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DHP Springs

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I've had an annoying rattle from the front N/S of my car for quite a while now. i suspected bushes, but it's not them, so I had a concerted effort to find the culprit. It turns out that the spring is broken at the bottom (very hard to see the crack, and only after wire brushing). It doesn't appear to be going anywhere and seems pretty secure, but you can hear the creak/rattle when turning at low speeds.

I've looked at previous posts regarding DHP suspension and no one seems to have found a replacement for the springs - but has anyone had any success recently. I really don't want to go down the route of coilovers, or revert to standard springs, so will just put up with it if no solution. MOT tester would never notice the crack as he was helping me search for the noise in the first place lol.



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