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When my Satnav (etc) display dims, when the light conditions outside change...

... the Air Re-Circ and Heated Rear Windows Green light switches dim too, if they're on.

How clever.



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Things you didn't know you didn't know!...

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    • By PCM
      Just a shout for Japex in Kings Langley, Herts.
      Was there this morning with my lovely RX.
      GREAT service as always.
    • By Slucky
      Hi Everyone,
      Newbie here. Have a Lexus IS 250 - 07 Reg. Love the car. Recently noticed the drivers side Illuminated Blue Logo Door Sills are not working. I checked the front passenger side and its fine. 
      How do i check and fix ?
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      We are going to export our Lexus RX400H 2006 to France but need to adjust the headlights for a LHD setting.  However, I have heard conflicting reports about whether this is legally required or not for this model of car.  Please could someone try and help enlighten us!  Many thanks.  Oh and if it is required do we do that!?
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      that... the SatNav on my RX has a compass.
      Yes, I know it sounds obvious, but I just never realised it before!
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      Having a nightmare.
      Lexus IS 220d SE-I
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      2) Replaced for new. COCKED UP, got the polarity wrong and fried the electrics.
      3) Checked all fuses, replaced several micro fuses and the entire fusible link. CAR 90% works, fully drivable etc however,
      Windows - The on side (passenger) front and rear windows do not work from the doors themselves or the driver's master switch, completely dead. Also the red light at the bottom of the passenger front door isn't illuminated suggesting it might not be just the windows? The wing mirrors do work however (illuminate and fold in, separate circuit??).
      Climate Controls - A separate point, the climate controls are dead, the stereo is operable from the steering wheel and the clock displays, but the main unit above with heating, air con and stereo adjustment is dead. Any ideas?