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Rx450h 2009- Hdd

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I'm looking to buy a rx450h around 2009-2010 plate.

can someone confirm if all models have the hdd drives I have heard of.

im looking mainly at the SE-i model as there seem to be more of these available.

i want a USB port to play my music etc.

cheers carl

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The SE-I model does not have a hard drive... you need to aim for the SE-L/Premier.

There is a USB port which works with iPods/iPhones, although I have not managed to get it to work with Android devices.

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Thanks for the reply. I found that the se-i has Bluetooth for the audio so I can send music straight from my mobile which in essence negates the requirement for the hard drive or USB for that matter. I presume Bluetooth is standard on the whole range?

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Bluetooth works fine for telephone calls, but I have never managed to use it to listen to music from an Android phone... and I have tried various ones. If someone has managed to get this to work, I'd be glad to hear from them.

It may work with apple devices... Can't comment on that one.

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