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  2. Well service wasn't returned to normal. Ended up having to replace every bloody bush on the front end to stop the knock. I now have to deal with vibratration from the discs. I put Mintex Brake discs on the front a while ago and expected them to be fine as I have used them many times in the past on various cars and always found them to be solid performers. Is the issue likely coming from sticking calipers or warped disc? Anybody tried the EBC performance discs?
  3. For sale: A genuine set of Mk2 IS carpets mats (Black with embroidered Lexus logo) and Lexus flexible boot liner. Item Condition: Carpets mats and new and unused, boot liner is new but without packaging. Price and price conditions: £150 plus delivery. Extra Info: These are advertised elsewhere. Pictures: Contact Details: Nick via pm Location: Aberdeen, Scotland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Negotiable
  4. For sale: Precision LED interior bulb kit for Mk2 IS (2006-2013). Comes with interior fitting kit/tools. Item Condition: New, bought from PrecisionLED in the US. Price and price conditions: £90. Can post recorded delivery for a small fee. Extra Info: These are advertised elsewhere. Pictures: Contact Details: Nick via pm Location: Aberdeen, Scotland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Negotiable
  5. On my RC it does this when I haven't tethered my phone as I have set the Nav to automatically download routes from the portal.
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  7. @Flytvr your ex is stunning, there is no doubt. She was outside my budget, otherwise given that she was just around the corner from me, I would have checked her out.
  8. We have just inherited a 2004 rx 300 with 40000 on it grandad owned from new think I can get the lowest avg yearly mileage [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. My 2006 IS 220d has 183,300 miles covered. I have had the car 14 months and covered just over 8,000 of those miles. When bought Ac was dead. Fitted new condenser and replaced one injector seal. Fitted new avon front tyres and last and every MOT always passed with no advisories. All works faultlessly. James.
  10. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  11. That sight glass is tiny, it just looked blue to me, when off kinda looked clear. This is if we are talking bout the same one that looks about 1cm. So called the place I bought the car from private dealer - they are going to regal for me as a start point, it did come with a 6 month warranty so we will see where we go after the regas. They sell only hybrid motors and mostly Lexus so I would hope they know what they are doing. They did have a good rating too, and to be fair I called to ask for warranty paperwork and they called me back to say bring it down they would look and regal if required. A good start.
  12. If the refrigerant has leaked out I'm not sure if it will do any damage to run the compressor without gas/oil or not. I'd assume not but I'm no mechanic so I can't be responsible for anything if you decide to keep running it 😉 First thing, check that sight glass to see what's happening there for a start. EDIT: - As always, Google is your friend, and it appears that you can damage the compressor if it runs without refrigerant (although a low pressure sensor should stop it from doing so):
  13. Hi Thank you for that, they look very good. I have ordered from and with delivery the set of 4 is less than £22.00. Lexus parts were £20.49 + vat each so quite a saving. As people will point out you get what you pay for...………I will report back once they are fitted. ScottC
  14. It's not going to be damaging anything, the cool air through the vents is just for your comfort, it's not cooling anything important to the workings of the car. That said some cars have one fan that cools everything in the engine bay so if that fails it can cause overheating of the engine although I suspect this is probably not the case on a hybrid.
  15. I've got a 2018 RX450h which is now 11 months old. Over the last 6 months or so I have been geting a message that appears about every 5 minutes on the main screen saying "Dowload could not be done". No idea what it is trying to download or why. I have connected the system to the internet via my home wifi and via my phone but it still keeps giving me the message. I know that the connection is working as I can display fuel prices and weather. This is really starting to annoy me now ! Its being serviced next month so will ask the dealer to look into it but I suspect there is a simple solution that someone out there is aware of. Any ideas?
  16. Damn and I thought it was just AC, never had it default on in any car I have had. Question - if its not blowing cold air is there any chance it is doing damage to anything, or is it just that the AC is not working as it should?
  17. Although you can turn off the AC it's not really a good idea. These cars are equipped with climate control, the idea of which is to set the temperature that you want in the cabin and then the car computers use a mix of hot/cold/AC to maintain that temperature automatically. Another reason is that the AC system will contain one or two rubber seals in the pipework. If the seals dry out it can lead to a leak of the refrigerant gas, so an oil lubricant is circulated around the system with the gas to keep the seals supple - if the AC isn't running then no lubricant is getting to those seals. If it has already leaked out then you obviously need to get the fault rectified but don't go to somewhere like Kwik-Fit, ATS, or Halfords - go to a proper aircon specialist who has the right equipment and the right gas oil lubricant - that is extremely important. The AC compressors in normal cars are belt-driven from the engine but in a hybrid, because the engine doesn't run all the time, they are driven by an electric motor. The windings of the electric motor are actually immersed in the lubricating oil for cooling purposes, so the oil must be non-conductive. Normal PAG oil found in belt-driven AC systems is conductive and as little as 1% contamination of PAG oil in a hybrid AC system can cause damage to the compressor's motor. Of course, your particular problem may be something other than needing to be regassed, but it's one of the easier things to check so makes a good starting point.
  18. Lexus will mark another significant advance in automotive lighting technology with the world-first introduction of a BladeScan-type adaptive headlight system on the new RX luxury SUV BladeScan gives both an extended field of forward illumination and more accurate lighting control to support safer driving at night and in poor weather. The new system sustains Lexus’s fine reputation for technical innovation: it was the first car manufacturer to introduce LED headlights, on its LS flagship model in 2007, and the first to produce adaptive high-beam headlights, again initially for the LS, in 2012. The current RX already benefits from automatic or adaptive high-beam LED lighting as part of the Lexus Safety System+ package of active safety features, to maximise headlight illumination without the risk of dazzling other road users. BladeScan goes further by providing more precise photometric control of the area of illumination in front of the car, with accuracy to within 0.7 degrees compared to around 1.7 degrees for the current technology. This means it can light up areas that would be difficult to see with a conventional high-beam system, such as the road margins, and give earlier illumination of road signs and pedestrians. With BladeScan, pedestrian recognition at night has been improved to 56 metres in front of the RX, compared to 32 metres with the current system. lexusrx-bladescan-edit-eu-838619.mp4 While other manufacturers have increased the number of LEDs in their headlight systems to improve lighting resolution, Lexus’s system uses a more cost-effective array of LEDs – 10 on each side of the vehicle in the case of the new RX. These are contained in a compact module located in the front corner of each headlamp, alongside the familiar triple-eye light arrangement. Rather than shining light forwards, the LEDs in each BladeScan module cast light diagonally across two blade-shaped mirrors that rotate at high speed. The precise synchronisation of the mirror rotation and the switching on and off of the LEDs creates the shading effect; the light is then reflected into a lens which casts the beam on to the road ahead, without the risk of dazzling oncoming traffic or drivers of vehicles ahead. BladeScan will be available on the new RX from launch later this year. Details of the UK model range, specifications and prices will be announced nearer the car’s on-sale date.
  19. Yes, the solar panel I linked to above. It works with either natural daylight or artificial lights from underground car parks - probably not as well, but it does work. I'm assuming you have a jump start battery pack, which is the thing you refer to as "a portable remote charger boost" that looks something like the picture below? If so, then no, there's nothing like that that you could keep connected because the battery in that would just go flat like your proper car battery does. You've only got four options: Access to mains so that you can use a trickle charger Solar panel Battery goes flat and you use a jump start battery pack when you get back. Disconnect negative terminal from 12V battery and put up with having to reset windows, power locks etc.
  20. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  21. Good news, pleased you got it sorted. Suggest you sell your old one for spares/repair to get some money back
  22. 6 years is generally considered to be the safe life of a tyre. I wouldn't go past this. Might be a bit far but Russell at Toyotec in Redhill is very good and honest.
  23. Scott You can try this site the Lexus Part number for your car is 46530-50020
  24. @jpower if the refrigerant is low it may mean there's a leak somewhere in the system. I don't know much about hybrids so it might be different with those but typically there will be dedicated fan that comes on with the AC compressor. Sometimes the fan or its controller will go out and in that case the compressor will not run because the computers detect that it's too hot. If this is happening you'll often find that the AC works well when you're flying down a motorway and then gets weak again when you're stood still. If it's not working at all then it's likely something else.
  25. Geoff, I don't imagine that you'll damage either the Garmin or the car by using the aux connector but I would imagine that nothing will happen. It's possible that you may get to hear the satnav audio through the car system if you selected the aux input on the audio screen, but you probably wouldn't then be able to listen to anything else. As a guess, I'd say the Garmin's Bluetooth capability is so that you can use it in a car that doesn't have it and connect to a phone for handsfree use. You could try and pair it and seen what happens - again, I can't imagine how it would break anything.
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