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Lexus IS 250 F-Sport for sale

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1 hour ago, Argento said:

I've reluctantly done it at last!

I thought some might like to know that I've just put my Lexus IS 250 F-Sport up for sale on PistonHeads.


I can see you as well made your listing premium, because it is the first one to pop-up when you open piston heads. 

Silver is not my taste, but I wish you best luck with sale.

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normski, if that's a Mazda MX5 you're talking about, that's interesting.

My wife is on to her second MINI now (Countryman Cooper).  She loves them.  But, she is also a real fan of the MX5, which may well be her next car.   Argento

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Certainly is. We've (well ....truthfully the missus) had Mx5's for the past 10 years.

Cracking good little cars. Looking for a 09/10/11 Mk3.5 with the composite folding electric roof. Our Mk2.5 went in 3 days which caught us out a bit.You can just about make it out through the windows...parked next to the Lex on the drive. The Lex is a keeper ...nothing will make me part with that. Love it!

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Hi Normski ,you should be able to find a good MX5 for around your price ;The prices have dropped a bit with the Mk 4 ND coming out .I have had MX5's for over 15 years brilliant cars ,the one I have now is a 6 year old 2 litre retractable hard top bought new as a keeper , my advice is to go for the 2 litre ,a small price premium but worth it in my view .It might be worth a look over on the MX5 owners club site as you can get some nice cars on there from like minded people  good luck 


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Yep, we are looking at the 2Ltr.

I'm a member of MX5oc so have had a nose around there for a while. Drove a 10 plate 2ltr Sport Tech Roadster a few days ago. Very enjoyable. 

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