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  2. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  3. Makes you wonder if somebody has been trying to lift directly on the sills without using some sort of slotted adapter. Regardless is poor workmanship and I would be even more ****** off that they didn’t tell me about it. 😤
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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  6. Managed to get the shorter belt on in the end today. As a last resort, I ended up hearing it up a little in the oven, just to make it a little more pliable and then with some brute force and a little knack of leverage it over the pump pulley, it eventually went on. Hurrah. I don't think it's going anywhere soon that for sure! I'll find out tomorrow when I have to do a 200 mile journey ( and yes, I am a key worker ).
  7. Start with the calliper furthest away from the master cylinder so normally NS rear, OS rear, NS front and OS front. I use one of those one way bleed pipes which cost a couple of pounds. If you are replacing the fluid I generally pump the pedal with the nipple open around 15 times then top up the reservoir again. 25 pumps on the rears and 15 on the fronts generally suffices or use a clear jam jar and empty every top up to see when the fluid becomes clear then you know the new stuff has gone through completely. Gentle with the bleed nipples, a squirt of WD 40 the day before helps and use a single hex ring spanner not a socket to give better feedback on tightness. When pumping the pedal push down slowly to the floor than keep your foot on the pedal to allow it to come back up slowly. Don’t over tighten the bleed nipples they just need nipping up. I always do mine with the wheel off, one at a time, it gives you better access and you can put the jar closer. Hydraulic jack and axle stand for safety. A litre is adequate for replacing the fluid.
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    This from a company that quoted me £1600 for my GS450h that I pay £268 fully comp with all the bells, and whistles in the real world with well known companies. It would be refreshing if they cannot be competitive just to say so instead of offering to insure at an exorbitant price. John.
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    Way to ***** on his bonfire Dan.
  10. So I came outside yesterday to find both tyres completely flat again, even on the one where I provided a replacement wheel I know to be good. So I had to have somebody come out for a third time to take a look. It appears there was corrosion as suspected, especially on the one we didn't replace. It appeared no effort was taken to try and remove it on any of the other visits. The paint was pealing and flaking right off, there's no way a tyre would have made a good seal on that surface. The guy that came today actually took photos to report it to the other guy's manager as obviously this wasn't acceptable. I was using I've used them for years and never before had any issue like this with them, I recommend them to everyone. Instead of trying to clean it up I just handed him over another spare rim I had which was much cleaner. He cleaned them both up and added some sealant. The replacement does have a slight buckle but nothing that can't be evened out with some weights. Hopefully when I go outside tomorrow I'll find they're still holding air. I don't fancy buying a new set of wheels at the moment. If I do buy a new set of wheels they won't be Lexus. I've had nothing but trouble with these wheels and I've had 3 sets of them. Two of the tyre fitters I spoke to told me Lexus wheels were not great. Surprising seeing how everything else on the car is so well made. In other news, I've had to get in touch with the company that built my exhaust for my last LS. I have it and want to fit it to my new one, but I can't use stock gaskets because they cut off the original flange on the cats and welded new ones on. I guess they did this so it would fit the flanges they have for the exhaust side, rather then trying to make ones that match up to the cats or use the old rusty flanges from the original exhaust. Also took advantage of the weather and treated it to some snow foam. I cleaned up the manky floor mats with the jet washer too. They came up looking much better then before. Hopefully they won't take too long to dry out. Tomorrow I think I'll finish off cleaning it, and wire up my dashcam and GROM-USB3 which I've been putting off for too long.
  11. Hi and welcome. With regards to insurance I'm afraid it would be extremely difficult to obtain competitive insurance even with a black box at 17 for that type of vehicle. Regards, Dan.
  12. Hi. Please feel free to give us a try for insurance if you wish. Regards, Dab
  13. not have to explain the origins of such plate to other internet forum users?
  14. prevent data mining companies from having yet another piece of information they can use to target with?
  15. prevent hounding by other internet users/reg plate sites who may be interested in purchasing said plate?
  16. prevent (or lessen the probability) of malicious actors from cloning the plate if they have stolen green ls400?
  17. Out of interest Phil, why did you block the reg just for a photo of your (any car )? I've seen cars for sale that do it but the reg is normaly visible to anyone & everyone 60 mins per hour for (20 years) if on/in a public place, so why block your reg number plate? I suppose another way of putting it is, wht on earth do you think is going to happen to your car if someone sees the reg number?
  18. Sami, Proslip No connection. John
  19. I am considering the 12v battery that sits in the boot. (It would seem some other models, particularly earlier ones had the 12v battery under the bonnet). I believe an alternative needs to meet the following criteria, which would exclude the MX5 battery on at least 2 counts. * replacement needs to be of a size that can be accommodated. The Lexus Pan battery is about 215 mm in length allowing for the beadlike protrusion near the top. The battery sits inside a plastic under-tray which has an upturned lip with space around the bottom of the battery and the lip. So if you wanted to retain the lip on this tray the maximum length of snug fitting battery would be about 220 mm as the the ends of the battery tray are slightly rounded rather than square. If you are prepared to remove the side lips and reroute a cable slightly that is clipped to it, you could just accommodate a battery up to the more standard size of 242 mm length but this would take the battery to within a couple of MM or so of the tyre on the spare wheel. It is possible to move the wheel off centre before tightening down to gain another 3 or so mm clearance. A similar situation applies with the width where the Pan battery is about 165 mm + say 5 mm for the bead. A replacement battery of 175 mm would be a very tight fit although easier if one of the cross way lips was removed. (A width of 175 mm is a very common battery size). Height is not a problem with any battery I have looked at. So in summary, providing you are willing to cut the plastic tray (you can always slip the battery in polythene before fitting), the biggest size battery you can fit would be 242 mm x 175 mm. The height of the Pan battery is very close to 200 mm with the positive terminal post plus red insulation bringing the total height to approximately 230.5 mm A small packer would therefore be needed to bring the height up in a typical battery with height of 190 mm inclusive of the terminal posts. * the positive and negative terminals have to be in the correct place and if of another type have to have adapters to convert to round posts. * battery needs to be a deep cycling one, of about 20 hr 50 amp rating, of AMG lead acid type with vent control valve for release of excess gases. High cranking power is not required as this battery does not turn the motor. The Lucas battery I gave in the link seems to me to be suitable except it probably just vents without connecting via a tube as in the back of my car. I have based measurements on the original battery of my 2015 3rd Gen RX 450h and this might not be appropriate for other models. I suppose it's a lot more straight forward to bite the bullet and haggle with Lexus. With all my previous cars where required I have fitted a good quality after market battery so buying off a dealer goes against the grain!
  20. I have used momentum 99 in my 250 f sport since I bought(have occasionally used v power too) with no issues and will continue to do so,did same when I owned my IS 200 sport 👍👍
  21. Stop start in hybrid car does not involve 12 V battery use. AGM batteries are sometimes preferred because are long lasting and in hybrids big currents are not required while in traditional engines great currents are necessary for starting.
  22. Are your mirrors auto dimming? Most people just stick the new glass on top of the damaged one. These auto dimming mirrors are around 200 quid from Japan... Second hand ones do come up on eBay ,I bought one last year for 20 quid
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