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Steering wheel motors were sounding different the other day. Stopped for fuel today and could not start, the ignition switch would not turn. When I pushed it in the steering wheel tried to come down , but stopped, obviously seizing. Tried many times but it just would not budge. Had to ring the AA to relay into the local Lexus garage. AA said 90 mins, so kept trying. Eventually a combination of using the manual control on the side of the column, and pushing the ignition switch in to activate the motors , I managed to free the ignition switch and start the engine. Does anybody know what the problem is and any solution other than taking it to the main agent. Based in Chester, many thanks, Roger




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This can sometimes just be the steering lock. I've done it myself - come out to the car, key won't turn in the ignition, panic, search online, find the "it might be the steering lock" post, go back to the car, turn the steering wheel slightly while turning the ignition key, and bob's your uncle: problem solved :-)

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Hi Chris, really appreciate your response. I had come to a similar conclusion. The steering lock/ignition switch is totally free now. I think that the steering wheel motor needs attention, which I can now deal with,

thank you,


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