JapShow at Santa Pod, 10th July.

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Will anyone be making their way to this in the summer? 

Not been to Santa Pod in a good few years. 

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Me and my son just returned from Santa Pod yesterday as we're into classic fords and we were thinking about going to the Japshow . My lexus was faultless as usual and returned an average 34mpg. We tend to travel down on the Saturday and stay over night at a premier inn type place and go back on the sunday all fresh and full of all you can eat breakfast. Its a 3hr 15min drive for us so it breaks it up and gives us 2 days drag racing - not in the lexus obviously even though my son wants me to !

I may not be in my lexus when we go as I'm struggling to keep it with my job situation but it sounds like a it will be a good show to go to.

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