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...........  it has happened to me and then it's very very frustrating if I then want to start again quickly thereafter  ............  I blame her indoors really  .........  I move the car so she easily can get into the passenger seat, she decides something needs to go in or out of the boot ( it's a Mk3, it can only be opened with the engine off ) then we can continue our journey 

But I do now know what to expect so it comes as no surprise.

I think it's only the Mk3 that has the boot not opening with the engine running btw


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20 hours ago, Chasdad said:

Is it possible for a ls400 to get flooded by moving it a short distance then turning off. I had an old jag that suffered from it

I was told that moving it a short distance does not allow the ignition sequence to be completed. The accelerator then needs to be floored when starting thereafter.

The remedies are;


1. Do not move it a short distance, or

2. Leave the engine running for a good 30 seconds so as to allow the sequence to be concluded.




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Flooded mine twice (Mk4) my own stupid fault, and easily done.

If you start and then drive less than about 200 yards you find fuel is still running a bit too rich and so the chambers are a little flooded, and you have to floor the pedal on a re-start.

Otherwise if you really have to only move a few yards and then shut off engine (coz you do not want to be breathing in fumes while loading the boot), then just let her tick over for about 30 seconds at stationary, move it and then you should be okay (well from my experience).

In the winter if you do flood the beast, even leaving the car for 24 hours is not enough to let petrol evaporate.

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Mine is also a series II albeit a JDM import.

I notice with mine that on the rare occasion it doesn't completely fire up and stalls on the 1st attempt it does hesitate on recranking but is  then fine after that.

You do hear quite a few mechanical sounding operations going on when you turn the ignition on from cold which I assume are to set things like the IACV for cold starting.

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