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  2. I think the best way is to replace the head unit. I had the same concern with you before I upgrade the head unit on my Lexus GX470 2002 with a new XTRONS PST90CRT. Now I am so satisified it and it keep almost all the original features yet brings me a lot of new modern features.
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  4. Roy, you may want to read the below thread. It may apply and may not. Your symptoms are partially (shall we say) mentioned OBD2 not responding. If you don't have any running symptoms then it may not be the Capacitors. Do you know the history of your Car? Do you know if the ECU Capacitors have been changed? There are several threads on this forum as to where to go to have your ECU checked out and Capacitors replaced. It was a large expnse for me but others have had the work done for a fraction of what I paid. Someone else may discount this as being the possible problem, so take Heart.
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  6. I think it was to get it in the wiper path but can’t remember now 😳
  7. Hi people i am new owner of ct200h , my car is around 300,000 miles, used a lot from previous owners, i have some history of the car , can someone tell me where i need to replace timing chain, what is the miles/km interval, also what is the interval for shocks and springs etcs... also how much will parts for timing chain cost, i will do it in garage not lexus dealership. Please advice. Also are all of the ct200h have vdim fitted as standart if not how i can double check. thanks in advance.
  8. In what way do hybrid battery problems become apparent? Does the car always display a fault condition on the dash when the hybrid battery is experiencing a problem?
  9. Absolutely they do. I'd hazard a guess that now is a great time to do so as well, with presumably less people buying (economic situation) and therefore more choice of stock. If you're in no rush, I understand that September / October / November is good due to lease cars being returned in greater quantity / the timing around new registration plates each September and March, too.
  10. Thank you for confirming what I assumed. I will leave brackets in place in case I have to be pulled out of a ditch or whatever! I wouldn't want to tow with this arrangement, although force of habit I do have a tow rope in the boot. Decided I won't have sufficient use to get proper tow bar fitted.
  11. I was in my local Lexus dealership last week and was speaking to one of the main service engineers. He said they been led to believe it will be available around October. There is a cost but it is believed Lexus are only going to charge £80 for it.
  12. Hi Hank. I'd recommend you post on our US sister site as this is primarily a UK only site: Sadly we don't get the IS with a 350 engine over here 😞
  13. The Prius was always designed to be different/futuristic so had a very different gear selector than conventional vehicles. The Auris/CT200 get most of their components from the Prius - cost saving if nothing else. The larger hybrid vehicles are made to look and feel like conventional vehicles to appeal to the broader market - hence you have a much more conventional gear shift and as John has mentioned above they now try and replicate the driving experience of a normal automatic by having 'gears' - probably to appeal to the motoring journalists that consistently object to the CVT hybrid transmission.
  14. Sales have traditionally been around 10,000 a year for the last decade or so with that many dealers, and last year it was nearly 16,000, so I don't see any reason why the number would be reduced, or that they go back to a Toyota/Lexus dealership model that they initially started with 25+ years ago. Same could be said for every new vehicle. List prices have been sky rocketing for the last 10 years as vehicle leasing with ever increasing terms hides that price and fleet purchases are massively discounted to keep them happy.
  15. attached is the spec sheet for 2013-2014 models. ISEquipmentSpecifications130517.pdf
  16. even then it is £45 cheaper, but sanjb hasn't stated it is an essential plan.
  17. I briefly considered the new Corolla but went for a second CT instead. The new Corolla is way too expensive for what it offers (especially the new 2 litre), they didn’t even include Apple Car Play in the UK at launch despite it being a new model. I’m not planning to change cars soon but I’ll have to leave Lexus if they only offer SUVs and cars costing 10k more than the CT does. If only they would get the new 2l hybrid in the CT and give it a refreshed infotainment system it would properly compete with the BMW 1 series and Mercedes A class. As said above they risk losing the gateway models into the brand.
  18. It may be that concentrated is not available in small quantities "I'm not sure on that" but I bought a 25Ltr drum of concentrated SLLC. It worked out cheaper than ready mixed for the quantity I needed for 4 Toyota/Lexus hybrid vehicles even though I have probably still got 1/2 a drum. John.
  19. 5v isn't inherently provided by the vehicle so the ECUs have 5v and 3.3v regulators or DC-DC converters in them to step down the 12v to 5v and/or 3.3v needed for the computer electronics - those systems expect a certain voltage above 5v to work. As the vehicle is powered on there is often a surge in demand from other systems which pulls the 12v rails down well below 8v if you have a bad battery which affects the reset circuits on the computers and sensor reading, which is why you often get spurious error codes seemingly unrelated to the actual problem. The RX400h, being an older generation vehicle and hybrid system, seems to cope better with a lower battery voltage than say an IS300h but it is unpredictable. As well as the brake booster, you have auto lights that could come on if it isn't bright outside when you turn the key, the auto wipers may move if there is condensation on the screen, the steering wheel will start moving as soon as the key touches the ignition barrel - all of this makes it difficult to predict if you will be able to get into 'Ready' mode when your aux battery is at a certain standing voltage - and it depends on the battery condition and ability to hold a charge, not just voltage.
  20. Hello fellow V8 Lexiteers! 😛 Since the early days/ rumours, I have been super keen to see what the LCF might become, especially when it actually became a reality. However, I follow a youtube channel that is Toyota/ lexus obsessed and I came across this video, taken with a pinch of salt as it it 'rumoured' - but thought it might be worth a post if others had a watchful eye on LCF news. I for one need this to be nothing more than a rumour as I super wnated to check one out! All thoughts or points for discussion welcome as always 😄
  21. Hello....The problem is I start the car in the morning and all warning lights go out.....approx 20 seconds later the engine light comes back on, then after approx 3-4 mins, and a couple of miles, it go's off again, and all is well again for the rest of the day irrespective of how times you start and stop the car...All is well for the rest of the day until the morning when it starts all over again....Do you think its something I should bother about ? ....Thank you for your interest Roy.
  22. Thanks to everyone that takes the timeout to give my question attention, I've now comes to agreed that it is the breaks, I've not gotten the chance to take it to a garage, however today I was driving and lexus check breaks warning came on. I've looked at the pads but they all seems to be ok about 10-15mm.
  23. Hi Don, thanks for the great informationand taking the time to post photo's etc - clearly I was looking in the wrong place and hadn't gone far enough with the dismantling. I have all the cables in place and the system works fine for front and rear cameras it was just the DC power which had me beat. I'll let you know how I get on. Edit and 10 minutes later it was done - your photo's made it obvious what to do. PS interesting to see you mounted your rear cam slightly to one side to miss the heating wire - just as I have done !
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