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Buying my SC430 at Lexus Cheltenham was a very pleasant experience. All the staff were attentive, friendly, and seemed to be genuinely interested in satisfying the customer's needs. They made us feel comfortable during the transaction, and were easy to deal with.

Mention should be made of Adrian Sparey, who agreed to pay for correcting a fault locally (not covered by the Lexus warranty), which had been overlooked during their pre-sale inspection.

There's little wonder that Lexus Cheltenham hold the "top dealer" position in customer surveys.

In stark contrast, Lexus Southend, which, unfortunately, is my local dealer, is at the opposite end of the scale of customer satisfaction: uncaring, unfriendly, intractable and untrustworthy.

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Hi Steve - is your SC a red one? When I took my rx in for service they had a lovely one in the showroom, was a few months ago though.

I agree with you on the dealership - they are my local and where I purchased from - the service has been great both pre and post sale.

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Hi Steve

Even though we are in Lincoln, Lexus Cheltenham is
where we went for our ISF. We purchased our first IS250 from them also
last year.

Last year for the IS250 travelled down from Lincoln for
a test drive, the week after we went back down this time by train. They
picked us up from the station, gave us a full tank of fuel and a cheque
for £250:00 for the TAX.

They new we were looking out for and
very interested in an ISF, well a year later one is now sat on my drive
2009 ISF, Silver with only 21K on the clock thanks to Lexus Cheltenham.

We did the test drive, and a week later they delivered it to our door and drove the IS250 back down to Cheltenham

Lexus Cheltenham did go the extra mile, infact about 135 of them,very highly recommended.


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These stories show that Lexus Cheltenham is consistent in their good attitude and service.

Yes, mine was the mesa red SC430. We collected it in early April. It cost us £20k, but, oh, what a car!

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I've just noticed that I've not yet changed my profile picture. (I am trying to sell my black SC430 now.) I must take a picture of my red one and post it.

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