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ABS damaged new sensor fitted cant remove lights on dash


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Hi guys help needed I just fitted new N/S/R and N/S/F wheel bearings the front went on with no issues but on removing the rear bearing hub I damaged the ABS sensor so got new sensor and fitted it . Now I have the christmas tree dash lights every where :( so I tried to clear the faults but nothing works and I keep getting these codes

C1203  /  ECM communication circuit malfunction

C1345  / soienoid valve offset learning undone

how can a ABS sensor cause this ? any ideas on how to fix this


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From my research this is a resetting issue:

The codes it found were:
C1203- ECM Communication Circuit
C1345 - Linear Solenoid Valve Offset
Learning Undone

You need to Initialize and Calibrate the Linear Solenoid Valve.

You have to use the scan tool to do this. Normally you set the parking brake, Initialize and wait until the VCS and ABS lights stop blinking after about 2 minutes.

I can't find anymore detail and specific steps for your motor might be different but it is a reset exercise and it might need a full on scanner.

I'm sure more specific advice will be forthcoming but hope this reassures/helps.





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Remove the connectors to both rear wheel sensors and with a multimeter check their  continuity and insulation to ground. You should get very nearly the same readings. If not the replaced sensor is faulty.

With the ignition ON and the engine OFF, check the voltage readings of each wire on the connectors to the sensors. You should get identical readings, these wires come from the ABS ECU of the car. Check also that you have no fuses blown relating to the ABS ECU .

Check that these readings are also available on the pins of each connector to eliminate the possibility of an open circuit at the connector. It is very likely that you have an open circuit at the connector which occurred when the ABS sensor was damaged.

The linear valve offset can be recalibrated with the Techstream or another good scanner like the Autoenginuity. It takes a few minutes and the scan tool will do it without any intervention from you.

Regards, Chris

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