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    @Jgtcracer I tried webuyanycar just out of curiosity more than anything as I know they can be low. I guess Edinburgh didn't want the car on its own but I suspect if indeed trading it for another lexus from them it would have been better.
  3. I have asked them to send over the reg and some pictures. He did say it had 9 Lexus dealer stamps. I will see what they can offer, they are a dealer, but not a Lexus main dealer, so I may try and haggle a little.
  4. Exactly - I’m sure the RCF styling is not to everyone’s taste and that’s fine as it doesn’t matter to me in the slightest . I like the M4’s styling, but they are so common where I live that you almost don’t notice them which is a shame. I certainly won’t see another RCF 👍🏻
  5. I forgot to add that the car had 9 service stamps, all from the supplying dealer and the car had had the plugs changed at the 6 year service so it does not need them changing at 60k. They also serviced it before the sale to me !
  6. To buy or not to buy 2017 CT 200h Sport Plus

    Thank you stormchaser. I like the sound of it being go kart like! I really appreciate all the comments re its firm ride. This is obviously something noticeable to a lot of owners, at least that way i can manage my expectations in that respect better. I haven't had much experience driving lots of different cars and I think in my limited experience that is the ride I am used to since I feel every bump and sinkhole on the roads. Sure, a smoother ride would be great, but I guess we can't have it all as they say! Going to the dealership again this week and having read all the feedback on this post and scanning through some old posts I haven't been put off. I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for all the comments.
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  8. I have been using Nankang winter tyres since they transformed my LS430 into an almost 4wd car in the snow. They have been brilliant on the RX400h and they are cheap (about £70 a corner). I was swapping tyres every april and November but these days I leave them on all year and they still seem to have enough tread to get through a second winter. Am I right in thinking my 400H has no 'snow' button or anything like it. I found on here some weird button and key sequence that might allow me to turn off the traction control which I haven't tried yet - but which might have helped me get out of a muddy field with a caravan? Mike
  9. Upload it to Youtube and then post it in here.
  10. Just for comparison, my car bought two weeks ago from a Lexus dealer was £7495. It's a 2009 SE-L Multimedia Auto but one of the last pre facelift models.57000 miles, Argento Ice with beautiful virtually unmarked grey leather interior. They put 2 new rear calipers on, the last and only owner had had the wheels refurbished and had replaced the rear silencers and y pipe. !2 months MOT and a year of Lexus + warranty which includes breakdown and Lexus assist. They also paid for a new battery when I pointed out that it was pushing 10 years old and a bit weak. So the moral I suppose is, don't automatically assume that a car from the Lexus network is going to be overpriced and a bad deal.
  11. F friends

    Webuyanycar has just offered me £12k which is less than I'd accept for trade in at any Lexus dealership, particularly if they are offering £2.5k less. Car has 75k and full service history
  12. That we're over styled and heavy looking????
  13. sorry if this has been discused at lenth but my wifes 250 57 reg rattled when 1st started when we purchased it with 101k . i changed the oil and filter to no avail then put some wynns top end treatment and some zx1 extra lube its now 5 months later and no ratle on start hot or cold . hope this helps someone else . cheers
  14. Thanks John, No house alarm, still a mystery....? Barrie
  15. Parking tickets

    Your right about not being enough disabled spaces and you may have noticed that in lots of motorway services they are taking away disabled bays and turning them into electric car charging points, thank you Tesla. I saw a guy sweeping up around the disabled bays and I asked him how many cars a week use the charging points and he said he had only ever seen 2 cars since the bays were put there which was around 10 weeks.
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  17. Alarm problem

    Had a problem with car's remote locking/alarm once that turned out to be a button stuck down on the house alarm remote control. This caused it to continuously transmit which in turn interfered with both our cars parked on the drive. Just a thought! JBP
  18. Harsh suspension IS300h

    so are you saying I am an old fart lol? I am rather awkward too and grumpy if my wife is to be believed. I see you have an NX which I thought was jittery compared to my IS300H Premier hence the change to an gen 4 RX. Couldnt afford the Premier and really liked the red with black roof liner of the FSport which is a little harder ride and noiser with the sound generator. Would prefer silence but accepted the trade off. As I get older I want quiet and plush ride
  19. we have an update GOOD News managed to source parts from japan using which is a middle man for japanese amazon rakuten and yahoo auctions (japanese ebay kind of). got the headlight for £40 with shipping being £80. this as used btw. Luckily it seems in japan the CT comes standard with xenons so theres planty of them. With buyee, you purchase items which are then sent buy the seller to their own warehouse and they ship it from there. BAD News- found a bumper with headlight washer holes, headlight washer full assembly attached, including lower grille and all clips, and housing of fog lights. £35!! downside is that the item was too big for standard shipping and the shipping bill came up to £930. Decided not to ship it from the warehouse after that shock! so the bumper which seemed like a bargain is at the warehouse and is destined to be destroyed. Although they did give me the option to ship it to a japanese address after sending them an emailing explaining that i would rather book a flight to japan and pick it up lmao.
  20. It's mandatory to carry snow chains in austria & use when appropriate, whatever that means.
  21. I had exactly the same just after Christmas. Power washed the front bumper and after a week they behaved perfectly, still are.
  22. I was asking about size as I know there were uprated sizes available for previous cars I owned including my old ISF. Turns out I need M+S rated tyres for the day and a bit that we spend in Austria next week. Looks like I’ll have to call my tyre guy tomorrow.
  23. Cheers. Dropped the former owner a message with the link. Suggested that he could get in touch with the seller to strike a deal to sell the paperwork. There was a stack of it.
  24. I thought it sounded okay. I have asked for the Reg and whether it’s an auto or manual and the spec. What would you pay as it’s the price he’s offered but I could see if I could do a deal
  25. Trackers

    Yes but would you want it back, knowing the issues that follow? Your premium will still go up and there will be more problems selling it, not to mention any repairs. But lets say that you did want to recover the vehicle, what's wrong if the thief parks up and waits. If it is being tracked, they won't hang around. Also you can have the tracker put under the car. Are they really going to crawl under when they want to move it and sell it on? Thats why I am thinking about the Ghost, it stops them from taking it in the first place.
  26. Any news on this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Hi Richard Not sure how far away my chosen garage would be for you: C.P. Motors Pooley Lane, Polesworth Nr. Tamworth, Staffordshire B78 1JA T: 01827 894983 They are family business of many years and I have used them coming up 5 years . Renowned for their Volvo knowledge they look after my RX400h apart from hybrid part, as well as older Rav4 auto that they are currently helping sort intermittent fault. Have nothing but praise, they are true mechanics and not just fitters. Good all round knowledge and can source expert help when needed. As far as I remember labour rates approx. £50 per hour and they have never taken advantage! Ask for Liz and see if they can help Good luck Stuart
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