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Hi - someone has decided to pull out of their parking space and take the pain off the corner of my bumper. See picture. Anyone got any good advice please on getting this repaired without breaking the bank. The bumper itself is fine underneath. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!57f68a43c7fd3_ImageUploadedByLexusOC1475

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6 minutes ago, Michael Hurn said:

Hi Sathax - not had chance yet but will be calling him! thanks again for the help.

If I am wrong, I remember him telling me it would cost around £150 for a bumper paint job...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just had similar damage on the front done £150.00.

Actually it was worse than the OP's in that the bumper had been "creased". Decided to DIY, the crease came out easily with a heat gun then came problems with paint!

Cut back edges feathered, adhesion promoter applied to bare plastic one sprayed coat of epoxy primer rubbed down and blended all looking good :-)

Sprayed base coat, original paint pickled on the edges!!. Finally after more work got to a point where the base coat would go on without pickling along the edges but at this point decided that I didn't have the skill required to get a good blend so took it to a local body shop, ready for base coat and top coat. My friendly sprayer explained that as Lexus paint was "difficult" and they didn't appear to use any adhesion primer on the plastic bits he would spray a thin coat of primer sealer of the repair before the base coat toe  ensure no further pickling. I was more than happy with final result.

However I notice that there is an area on the rear bumper where the paint has cracked and started lifting over a large area, again poor paint adhesion to the plastic.


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