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John, I don't think the LS430 wood/leather steering wheel will fit an LS400. I believe the connections are different. About a year ago I replaced the regular all-leather steering wheel on my mk4 for a wood/leather one taken off a recently scrapped mk4. It was in nice condition too and only cost me around £50 plus p+p. A real bargain I thought. Swapping it over is relatively easy, so long as care is taken with the airbag i.e. disconnect the Battery for at least 10 mins for the capacitors to de activate. You don't need a puller either, just a good hard yank will do once the central nut is undone.

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Drove a rental in the states with a wood effect steering wheel ,after a few hours driving  I found it hard on the hands.

I have read on several forums that this is the main complaint and one person put there leather bound steering  wheel back after the experience.

I noticed the hardness when driving in stressful areas such as heavy traffic and on ultra busy interstates in cities. 

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Yes, I too find the wood effect steering wheel to be harder on the hands than the original all leather one, but, it looks sooo much classier in my opinion. There's not much wood in the 'standard' cabin of an LS400, unlike in the much nicer 430 cabin. I'm really glad I swapped my steering wheel over.

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