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  2. Good luck with the sale and I'd agree more pictures would help (higher resolution as well)
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  4. Looks like a steal Ron. Good luck with that. And it never hurts to put up more pictures
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  6. Welcome Sharon. What car did you replace with the Lexus?
  7. Another vote for Gummi Pflege here. There are various brands and some are cheaper than others but basically all the same. Used it for years on all sorts of cars.
  8. I think so, expensive but does what I wanted it to do, ie latest music streaming without any ‘wires’ and keeping dash looking OEM. I personally now have available, Spotify with voice control of search google maps netflix, I player, 4OD etc plus lots more toys that I’ll prob never use also apple car play if that’s for you
  9. I purchased a set for my is 250 fitting was easy drilled holes in front bumper, same position as my sons Lexus BUT BUT they did not work, would bleep all the time even when driving on open road. Any advise would be very much appreciated
  10. Really surprised you don't like the beige mats. My car leads a hard life doing 3 to 600 miles a week and they still look great after almost 30000 miles of use. I often don't bother vacuuming them, just take them out, shake them off and wipe over with a microfibre and Meguirs APC. I think they look much nicer than the black which always seem to look dusty when worn.
  11. I've fitted parking sensors to various cars and it really is very easy, a job that anyone could do. The ones that I fitted to the rear of my Celsior cost £19 and look identical to original ones. I can't help thinking a decent mechanic might cost you less than a "specialist"
  12. Thanks D3ron i will call him. Also is there any lex fclub midlands meets??. Thanks shafiq
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  14. Hello All, My Is250 SE-l multimedia Mark Levinson has decided to have a touchscreen failure I have searched the forum and it looks like I need a digitizer the issue I have is trying to work out on eBay etc if the ones being sold have the Rainbow effect does anyone in Lexus land have the link to the correct type ? TIA
  15. Hi Herbie thank you for your post, I did see that on another site as the 303 and it got good reviews. Just had a reply on another SC430 site in USA, Scott says this is the Gold standard as it plumps up the rubber, helps remove wind noise according to reviews on Amazon! At £20 a tube it seems expensive but if it makes the rubbers more pliable it should stop water and wind noise, cheaper than replacing rubber. Jack
  16. Lexus will warranty a car once they see it. Mine doesn't have a complete service history, but first time they serviced it, they offered me the 2 yr warranty. I've deferred it for 8 months, so that it takes effect the last month before my car is 10 yrs old.
  17. Try High end detailer.
  18. Never used that so can't say how good it is but I, and lots of others on here, use Nextzett Gummi Pflege and it's excellent. Linky to the Bay of Fleas Linky to Amazon
  19. Thanks Jeff, I was going to recommend someone from Wirral. Good luck in your search. You could try google for local fitters in your area.
  20. Herbie


    Hello and welcome to the club Sharon. Love the colour of your car!
  21. Blimey a CRV handling like a X5? Your X5 must have a fault in its suspension. I've driven a couple of newish CRV''s and they're krap. But anyway. So longs as you're happy with your new car then we'll done. Happy motoring.
  22. Welcome hope you find the forum educational and informative 👍
  23. The Australian part may be good news. I downsized from a GS300h to a UX250h last month. CarPlay would be great as Waze is far better on congestion than built in satnav. But UX touchpad works really well and allows the screen to be further away than a touch screen, plus you don’t have all those fingerprints to wipe off. Also, unlike the GS and the C-class Merc that preceded it, the car recognises voice instructions for destinations, particularly postcodes, which the GS never did.
  24. Welcome Sharon, nice to know that dreams come true. Enjoy your new 'Baby"
  25. Thanks guys but it was down, in part, to the existing information on this forum that lead to the fix. It would have been fixed without me posting if the other MAF sensor had worked! I will take the old MAF with me to work and get some readings between the old and new unit during my lunch break for you to compare. Hopefully it helps with a possible solution or, at the very least, narrowing down potential problems.
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