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Lexus customer portal

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On the lexus premier I have been unable to log into the customer portal for traffic and information and google etc.

I just get a cannot connect with an ID 195 reference.

Phone works for everything else, and I have a portal password that works on line from a PC.

Asked Lexus customer service to help and all I had for a reply is contact your local dealer.

Not the sort of reply I would expect from a luxury Car maker. How can a dealer help with the Lexus on line portal?

No explanation of what ID195 means.

Nil point Lexus..


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Guess it makes more sense for you to take the car to your local dealership, so they can sit in with you and work through the problem. Better than trying to talk you through it over the phone?

Agree though, they could have told you what ID195 means!

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Lexus Customer Service have now provided me with possible causes of the problem and their advice was spot on.

It turned out to be the tethering option on the phone was off due an android update defaulting the service to off and I had not twigged it had happened.


Full marks Lexus.

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