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I just bought some chrome badges for my LS, I was lucky to drop on a great used set,avoiding the rather pricey new ones. Some have lugs missing and all have a residue on the back. Can anyone please suggest the best way to fit these? Superglue was suggested but this does not seem right to me. I thought about clear silicone , but it can be tricky to get rid of all the residue. Is there something designed for this?

I have a full set front and rear. The front is held on with a single screw yet, and I haven't yet looked at how to access that. Hopefully, it'll be straightforward

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I would buy some double sided tape normally used for number plates - I have used it  on my mycar and also a family members - once stuck it has a solid hold and even over comes curves which is the case with one of the cars front number plates - i think this would be more than adequate for badges

hope this helps

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As above, you can buy wide unbranded tape from Wilcos, clean all the old residue off ( iso alcohol is good to do this) and then cut a piece to side and attach.

Use a sharp craft knife to cut out unwanted bits just leaving the badge with tape attached then peel off the backing,align and stick.

Front badge is attached with one screw fitted from the rear of the grille.

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