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Anyone used Xado additives in their cars? I have used it thrice - once for a CVT judder (transmission oil additive) in a Honda Jazz, once in an A-Class Mercedes, and once as oil additive to fix the start up engine rattle on my 2006 IS250. The Honda's CVT judder went away within a minute of driving (!) and didn't return till I sold the car some months later. There was no particular problem with the Merc so can't comment if it made any difference.

And as for the start up rattle in IS250 it used to go away after an oil change to return some time later. The last oil change was with a 5W30 fully synthetic but not my usual preferred Shell. The noise was happening pretty much straight after the oil change, so decided to give Xado a try. Car made one noise the next day or so, but 4 months later and with the same oil no more noise was heard. I have now just had the car serviced, and although the effect is supposed to last for 100k miles, am thinking of using the stuff again (though no rattle so far). Can only vouch based on my experience that the stuff works - but has anyone else used it?

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