If you could post a photo of the DVD you have and a photo of the startup screen (the one that says "I agree") I might be able to work out if the disc is correct and which one you would need if it is wrong. I have a spare DVD here which I'm happy to send to you, but I think it might be from a newer system.
  17. TBH the spring rates don't look too harsh, certainly experienced far worse in the past. Will stick them on the list of possible purchases. Cheers for the info!
  18. Keep it friendly and for the record, we don't have trolls living on this forum.
  19. I second the above - the carousel graphics and the rotary controller would indicate that you have the non-premium navigation system. This doesn't support Lexus Connected Services so there isn't anything you can do remotely via the website - this is why the option to register your system isn't displayed.
  20. Cezar B

    Man Vs Food

    No Ale? 😁
  21. Very limited. I would have upgraded 2 years ago if I would have any choice... I was thinking BMW 640 2012+, BMW i8, RC-F, RC300h, M4, 430d/i... I want coupe in general, but don't want performance car, but it has to be RWD and faster then 7s 0-60, it would be great if it could be hybrid, but the only 2 I can think of are i8/RC300h... Work can offer me BMW 530e/330e, MB C350e/E350e, Volvo S90 T8 - but no Coupe and the pricing are not great. Hence I will continue complaining that Lexus has no RC350 or RC450h, or RC300h Plug-in which does 0-60 in 5.8s ... I guess
  22. Linas.P

    What Makes a Premium Car these days?

    I was thinking to get IS220d or IS200t - two worst cars Lexus made and then moan here about them every day. It is Cat-N, which means I can simply continue driving it as it is....
  23. Sorry just realised didn't answer your question (3 months late) 🙂 , I got a second hand set from different sellers on ebay, some were in wood and some were black and some were the oem trim and then had them sanded and real carbon fiber applied (no vinyl stickers used)
  24. Centre100

    SatNav 2018 NX are there problems ?

    OK. Installed DCU & MCU and updated. Audio was 1003 now 1401 Navigation was 1461 now 1511 I'll update the Nav dbase tomorrow. Tks again.
  25. Try searching for 245/40-18 instead. It's a far more popular size and the difference is negligible if you switch. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  26. malcolmw

    RC300h Comparison Test

    In case you have not seen the review, the cars compared to the RC300h are: Kia Stinger 2.0t Audi A5 TFSI Ford Mustang 2.3 ECOboost.
  27. few pics from refitting rear trim on my 2004 car . probably a 2003 Build. New amp arrived was fitted,straight forward plug and play sound system all up and running Yipeeeee. Cleaned a lot as i refitted straight forward methodical process also re colored all those unreachable parts while the rear was disassembled .
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