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  2. You nailed it here. Most people will charge just a days worth of commutting, or charge every few days. Rarely will you reach 0 and charge to 100% on any day. EVs will help smooth out demand by using surplus power, eg wind power, overnight when little else is being used. It already happens. On the Octopus Agile tarriff they sometimes charge negative overnight to encourage people to take the excess. Then there may come a time when smart chargers are used to manage demand and still finish in time for you to leave in the morning. You mentioned 22kw charging at home... that needs a three phase supply which will cost you a few thousand. I find 7kw fine. I'm on Octopus Go (My referral link is if you want to switch - we each get £50 credit) and get 5p/kw charging from 00:30 to 04:30 and that's usually long enough to charge my daily usage. Also it equates to about 1/10th of the price of petrol. (The £50 credit I got on referral effectively gives me 3,000 miles free fuel.)
  3. I use Cheltenham and like you have gone from 500 miles a week to virtually zero. They always do a good job and give me a 15% gold member discount which for the big Service is not to be sniffed at.
  4. One must be very careful about terminology. A Lexus Extended Warranty from a. Official Lexus Dealer is like a Gold Clock and covers ALL MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL FAILURES OF A PROTECTED PART. An extended warranty from a motor dealer is often not worth the paper it is written. So, read every line extremely carefully. Nigel`s appears to be the former and Nicky`s, the latter. One pays one`s money and one makes a choice!
  5. Hi @200h Thanks for your reply, this is exactly what is happening and above all I'm able to reproduce it easier now 😄. Would you have by chance the invoice of the repair? I'm interested on parts you need for this.. Cheers, Leo
  6. Cheltenham is good and if you are a gold member will get 15% off.
  7. Stunning car! Look forward to hearing all about it once you have it.
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  10. I went for it on my 2014 RX when the Lexus approved warranty ended after its first year. It's low mileage and showed no signs of the warranty being necessary, but I felt it was worthwhile for peace of mind. The MoT test fees get paid, and the two years of AA European breakdown cover is useful to me as we visit France each year (well, usually).
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  12. What do you guys think about buying extended warranty? the dealer I’m looking at is offering RAC platinum warranty for £290 for a year. From my understanding they only cover mechanical failure not wear and tear (which they use to get out of most things I thought) not sure wether to just bank the money for any issues that may occur?
  13. Looked into it a bit. Will be a neat and tidy install, but not the greatest dash cam available. Decided to go DIY. Not prepared to pay £100 for an invisible wire.
  14. Hi guys I am looking to get a dash cam for my RCF if anyone already install please do give feedback so I can go ahead with a system? I think Lexus dealerships also have a dash cam option and love to know if anyone went for their system?
  15. My understanding is that their % share of BEV sales has gone down since mainstream manufacturers have brought out their own cars that compete with Tesla. The cult of Tesla knows no bounds though. Owners think the cars are cool, they happily put up with faults most of would be horrified with, they happily put up with poor build quality and they love their cars. Mainstream manufacturers are and will continue to execute better than Tesla will ever do and that’s what will count in the longer term I think.
  16. Seriously?! In the metal bodywork!? I wouldn't be happy... 😱
  17. An Ottoman 600h is an amazing car to experience. I'm saving my coins to gift one to my parents as their retirement present. A perfect car to spend their golden years 🙂
  18. Hi we have a similar car to yours. Ours is a Ct200h. We have a service plan with the dealership and it’s to with age and distance not just mileage. The dealership always provides us with a checklist and our car did 28k and it’s a 14 plate. They changed the spark plugs and other items. They also did a engine flush as well free of cost. If you’re a pay as you go customer I recommend buying a service plan and 2 for 1 warranty as the mots are free and you get personal AA cover. I hope this helps. We just renewed our service plan for a 4 year plan as it was much cheaper compared to pay as you go.
  19. Hi I'm afraid I have to agree with Mike ;I am fortunate that as an old school engineer I have been servicing my own and family members cars for longer than I care to remember ,but ,if you are not in this position my advice would be to take a 2014 car to an independent garage where the owner is supervising ,you will get paperwork you can produce when you sell the vehicle and my small experience with main dealer fitters with Technician on their overalls is not good .Case in point ,the first Lexus I bought years ago was an 1 owner 200 Sportcross 7 years old 35000 miles full Lexus service every year. It was not immaculate ,bit tatty round the edges but a good buy passed on to a local garage by the main dealer as he did not put it in his stock ,so for a good deal less than main dealer stock I bought this car all the preparation that was done was it had a bucket of water thrown over it prior to sale . It ran a bit roughly on the 200+ mile journey home but no worries .When I serviced it became obvious services had not been carried out to my satisfaction ,the main problem was I believe the air cleaner had never been touched I filled an Asda plastic bag with debris and junk from the filter and trunking ,the pollen filter wasn't much better.I contacted the Lexus dealer to check the book with stamps was genuine and matched their records I was told it was and had it pointed out to me I did not know what I was doing -if I did I would know the service interval to change the filter is 40000 miles all this in a car which takes 35 seconds to remove and check the air filter Forgive the long post Stay safe Dave
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