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Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately the time has come to part with Lexi Lou.
Nearly 13 years later. A charger, auto tranny and lpg wasn’t a good idea. I ripped through a torque convertor and performance has not been the same since its replacement.

I am looking the sell the whole car as a package for

TTE Supercharger (1st owner) + Larger Prolex

PL Black Box

TRD Yellow Anti Roll Bars

Koni suspension kit

Dual Exhaust system built by Blue Flame

TTE 18” Chicanes (silver with black plastic pin effect) –
very minimal scuffing

IS300 TTE Front Bumper (with headlamp washer)


The car is a 2000 Black
IS200 SE Auto with Nav (although the Nav is now defunct).

There are plenty of other minor mods.

I am looking for £3500



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LPG was a brilliant install, I can't fault it. Issues really started happening when my TTE black box failed, it got confused between the main ecu and the fcd.

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    • By S1SOFT
      Good afternoon. Maybe you can help me.
      I purchased TTE Supercharger kit. I ouvidel that installed ECU extension (AM27936) is not like all the other Lexus IS 200 TTE Supercharger. There is a switch, and 3 modes (left, center, right). And it is connected with 6 wires.
      Question - can tell me what this switch and the effect he had on something??
      Connection Diagram:

      ECU extension:

      PS: Kit installed and everything is working well