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  2. Don't forget it is also a bigger and heavier car than the ones you are comparing it with 😁 My IS250 f sports does what I want in style and comfort and has the power if I need it,wasn't designed to be a boy 👦 racer car 🚗 anyway lol
  3. By todays standards the car is slow. Even looking at cars of its era. the type r with 200bhp 4 cylinder can hit 0-60 in mid 6s. 1.8l 5 cylinder Corolla with 190bhp can match the performance of the is250. I would consider that slow for a 2.5l v6
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  5. It's a well known fact that Lexus understate the performance figures.
  6. A car, any car, is only as fast as the driver behind the wheel. ... Official performance figures are always more reliable than anecdotal 'on the road' experiences
  7. Totally disagree. The 250 is not slow. It has power. Ok I probably wouldn't want to race anybody in one but it can hardly be described as slow.
  8. Mobile Camera Vans

    A lot of Police activity around here as well. But I'm a good boy in my battery car ..... Doesn't stop them from shadowing me along the dual carriageway though!
  9. Good looking result you got there! Really need to do my IS that I bought in Aug this year ( haven't cleaned it yet!!) don't look down on me cause I've only done about 350 miles in it!! Can you please let on what products you used as I haven't actually bought any yet and would rather go on recommendations than ad hype. FYI my paint 'feels' really rough and 'sandy' to the touch so I think I need to get some 'fallout remover' at least along with some clay bar perhaps. Also my alloys need to be refurbished as they are flaking very badly on the inside face and this I think will lead to slow punctures if not addressed. Cheers Paul m.
  10. Ring Taxis

    You would be surprised. It's actually a lot wider in real life than it appears on any console version I have played. 1st time you drive it like a country lane that you don't know and check you mirrors... a lot... in case of Meganes ;-) I generally drive it with my windows open as well as you will hear a lot of exotic things before you see them (namely GT3's) so you can prepare yourself for getting out of the way. In 2016 a kiddie was going around in a Gumpert Apollo. Did not want to tangle with that ;-) Most people who get involved in accidents are generally driving like idiots and their ambition strongly outweighs the capability of their tyres, brakes and more importantly themselves. If you watch youtube crashes on the Ring it's usually people trying to show off as they know someone is filming at those points. It's loads of fun but gets expensive. I destroyed a set of Brembo discs and pads when there in Sept along with a rear set of tyres. That plus it's 30 Euros a lap on the weekend and every 4 laps is a tank of fuel - if driving properly ;-) But... the petrol stations have 102 Octane fuel so it's all worth it :-)
  11. I didn't catch the reg Becky but thanks for spoiling my party lol 😅 I was quite happy knowing the is250 could keep up with a car in the high sixes.
  12. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    No idea, I didn't talk to him as he turned up late.... I have to say there were a few loud 'showy' exits from the car park but when the sun hit the RC as you pulled away it looked a million dollars, absolutely stunning. I followed Rich in his lowered SC out to the M54 and I noticed TUF4, (as it's known to the SC community) was attracting a little attention but I bet the RC turns heads everywhere.
  13. Is it vaguely possible that there could be something coming up from underneath the car ? I had a roughly similar problem with a classic Mercedes, 1991, where the bolt holding the inside mounting seat locator on the rear of the seat started to corrode the carpet and it turned out that water from under the car was slowly getting in through the threaded bolt hole in the floor. I cured it by cleaning the under carpet metal floor, cleaning the carpet and then sealing the thread through the floor with a thread sealer. Parkman.
  14. SE-L spec vs SEspec ?

    Does the mid 2015 model show an emissions output of 107 gm, as opposed to the 2013-2015 300h having an output of 109 gm ? Parkman.
  15. Actually @peachy your story is quite believable if the ST was the 2005-2008 model as this vehicle had 150bhp and a 0-60 time of 7.9 seconds. In this case the 250 would certainly keep up with the ST. However the later ST is turbocharged with more power and torque and would leave the 250 standing.
  16. The best I have got is 31, but that was travelling at about 64mph. Slow down = more MPG. That is true for any car.
  17. On a long long run yes and even at a steady high cruise the mpg is good. Of course, as soon as you stop or are in town...mpg is slaughtered.
  18. Gave my car its first proper wash, clay Mitt and wax since I bought it on March and also touched in the stone chips. The light wasn't great when I finished but I took a couple of pics anyway: Not bad for 10 years old.
  19. Well I'm not making it up sweetheart, the 250 matched the ST on several traffic light starts.
  20. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    Who is X1 OUT? Great wheels!
  21. Mobile Camera Vans

    Hopefully nothing will appear now @Big Rat. The ISF has been tucked up in the garage for three weeks now while I've been at my work and I think it'll be staying there for abit longer. Keep seeing posts on a local Facebook page about coppers hiding behind bushes and buildings with the hand gun so there must be some sort of Operation Christmas bonus going on.
  22. Mobile Camera Vans

    @mike mHope you scraped through 👍 🐀
  23. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    Great line up and an excellent choice of venue. Apologies for rolling in late from West Sussex. I must learn to drive faster.
  24. One area for all F Drivers

    @Mark G Yep that's right matey and he tried that old trick when finished 49 circuits of Strensham services by say " oh the keys where are they " 😂 🐀
  25. One area for all F Drivers

    Falling like flies - and Ratty @Big Rat, he’s standing at the precipice!!!!
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