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Went out and bought the Sonichi S100 from Halfords, nice little unit works well in the LS400.  Mind you it is clear - even  to a deaf old g*t like me - that FM is better (when you can get a signal).

I bought the Sonichi external aerial, which worked okay placed on rear parcel shelf, until condensation on rear screen yesterday made a mockery of the radio.  So I tried last night on way home with the aerial mounted on roof (by nearside front pillar), but above 20mph, you get this annoying whistle (and what the LS being quiet even at 60mph - this noise was a pain), so I now have it mounted at base of window pillar (on nearside - looks a little heath robinson) and it does not whistle.

Living in the Cotswolds there are some spots where DAB will not work (and FM is poor) due to the depth of the valleys, so would be nice to see if just using FM aerial would be better or worse and save on having the little whiplash stuck to front wing.

I am not keen on having a rear mounted roof DAB aerial, as would like to make sure the LS400 can be kept as original as possible, while making it accept all this new  tech.

So I have got to thinking whether it might be an idea to split into the FM aerial, and wondered if anyone has tried this, and what the results were.

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Hi Pete

i bought a dab radio for my wife's old fiat a year or so ago from Halfords and bought an fm / dab adaptor with it to use with the existing roof aerial. This worked fine and we were totally satisfied until the station we listen to was removed from the local transmitter and we lost reception. They do need  a power supply to the blue wire to work, and I can't seem to see them on Halfords web site but they are on amazon or specialist car audio stores.


hope this helps





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I've got an FM/DAB adapter on my Volvo C70, which has an electric aerial, and it works really well too. The dabonwheels website is a good place to look at the options and get an idea of the differences.


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