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  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  5. Hey! So i have a Lexus is 220d 2009. I have the stock audio system. The one without touch screen. When i was looking for Lexus for sale, there was not even one car with the touch screen. Could someone with any experience with Lexus audiosystems tell me if i can or cannot rip the old system out and replace it with the touch screen unit. And also please tell me if i need adapters, re wiring etc... Thank you - Ozzo
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    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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  8. Thanks for replying! That sounds almost exactly the same except I can restart mine straight away and it generally lasts a lot more than 5 minutes, so sounds like your's was just in a worse state than mine is. That reassures me alot! Already got a replacement battery on order from Richard at Hybrid battery solutions from the recommendations here, will put the old battery on E-bay for people to buy, so should reclaim a lot of money from the new battery that way. I would guess the majority of the 80 cells in it are probably fine and can be reconditioned by the various companies with the equipment to do it properly. Just waiting for the slow boat from china with the new battery now! 🙂
  9. Clearly Lexus Woodford are staffed by expertert sales people determined to win your custom, having previously quoted you "my local main dealer has just quoted me £384! " The next thing they'll do is "Make you an offer you can't refuse" (which may or may not involve an horses head on your pillow!
  10. My 2007 GS450h developed a knocking noise at the rear at roughly the same mileage. More audible at speeds <30mph and over uneven roads. My first thought was worn swaybar links but the real culprit was the rear shock absorber. The noise has disappeared since replacing the rear shock. That shock was also leaking quite badly at the point when it was replaced.
  11. Good point, there are the inevitables that can’t be prevented. Was strange though the whole of the exhaust system was in very good condition bar this joint/gasket at the base of the cat, looking much more older/weathered than it’s years.
  12. Late in the day, but the Michelin Cross Climate also very good on the IS250, quiet and very grippy on streaming wet roads
  13. I questioned the original quote which was ridiculous and asked about the labour. I received the following reply. 'There are a few different methods of updating the navigation which varied between vehicle spec’s and ages however most updates are usually around £230.00 to carry out.'
  14. I can +1 what @Habu said. My local Lexus garage confirmed today that May 2020 will be go live on AA AC upgrade campaign, at a cost of £120. They are really open about the upgrade conversation and there is no hesitation anymore around this topic!
  15. evening Darren , yes i had the same outcome as well i am thinking about relocating the mic to see if that helps.
  16. Generally good list and as you said - if you planning to keep car it is worthy. Just one exception - treating exhaust is waste of time. In my experience exhaust will always rust from inside, before it rusts from outside. Further, when it gets hot waxes/anti-corrosion sealants will burn-off from the most affected areas (they are actually most affected for the same reason - heat cycles). High heat paint - may last a bit longer, but again - it will not prevent corrosion from inside, especially for the cars which does short journeys, low miles. The only benefit perhaps - it may make you feel better 🙂
  17. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  18. Hi All. I'm seriously thinking of buying a Lexus Sport Plus but, since all the reviews give the infontainment system a severe slating, I was hoping I could get the car with Apple CarPlay. I've read with interest all of your comments and speculation on this. I spoke to my local Lexus dealer the other day and he had no knowledge of whether Apple CarPlay might be introduced to new LC500s and/or as a retrofit. I then emailed Lexus UK and they replied that there are no plans to introduce Apple CarPlay to the LC500. Considering that Apple CarPlay is being introduced into some of the Lexus range I find it remarkable that Lexus's flagship model is not included. If anyone has any better knowledge on all this then I'd love to hear. Thanks
  19. I kind of knew eBay is high risk, but in my experience I have received fake part from Amazon and even EuroCarParts. For example I am pretty sure eurocarparts brembo brake pads were fake. Few years back when fitting new discs and calipers I had to change pads. I had spare brembo front pads from Amazon, but I hat to replace part worn rears anyway - ECP or carparts4less (which is same as ECP) had 50% discount that weekend for I got set of rear pads from them. 6k miles later I get red warning from dealer during the service - my front pads are still good, where rears are totally gone, like literally to the metal and wear indicators didn't even screeched - they broke right off. Now, that could be just my negligence.. but I know for a fact rear calipers were not binding/stuck, they have been just freshly refurbished and greased. Rear pads and disk usually last at least 2-4 times longer than fronts. For that reason I rarely check rear pads... most of the times only when changing fronts and they generally are ok. Basically, it is not possible rear pads worn so quickly if they were original Brembo. What I found as well.. is that outside pad was completely worn, but rear got chipped off in chunks... still had like 3mm in places, but the rest just chipped off. That scored rear discs as well - they not exactly designed for metal on metal action. In short I am sure the pads were definitely fake! Since then I do not buy sefate related parts from online sellers. I mean you can buy EBC pads from EBC, but ebay, amazon and even ECP are out of question. On the other hand sometimes there are no other option, especially in UK! e.g. my A/C pressure sensor failed - from Lexus the part alone is £287.40+VAT - that is because they only sell pressure sensor with entire charge pipe with goes around the engine and compressor. You cannot buy just a sensor - for £23 - I am 99% sure it is fake, but for £287 I can fit sensor and service A/C 3 times and still have money to spare. So far 2.5 years and fake sensor still kicking. As well - the dreaded headlamp washer covers! If you lose one, it will most likely fall with small plastic clip - the cover is actually decently priced directly from dealer ~£25 and comes colour coded straight away... the clips is different story! It is part of headlight washer assembly and you have to get whole assembly for £142.50+ VAT... optionally you can get two clips for £9 from china - which one you will go for? So I guess rationale is - counterfeit or pattern parts are ok... as long as they don't make part of your engine, gearbox, airbag or any safety related system... and as long as you know they are substandard and it does not matter for the application.
  20. Thanks Herbie, is it possible to remove without taking any trim out please? Jack
  21. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  22. Lay on your back in the driver's footwell and look up towards the dashboard, it's way up in there. I don't think you need to remove any trim, just have the slim arms of a kid and the dexterity of an artist
  23. Hi everyone My GS450h (with around 113k) has developed a rear knock. It tends to happen when coming to a stop or pulling away, it’s not brake related as it does it if I allow the car to come to a (near) standstill without touching the brakes. It also does it sometimes if I go round a roundabout. The noise also seems to move - i.e. it’s not always from the same area at the back. A preliminary look appears to sound like it’s from the prop or rear driveshafts so I thought I throw it out there so see if anyone has experienced this or knows of a common issue ? thanks in advance Nicky
  24. It is not heavier than GS mk4 (1721kg for 250 and 1865kg for 450h). Further, RC falls right in the middle in terms of weight of other cars it is based on. IS mk2 Convertible is 1763kg, GS mk4 is 1721kg and IS mk3 is 1630kg - that makes average of 1698kg... right on the spot of actual RC weight of 1695kg. So yes - it is heavier than IS.. because it has less than 1/3 of IS. Actually, it has more in common with GS - entire front section, front and rear suspension, engine mounts and subframe is GS. Front brakes are 4 piston from IS/GS350 - the brakes alone are 80kg. Middle section is from IS-C and I believe it was designed to have convertible option... so the car is stiff enough not to have a roof - sadly never happened and now it is just extra weigh. Lexus IS250 mk2 is 1580kg/204hp and RC200t is 1695kg/242hp - this works out at 129hp/ton for IS and 142hp/ton for RC. When it comes to torque it is even more noticeable 260Nm vs 350Nm - making it respectively 158 and 206Nm/ton. In short being heavier should make no difference - car is sufficiently more powerful "on paper". Problem is how the power is delivered, where it is in rev range and matching of gearbox to the engine. Again - it is just poor engine design and it is poorly optimised. I cannot feel the car being made from "better material" - if anything both mk3 IS and RC feels lighter/cheaper inside compared to mk2 which feels more solid/luxurious. Don't get me wrong - RC is still very well build, but just don't feels as sturdy. I generally agree that RC is kind of heavy, but the body is noticeably more rigid - perhaps that justifies it. I had 2019 BMW320d for 2 weeks as contersy car and I kid you not the body would flex so much you can hear door panels creaking. Once I did it accidentally when going of the pavement parking, but then probably 10 more times to make sure I am not dreaming and to show that to my friends/girlfriend. You can literally put the finger in the gap between door and front panel and feel it being pinched when going off the pavement. I guess to match RC rigidity and make it lighter the chassis should be made from CF.
  25. Whichever is the cheapest option for CarPlay to be possible. You will never ever use built in Nav if you can use the live traffic info and up to date mapping with the likes of Waze. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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