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Coilover experience/brand prefrence


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Hi, I have an IS300 sportcross.


and to compliment these new wheels I would like to go full coilover setup. 

I am pretty keen on the new Tein Street Advance, apparently they're a bit soft for the track but I am a poser and just do the occasional back road blast and they're still stiffer than stock.

I have considered HSD but they're £100 more than the Teins, and BC are more than that and are pretty stiff. There's a lot of Tein bashing on the US forums but its mostly related to Track use and the older Super Street series. I am looking for a firm but not bonecrunching ride, plus muchos ride height adjust.

Anyone using the Taiwanese coils that cost like 300 quid? (Bad I assume) 

EDIT: nothing over the £720 mark, I'm not Ayrton Senna or made of money.

EDIT 2: I've just seen some Koni STR.T's shock and spring combo for £430 anyone running Konis.

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Recently fitted meister r zeta crd coilovers and would highly recommend them, I've used bc racing and teins in the past and to me these are far superior for daily use, quality is top notch and fitment spot on, is you roll towards the softer settings they are very comfortable and composed my Mrs hates firm suspension but has yet to complain!! Turn the dial to the harder side and they are great for a track setup! They are slightly more expensive than the basic teins but then they come with top mounts where as the cheaper ones do not, I've had some bad experiences with bc plus the ride was harsh in my opinion so I wouldn't go for them again. Hope it helps 

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