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Can anyone guide me please?

My beloved RX300 is coming up for its next full service and MOT.

I know the engine oil will be changed and I had the transmission fluid changed this year.

But, can anyone advise about the gearbox/diff oil, front/rear?

I'm not even sure if they exist, so an insight from someone here would be much appreciated!



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Hi. I don't think they are touched on any service.. but I might be wrong. Other people should be able to assist you.

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The front transfer box and (think from memory) front diff uses ATF fluid and the rear diff uses gear oil... I've still yet to change my rear diff fluid at 110k miles but did my ATF about 2k ago.... Really must get round to the rear diff!!

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Well... I had my MOT and Full service done at Lexus Hatfield today.

It included front/rear diff oil and transfer box oil.

( It was 80W-90 )


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