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I love the Reversing camera.

Has anyone fitted a front camera or sensor?


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    • By PCM
      Just a shout for Japex in Kings Langley, Herts.
      Was there this morning with my lovely RX.
      GREAT service as always.
    • By David Cowling
      I have just bought the CT200h Executive 2016 with built in Sat Nav and reversing camera and I also subscribe to Pocketworld GPS for Safety Camera updates which can be downloaded in many formats including Tom Tom OV2.
      Is there any way of updating speed camera location - The link shows an image of the Map Data which may or may not be helpful
      I also thought the Sat Nav software was on a Micro SD Card but as yet have not managed to find a slot - any ideas ?
      Any help would be appreciated and ease the frustration.
    • By PCM
      that... the SatNav on my RX has a compass.
      Yes, I know it sounds obvious, but I just never realised it before!
    • By DanD
      For the 6th time since last November, our car has been the victim of a hit and run.
      My wife works part time at a local medical centre and has no choice but to use a local public car park that is used by visitors to both the medical centre and the local library. Unfortunately, the spaces are rather narrow, our RX is rather wide, and the locals generally very elderly.... not a good combination. The fact that there is no CCTV does not help.
      So since November, when my wife started working there, there have been nasty scratches and dents twice to the front bumper and once to the rear (repaired at a cost of £450 + £250), and alongside BOTH sides of the car (not yet fixed, but it will be £100's!). One very  obvious one along the front AND rear doors on the drivers side, the other on the passenger's side. PICS to come.
      Yesterday, it happened again, although FOR THE FIRST TIME the culprit was kind enough to leave his details. The corner of the front bumper is damaged where it had been repaired before, which means that a replacement rather than a second repair may be required (other driver's insurance will pay this time).
      I have never been keen on witness cameras, but I am now forced to consider them. I do not want any DIY solution (the thought of any DIY scares me!), and I would prefer a fully installed solution.
      Recommendations anyone?
      Recurring car park dings are one of the reasons I will not be replacing this RX3 with a RX4, but downsize to an NX.
    • By PCM
      Drove to Luton Airport this morning. All fine.
      3 hours later to go home, car unlocked, then dead. No lights, no ignition, nothing ...
      Called Lexus Assist ( AA).
      30 minutes later, they arrived and the car has started. 
      The problem?
      The connection to my Battery had come loose(!), so it was effectively disconnected for maybe 3 hours.
      It took about a minute to be fixed.
      It's never let me down before, so I WAS surprised!
      I guess the car has to re-learn stuff now. Certainly some of memory settings have gone... But a happy ending.
      Top Tip: Keep a coat in your car. I had one ( a high viz ) and was I grateful!