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Interest In Another Dyno Day At Eurospec?

What day for dyno run at Eurospec?  

  1. 1. What Saturday for dyno run at Eurospec?

    • 19th September
    • 3rd October
    • 17th October

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Hi Guys,

Spoke to Ben at Eurospec about another dyno day over there.

As those who attended the last one can vouch, Eurospec did a great job dyno'ing our cars on their dyno (Dyno Dynamics for those interested)

The workshop and dyno are down in Surrey.


15 Westfield Road

Slyfield Industrial Estate,



Prices are as follows depending on the number of cars we have:

1 car = £54

2-5 cars = £45

5-13 cars = £40

13+ cars = £35

They can arrange the usual stuff if needed like burger van, tea/coffee/cold drinks etc.

Each car gets taken in and checked over before being strapped down (oil level, tyre pressures etc), they will then get 3 power runs, and a print-out of the best results.

Be great if we can get a few of us to go (better atmosphere, cheaper for everyone etc). :)

More than welcome to extend this to any other clubs you are part of that could be interested in attending, but please note we would need a non-refundable deposit.

Thinking £20 per person to avoid the issues we had last time (had 20 or so down to attend, and ended up with less than half that on the day! :().

If you would be interested in attending/dyno'ing your car, let me know.

Dates can also be changed around to some degree if none of those work for the majority.


Peter :)

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I'm in too - although the 19th could potentially be tricky!

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defo cant do the 19th now - is there still appetite to do this? I'm still up for it! 3rd or 17th suits me.

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Hey Derrick,

Not sure if we are going to get enough interest to make this worthwhile to be honest! :(

Happy to do a day there with anyone who is interested though? As long as we can do 2 cars (yours and mine), the price would be £45 each.

If we can get another 3 people on board, the price drops to £40 each.

I'd be happy to look at dates in November as well if that would be better for people?

Nothing has been arranged or set in stone yet, so let me know what works for the majority, and I'll get something arranged. :)



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Hi Peter,

I'm up for it on the above dates or in November if there's a sudden spike in interest from the other guys. Let me me know. My mate in his e46 M3 is also interested to know how much hp he's lost! November will be trickier though as various pre-xmas weekend family gatherings pick up momentum.



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