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  2. Thanks for clarifying; I got that. Notwithstanding, I choose to explain the functionality as available on the RX450h, which I believe Peter is after. If not available on earlier models (can you confirm this John?) then other RX450h drivers may still find this useful. Or am I ignoring a forum rule here?
  3. there are just over 500 LS600's in various forms still left in the UK
  4. stormchaser

    EGR problem

    I did give it a quick squirt with carb cleaner in the EGR and pipe. There were no error codes at all. To this day it hasn’t done it again. Monthly I give it a shot of fuel injector cleaner which makes a difference. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. stormchaser

    Do the headlights turn off automatically

    When they’re set to Auto they stay on when you switch the power switch off but they will go out when you open the drivers door. That’s what mine does. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  7. 200h

    Wheel sizes and MPG

    just make sure the wheels have come off a CT and not someone saying they will fit a CT from memory the pcd is 102.5mm this diameter isn't the everyday diameter for bolt holes.
  8. B1RMA

    Blue GSF Hindhead Tunnel today

    It was nice to meet up with you and Paul today too.
  9. You're more likely to see one in London, that's where I see most of them. Remember, admire them, but don't covet them!! And if you find yourself near West Sussex let me know, it's always good to meet another LS owner. And a word of advice. If you're at risk of eating your hat, take an edible one with you.
  10. jbi507

    Dash Cam Installation Advice

    Installed the nextbase 512gw and rear camera, the only real difficulty was installing the rear camera.
  11. You’ve put it more correctly than I did. If the tank has just been filled to the top the forecasting basis can only be the last known mpg, which until the variables such as style and types of road come into play, as they almost immediately will, is what the OBC believes you will maintain.
  12. NemesisUK

    Blue GSF Hindhead Tunnel today

    Great to meet you in person David. A very nice day at MB World ..
  13. On my way to MB World this morning to catch up with some MB owners and a couple of Lexus owners. I was overtaken in the tunnel by a blue GSF about 10 this morning.
  14. First thing I tired and it did something else 🧐
  15. Well, I have hundreds upon hundreds of miles over the next few days, 80% motorway so will be a good experiment.
  16. NemesisUK

    Wheel sizes and MPG

    Lexus would be the obvious suggestion but won't be cheap. When I enquired about 18" wheels (for winter tyres) on my RC Lexus quoted ~£2.5k for the four..
  17. Thanks Herbie 😀😀
  18. Ahh, didn't know it was a typo, thought you meant the PS4
  19. Try it with a diagonal strike-through? As Ø
  20. Congleton and probably, when it comes to car service parts, although I have no real basis on which to answer that. Sent from my PSP7551DUO using Tapatalk
  21. NemesisUK

    RCF Tyres prices

    I've always found Michelin tyres to be superb in the wet, even in the cooler months. Tried, briefly, Goodyears on my CLS55 and couldn't keep it straight under power. Michelin were very sure footed. Lasted well also, if one considers 9-11k miles before replacing at 3mm, good 😎
  22. I thought range was determined by multiplying the current MPG by the remaining tank content? The forecast range can change dramatically if you change driving style i.e. go from town driving to motorway, or start flooring it, the range will drop rapidly..
  23. Car looks really good with those blacked out accents @designo well done 👍 What are you going to change those Greddy's out to?
  24. I’ll try again. Where are they based John. Also one last thing. Do you think blue print and Bosch are about the same level of quality. Thanks again. You’ve been a great help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. That's odd - I bought some Peugeot washers from them only this week and paid by credit card (MasterCard)
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