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Im new to the lexus is200 (2002) and hope the members on the forum can offer somee advice.

Due to the car being old and actually in very good condition, I ant to carry out some servicing. So the following is what I think needs to be done:

  • Engine oil and filter
  • gearbox oil
  • diff oil
  • coolant
  • brake and clutch fluid
  • Probably good idea to strip brakes and re-grease

For now this is all I can think maintenance wise. The only other thing I wanted to enquire on was swapping springs on the car as it is an SE spec. I believe the struts are the same on both variants so its just a direct swap. However I wanted to know about spacers. I would like to put a set on the the rears but ones that are officially for lexus. 


Any help will really be appreciated



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For a service, I'd do spark plugs and air filter as well. If the gearbox fluid is clean (red'ish colour, not burnt brown colour) then i wouldn't bother changing it.

You won't find any "official" Lexus spacers, only ones that will fit a Lexus.

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Thank you far the advice.

Another thing I forgot to ask was the brands of the service items.

I need to know which brand to choose for the following:

  • air filter
  • oil filter
  • oil (although Im inclined to use Mobil 1 or Castrol)

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There is a small filter in the banjo bolt on the oil pipe to the VVT just take the bolt out and remove the filter clean out and refit 

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