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I just recently bought my first car and it's a 1999 Lexus IS200, I'll probably do a more in-depth introduction later on but I currently have a pretty urgent question.

So the dash is very dim for me, even when I turn the dimmer knob near the steering wheel all the way to the right. I think there's a thread somewhere with a similar issue, but today I noticed that a dimmer relay is missing from one of the relay boxes (the one on the driver side, with diagnosis plug right under it), so I searched around but couldn't really find much info about it so I went and ordered the missing relay from my local Toyota dealer. The thing is, now that I think about it, maybe that dimmer relay doesn't even control the interior lights, but actually controls the headlight adjustment system right next to the dimmer knob. The IS200 I bought has these new fancy LED headlights installed and actually turning the adjustment knob doesn't do anything, so maybe it's possible that the previous owner just removed the relay when fitting new lights because maybe you can't even adjust these?

Why it's so urgent is because I can still say no to the dealership till tomorrow, so that I wouldn't have to buy the relay. When the dimmer relay actually controls the headlight adjustment then I'd just be wasting money.


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hi just to let you know that some leds are not dimmable,and this probably explains why nothing happens when you use the dash board dimmer switch rather than it being a fault with some relay.

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