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Lexus is220d cold starting problems and manifold blockage!


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11 hours ago, lexy220d said:

There is a coolant pipe next to the common rail and you need to remove every thing on that site! But if you are worried about the coolant you better not to start this job,because there are bigger  things to worry about then drain the coolant or not to drain! 

Thanks for the answer. I want to clean the ports and the intake manifold, and wondering if I pinch the coolant pipes I would be able to get away with draining, would I? But I want to know everything before I get into this task.And all the help and info is much appreciated.

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11 hours ago, Monocle said:

You need to drain the reservoir at least as that has to come out

Thanks  Monocle, once again for the answer. I am asking all this questions as I want to clean the intake Manifold as well the ports, and all the help and info is very appreciated.

By the way where is the plug to drain the coolant from the motor block?

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Hi, my lex is220d is at 255.500 miles on the clock rn, have fsh from lexus up to 246 xxx miles. Picked it up not long ago so new to lexuses, have mine for like month so, will be doing a service tomorrow. Whats best oil to go for btw? Having some starting problems which started this morning, sounds like starter failing to start the motor but keeps spinning till you press the start button again, it starts eventually and that does not allways happen, but when it does it happens when the engine its cold. Also couple of days ago, had like little bit bad ideling when the car was cold some times it died seemd like fueling problem, maybe some ******* from the bottom of a tank, runned it low on fuel for few days.. so was susspecting it, went for a drive floored it couple of times and problem is gone, but seeing pictures of this manifolds today, got a bit confused, do any of you think those two above could by any chance be related? And if no any tips?

Cheers 🤙 

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