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Lexus IS 250 - Automatic - Whining noise


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I bought a used Lexus 2009 with 39k only from  dealer. It was all ok until last week, I am hearing a bit of whining noise while acceleration and it is there until 2 gears, Mine is automatic and the initial sound looks higher when pressing the gas pedal and goes away once the gear gets changed.

I also checked when the car is in  parking mode and raised the acceleration, and it is normal. This sound was not there when i bought it initially and the sounds were all very smooth.


Maybe i am just noticing them since it was hot summer when i bought a month ago and the air condition and audio was always on. But i still feel the sound started .

I am not panicking as the sound looks ok and manageable, but wanted to ensure that there is nothing wrong with my car since the same sound was not there before.


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If you bought it from a dealer a month ago, why not take it back for them to have a look at?

It should still be their responsibility if something is wrong, so there is no harm in trying.

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I have a whining noise coming from the front passenger seat on my IS 250.

I sometimes leave her at home when it gets too much.

As above advice ^^^^^.

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