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  2. 2007 rx400h SE-L The sat nav is unbelievable clunky. I traded in a 2013 Renault Traffic van with sat nav for this piece of junk!!! Great car, but, can't believe how unfriendly the sat nav is. The Traffic was easy to use and very user friendly. I expected the same or better from Lexus, can't believe how bad it is. 1, Whatever destination i put in there is no ETA readout. I have the distance, but, not actual time. I've checked every setting and read the manual back to front and still can't find an answer. This is a big issue for me as I'm not that interested in the directions, but, more the ETA. I'm thinking it's most likely a blown fuse, any ideas? 2. My headlight washers don't work. I topped up the washer fluid and tried them with the headlights on and no joy. Again I'm thinking that this maybe a fuse needs replacing. Anybody have any answers?
  3. DJ Les

    New owner, just joined the forum.

    Thanks, you guys can find me here;
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  5. I think you will find out soon that you post will be regarded as advertisement and removed, I believe you need to be gold member to do it here. Anyhow - selling cars and setting up the price is pretty much supply and demand thing i.e. how sought after is the car you selling + how quickly and desperately you need to sell it, or how quickly and desperately other party wants to buy it. If you want to sell car at bit higher price it needs to stand out in some way - some rare option, some desirable features etc. Otherwise you go and check what your age, mileage and spec cars selling for. The car not in the most desirable colour, it is not the most desirable brand in UK, it had no standing out features, the price is about right so no deal to be made, the condition is about right as well... I would not expect for people to flock for the price - it is not a bargain (and maybe you not intending it to be.. which is fine). Overall, £5500 for year and conditions seems reasonable (in fact I could not find better car in the price rage at the moment), but that is only in case you are prepared to wait literally months until it sells. If that is the case, keep it at that price... I think is very fair, but if you expect quick sell then you might be disappointed especially if you only using ebay (people then to look for a bargains there).
  6. JamMan

    Parrot ISO

    The part you're looking known as a SOT lead. This converts the ISO plugs on the Parrot kit ti the car specific plugs and allows the Parrot kit to mute the stereo and then route phone audio through the speakers. We sell these where I work but I don't know what we have in stock so I would have to ask. If this is of interest, send me a message with the spec and year of your stereo and I'll do my best for you. BTW, I opted for a Pure Highway 600 DAB, Bluetooth music and hands free unit in mine instead of the Parrot as it gives the added DAB radio function. Worth considering..
  7. We stock adaptors for Parrot kits where I work. Drop me a PM and I'll ask one of the tech dept. tomorrow for you. Does it have the basic / nav / Mark Levinson system?
  8. leighv

    Stereo problems....

    Just got back my SC430 after having the rear shocks, part of the exhaust replaced, etc, etc.... In short, I had installed a Grom Audio device, so that I could Bluetooth into the stereo, and play music from my phone, and make calls from my mobile. It's worked, pretty well, until now... In the past, the Grom sometimes was in limbo, and I had to restart the car if I wanted to hear the radio, cd player or the cassette (!!!) I mention this, as the sound when it was in limbo, is similar to what I am now encountering. Since getting the car back, I can't connect to the Grom, the sound from the radio, cd, (not tried the cassette) is the same as when it was in limbo. Question: what could be the problem? The mechanic said that he had to take the the back end of the car off (my partner's words), to change the shocks, which would point to a problem/connection with the amp. I've take the centre console out (as I did when I installed the Grom), and I can't see an issue, but any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Alexis1jz

    1992 Soarer 1JZ (Sitting 11 years)

    So for now, seeing as I got fook all done today aside from lifting valve covers I shall play “Thread Catchup” and get up some more pics from the last 4 weeks! Hopefully tomorrow I shall get to rotate the engine and check clearances etc. For now though PICS!!!
  10. VinnyB

    Negotiating for a new ES

    SH20 i am in huddersfield and got one of the first takumi cars in the country if you want i can meet you between hudds and leeds for you to have a drive i am now getting 52mpg which is brill vinny b
  11. Oh no! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. Only day in March I'm busy!
  12. rich1068

    1992 Soarer 1JZ (Sitting 11 years)

    Watching all this with interest.
  13. olliesgrandad

    New owner, just joined the forum.

    Welcome. Great forename 😀
  14. Date and time now set - Sat 9th March, 10am
  15. Date and time will be - Sat 9th March, 10am
  16. olliesgrandad

    Paint issues?

    That's a poor accident repair. I hadta similar but worse issue on my 2014 IS300h 2 days after it came out of the bodyshop. It cracked and was bubbling all over the rear quarter of the car. Suspect this issue may spread if its the same issue. A paint depth indicator may give antidea of how much of the car has been painted.
  17. olliesgrandad

    Paint issues?

    Sorry but Mercedes paint is just as bad, same with mini and alfa. Modern water based paints all seemtto chip easily.
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  26. rayaans

    Paint issues?

    Thats paint cracking so I would assume yes, its been repainted in the past Fortunately, I havent suffered from many chips at all even after plenty of motorway journeys Ive found sitting at 60mph behind trucks to be the worst!
  27. Alexis1jz

    1992 Soarer 1JZ (Sitting 11 years)

    The above pics are when I first saw it. Below pics is more of it as time goes on, To say the car was filthy is an understatement, and it still is. But all in good time 😉
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