"check sonar" parking sensor issue

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hi all


i hope i posted this in the right section.


 my lexus IS250 SE-L 2006

started giving off a warning on my dash and my MM screen.  it says "check sonar" so i naturally thought its the parking sensor. i've washed it, taken a cotton bud and tried to clean the rubber O as much as i can, trying to remove any crud etc, but still rings off an error. any ideas, exeriences?  see photos attached

error started tuesday 9th feb 2016 in the morning when i started the car. previous to this, no issues at all


mmmm  :wallbash:





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Never seen or experienced it before - I think it would suggest the sensors goosed. Although you could check the connections but I would think its hard to get at it from behind the bumper - might be work tapping it lightly to see if the error clears.

Maybe reset the ecu and then see if this clears the error. Get someone to walk past the sensor with the engine running if it does clear just to make sure it beeps.

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thanks for your reply

i will give the tapping a go.

i got someone to walk right up to it go

how do i reset the ECU?

thanks again!

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