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New IS200 owner


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Hi John and welcome to the LOC, we are a friendly bunch and some of us even know how to pull them to bits and put them back together again, with of course the one bolt and washer left over.

I cant help with your present queries but I'm sure someone will be along ASAP.

We recommend you spend a couple of mins looking over the rules of the LOC, we will be asking questions later


Regards Mike.

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Hi John, welcome to the forum. As others have said, were is the noise coming from, i,e, front or back? I'm guessing front...

It could be the old suspect wheel bearings (although I reckon Lexus fitted pretty good ones) or in my experience it is more likely to be brake or hub related, both of which are well documented on the forum. Or of course, it could be just that the previous owner fitted noisy tyres or they under/over pressure. Worth a check, as is the tracking. If it's from the back, might be a noisy differential; they do need regular fluid changes. Have you any service history? 

Meanwhile, those appear not be regular IS wheels, but a previous owner has obviously made an attempt to match the OEM. And being in Northumbria, you have some cracking roads at your disposal to exercise the IS's legs! 

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