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Lexus Subliminal Messaging


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I've done a bit of studying into the Lexus logo too, but I've not seen a link to the occult. He does make some valid points though.

1. The letter L in the logo is the same as the letter L that start's the word Lillian and there are a number of Lillian's in the world that write the first letter of their name in the same style as the Lexus logo. This is an obvious link.

2. He's right that if you turn the logo on its side you get the letter V. The letter V is commonly used to start the word Vulgar. This may not seem to be linked to Lillian, but I'll explain when I've finished examining his evidence.

3. Again, he makes a valid point about the importance of the letter X in the name Lexus. I didn't see the four points link that he mentioned because the cross is self-evidently the wrong way round to the symbol he was comparing it to. The X is, however, clearly linked to the word Xylophone.

4. The fact that these three words are drawn from the Lexus logo is no coincidence. Put together they make the phrase Lillian's Vulgar Xylophone!

5. There is a conspiracy to keep the knowledge of said xylophone out of the public awareness, consequently you will not find any reference to it on the internet. I can't go into too much detail here, as the establishment that monitor the whole internet all of the time will pick up on it and, well let's just say there will be trouble. Suffice to say that Lillian's Vulgar Xylophone is an important historical artefact that has close links with Japanese history. It is a common belief within those that know, that the Lexus logo is Japan's way of admitting that they still have Lillian's Vulgar Xylophone and it was never lost despite their previous claims. If it's true, it proves the theory that Japan will become the most powerful nation in the world and force their beliefs on everyone.

I agree that there's no such thing as coincidence and this is one more thing that proves it. As the deep, meaningful, misunderstood and underrated Limp Bizkit lyrics say, "Everything happens for a reason!". 1 2 3 times two is indeed to the six.



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